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Rick Lagina is one of the main cast members of the History Channel’s reality show “The Curse of Oak Island”, which follows his and his brother Marty’s quest to find the hidden treasure on the mysterious island. Rick had always been fascinated by treasure hunting. This shouldn’t come off as a surprise, as most young boys are fascinated by the prospect. And while the success of movies like Indiana Jones played a major role, kids from the early ’90s were fascinated by the subject. Rick has been hunting for treasures for a long time and he is often the one drawing plans. Supported by his brother Marty and a crew of experts, Rick is hell-bent on finding the treasure of Oak Island.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameAlex Lagina
Age 71 years
BirthdateJanuary 25, 1952
Birthplace Kingsford, Michigan, USA
Nationality American
Ethnicity White Caucasian
Profession Entrepreneur, Reality TV star
Spouse N/A
Net Worth $10 to $20 M
Height N/A
Neice Maddie Lagina
Nephew Alex Lagina
Zodiac Aquarius
Social Media N/A
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Marty Lagina brother Rick Lagina
Curse of Oak Island star Rick Lagina

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Family & Siblings

Rick Lagins was born on January 25, 1952, in Michigan, United States. His nationality is American and his ethnicity is Caucasian. His parents are George Jacob Lagina and Ann Lagina-Cavalieri. He has a sister named Matina Lagina and a brother named Marty Lagina

Inspired by a magazine

Rick first came to know about Oak Island through the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest. Rick, who was just 11 at the time, dreamed of uncovering all the secrets buried within the island. Professional and family responsibilities meant that Rick could not head out to Oak Island as soon as he wanted to. Over the years, Rick began working as a U.S. postal worker in Northern Michigan County. While still on the job, Rick started making connections to start his pursuit of the Oak Island treasure. The golden opportunity came after he retired. With no responsibilities on his shoulders, Rick made the journey to Oak Island and started hunting for the treasure.

He Owns Oak Island

Since Rick took over the exploration in 2006, he has worked wonders for the Island. His crew is responsible for unearthing a major portion of antiques displayed at the local museum. During his time on the Island, Rick slowly started purchasing land. Over the years, Rick and Marty owned a major portion of the Island. The Lagina household turned the entire Island into an amusement park and often conduct tours around the place.

All In

Rick Lagina operates with a simple philosophy. He sees the world in shades in black and white. In Rick’s world of extremes, you either go all the way or don’t try at all. As Rick likes to put it, “Once in, forever in!”. While his brother Marty is skeptical of the treasure hidden within the Island, Rick believes that someone went to a lot of trouble to hide something on the Island. His values have only been strengthened by the clues, he and his team have discovered during their time on the Island.

Early Life & Career Overview

Here is a brief timeline of Rick Lagina’s early life and career,

  • January 25, 1952: Rick Lagina is born in Kingsford, Michigan.
  • 1965: Rick Lagina reads an article about Oak Island in the January issue of Reader’s Digest and becomes fascinated by the mystery.
  • 1967: Rick Lagina graduates from Kingsford High School
  • 1980s: Rick Lagina works as a postal worker for the United States Postal Service in Northern Michigan.
  • 1990s: Rick Lagina continues to work as a postal worker and researches about Oak Island in his spare time. He also joins a group of treasure hunters called The Michigan Group, who share his interest in the island.
  • 2000s: Rick Lagina retires from the Postal Service and decides to pursue his dream of solving the Oak Island mystery. He convinces his brother Marty, a successful businessman, to join him in buying a stake in the island and funding their exploration.
  • 2010s: Rick Lagina and his brother Marty start filming “The Curse of Oak Island” with the History Channel, along with a team of experts and local partners. They use various methods and technologies to search for clues and artifacts on the island.

Net Worth

Rick Lagina has a net worth estimated to be between $10 million and $20 million as of 2023. His net worth is influenced by his spending on the exploration of Oak Island, as well as his earnings from the show. He and his brother Marty bought a 50 percent stake in Oak Island Tour Inc. in 2006 and have been on a mission to find Captain Kidd’s treasure ever since. They also have a partnership in their energy business, which contributes to their wealth. Rick Lagina is not in the treasure-hunting business for the money, but for the passion and curiosity that drives him to solve the mystery of Oak Island.

