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Jack Begley is more than just a treasure hunter. He is an adventurer who chases the dream of solving the Oak Island mystery, one of the most enduring and captivating puzzles in history. Jack is part of the Fellowship of the Dig, a team of experts and enthusiasts who follow the lead of brothers Rick and Marty Lagina on the History Channel’s hit show The Curse of Oak Island. Jack is known for his enthusiasm, his willingness to take on any challenge, and his signature fire hose that he uses to clean the artifacts he finds. But what makes Jack tick, what is his background? In this article, we will explore untold truth about Jack Begley who is determined to solve one of the world’s greatest enigmas.

How Rich is Jack Begley?

Jack Begley is not just a TV star, but also a producer, a treasure hunter, and a drone pilot. He joins the adventurous team that digs deep into Oak Island’s secrets and legends. He is also the son of Craig Tester, who is a close ally of Rick and Marty Lagina, the visionary brothers who spearhead the quest. Jack has amassed a fortune of $2 Million by 2023, thanks to his passion and skills.

Jack Begley
Craig Tester

Jack Begley: A Treasure Hunter’s Journey

Jack Begley is a treasure hunter who has been fascinated by the mysteries of Oak Island since he was a child. He was born on April 25, 1989, in the United States, to Beck Tester, whose past is shrouded in secrecy. Jack never revealed his biological father’s identity, and his sister Madeline also maintained a low profile.

Jack’s life changed when his mother married Craig Tester, a successful engineer and businessman who shared Jack’s passion for Oak Island. Craig became Jack’s stepfather and mentor, and together they joined the Lagina brothers in their quest to uncover the secrets of the island.

Jack also gained a younger brother, Drake Tester, who was born to Beck and Craig. Drake was a brave and adventurous boy, but he suffered from a seizure disorder that limited his activities. Drake made a few appearances on the show Curse of Oak Island, where he helped his family and friends in their search for treasure. Sadly, Drake passed away in 2017, when he was still in high school. His death was a devastating loss for Jack and his family, but they vowed to continue their mission in his memory.

Helping Craig Tester

Craig Tester, an engineering and drilling expert, is a regular member of Lagina’s team, which is dedicated to solving the mysteries of Oak Island. He runs earth scans to determine the best digging locations. His stepson, Jack Begley, is also part of the team. Although Jack is not as skilled in engineering as Craig, he contributes in other ways. He is a treasure hunter, producer, and drone pilot at Remote Energy Solutions, a company that he also owns. Remote Energy Solutions offers power and energy solutions for the mining and other industries.

Television Career

Jack Begley is an actor and a producer who has dedicated his life to solving the riddles of Oak Island, a mysterious island in Nova Scotia that is rumored to hide a treasure of unimaginable value. He stars in The Curse of Oak Island, a reality show on the History Channel that follows him and the Lagina brothers, Rick and Marty, as they use various methods to dig deeper into the island’s secrets. Despite many setbacks and disappointments, Jack and the Laginas never give up on their quest. Jack joined the show in 2015, in its third season, and has been a regular ever since. He has appeared in 79 episodes until 2023. He also works behind the scenes as an associate producer for Oak Island Tours Inc. and Cerca Trova Limited, the companies that make the show. He has also made appearances on The Curse of Oak Island: Drilling Down, a spin-off that gives viewers a closer look at the cast and the island. He has even ventured into the realm of ancient aliens, featuring on an episode of the History Channel’s show that explores the possibility of alien influence on human history. Jack has not been involved in any other television projects, as Oak Island is his passion and his obsession.

Social Media Presence:

Jack Begley‚Äôs social media presence is not very prominent. He has a Facebook page with over 27,000 followers, but he does not post very often or interact with his fans. He also does not give many interviews or appear on other shows besides The Curse of Oak Island. He seems to be a private person who prefers to focus on his work and passion for treasure hunting.

Personal Life

Wife & Kids?

While Jack has not revealed any personal information over the years, he made a tweet in early 2020 that read, “Married to the Island”. While many thought that Jack was just showcasing his love for the Island, few fans read deeper into it. They claimed that the tweet was something more personal and that Jack was hinting at a potential relationship. However, as of 2023, there is no way to either confirm or deny any rumors of Jack’s relationship. The reality star has kept much about his personal life and is not a huge fan of social media either.

Physical Traits:

Jack has a muscular build and a height of about 5 feet 9 inches. He has a friendly smile and a cheerful expression in most of his photos. He often wears casual clothes and hats on the show. Further, he keeps his beard and mustache long which goes well with his bald head.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameJack Andrew Begley
Age34 years old
BirthdateApril 25, 1989
BirthplaceUnited States
CareerTelevision personality, Producer, Treasure Hunter
Net worth$2 Million
ParentsBeck Tester, Craig Tester (stepfather)
SiblingsMadeline Begley, Drake Tester (half-sibling)
Social Media HandleFacebook

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