Controversy Surrounding Rick Lagina

Rick Lagina’s obsession with Oak Island has also brought him some controversies and criticisms from fans and skeptics alike. Some of the major issues that have been raised about him and his show are:

  • The authenticity and origin of Zena’s map: Zena Halpern was a Knights Templar expert who introduced a French-language treasure map to the Lagina brothers in Season 4. The map allegedly contains clues and symbols related to the Oak Island mystery, but it has never been evaluated by professionals or verified by any historical sources. Some fans have questioned the legitimacy of the map and Zena’s credibility, pointing out errors in the French language and inconsistencies with other known facts. Some have also accused the show of using the map as a way to create drama and prolong the search without any solid evidence.
  • The slow pace and lack of results: The show has been running for ten seasons, but the Lagina brothers have yet to find any conclusive proof or significant treasure on Oak Island. Some fans have expressed frustration and boredom with the show’s snail-like pace and repetitive scenes, as well as the constant use of cliffhangers and teasers that often lead to nothing. Some have also criticized the show for wasting time and resources on marginal or irrelevant things, such as digging random holes or chasing dubious theories, instead of focusing on more promising areas or methods.
  • The environmental impact and ethical implications: The show has been accused of causing environmental damage and cultural disrespect to Oak Island and its surroundings. Some critics have argued that the show’s extensive digging, drilling, blasting, and pumping activities have disturbed the natural balance and beauty of the island, as well as potentially destroying or contaminating any historical artifacts or remains that might be buried there. Some have also questioned the show’s right and authority to claim ownership or possession of any treasure or items they might find on the island, especially if they belong to other cultures or nations.

These are some of the main controversies that Rick Lagina has faced in his quest for Oak Island’s secrets. Whether he will ever find what he is looking for, or whether he will be able to justify his actions and methods, remains to be seen.

Physical Traits

HairRick has dark brown hair, which is mostly gray in recent seasons. He usually keeps it short and neat.
EyesRick has brown eyes
HeightRick is about 5 feet 9 inches (175 cm) tall, which is the average height for American men.
WeightRick’s weight is not publicly known, but he seems to have a healthy and fit body type. He is often seen wearing casual and comfortable clothes, such as jeans, T-shirts, and jackets.
Facial hairRick sometimes grows a beard or a mustache, which gives him a rugged and adventurous look. He also shaves his facial hair occasionally, revealing his clean and smooth face.
GlassesRick wears glasses for reading and examining clues. He has different pairs of glasses, such as round, square, or rectangular frames. His glasses enhance his intellectual and scholarly image.
SmileRick has a warm and friendly smile, which shows his optimism and enthusiasm. He often smiles when he makes a discovery or shares a joke with his team members.
VoiceRick has a deep and clear voice, which reflects his confidence and authority. He speaks with a slight Michigan accent, as he was born and raised in Kingsford, Michigan. He also uses polite and respectful language, such as “please” and “thank you”.
HandsRick has large and strong hands, which are useful for digging and handling tools. He also wears gloves to protect his hands from dirt and injuries. He sometimes gestures with his hands when he explains something or expresses his emotions.
ScarsRick has a few scars on his body, which are reminders of his past adventures and challenges.

Personal Life & Relationship

Is Rick Lagina Gay or Married?

While Rick’s work on Oak Island is for all to see, he has revealed very few details about his personal life. While it is well known that his brother Marty is a married man, Rick has never shared his details. The man is completely absorbed by his work on the Island. Over the years, Rick has been featured in numerous TV shows. But for all his appearances, Rick is best known for The Curse of Oak Island. The series which began airing on the 5th of January 2014, has gone on to complete ten seasons until now.

Some people have speculated that Rick Lagina might be a member of the LGBTQ+ community, but there is no evidence or confirmation of that. Rick Lagina has remained very private about his personal life and sexuality. He does not seem to be interested in having media attention or fame, apart from his work related to the show.


Is Rick Lagina married?Likely No
Does Rick Lagina have any children?No
Is Rick Lagina a retired postal worker?Yes
Did Rick Lagina find the treasure on Oak Island?No
Is Rick Lagina the older brother of Marty Lagina?Yes
Does Rick Lagina have a net worth of over $2 million?Yes
Is Rick Lagina from Michigan?Yes
Did Rick Lagina first read about Oak Island in Reader’s Digest?Yes
Is Rick Lagina a producer of The Curse of Oak Island?Yes
Does Rick Lagina have a degree in engineering?No
Has Rick Lagina been injured on Oak Island?No
Is Rick Lagina related to Dan Blankenship?No
Has Rick Lagina discovered a Roman sword on Oak Island?No
Does Rick Lagina have a Facebook account?No
Is Rick Lagina interested in other mysteries besides Oak Island?Yes
Has Rick Lagina met the Queen of England?No
Does Rick Lagina have a tattoo of Oak Island on his arm?No
Is Rick Lagina allergic to poison ivy?N/A
Does Rick Lagina believe in the curse of Oak Island?Yes

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