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Rick Lagina had always been fascinated by treasure hunting. Which shouldn’t come off as a surprise, as most young boys are fascinated by the prospect. And while the success of movies like Indiana Jones played a major role, kids from the early ’90s were fascinated by the subject. The lead character of the reality TV series Curse of Oak Island, Rick Lagina has been hunting for treasures for a long time. Rick is often the one drawing plans. Supported by his brother Marty and a crew comprising of experts, Rick is hell-bent on finding the treasure of Oak Island.

Inspired by a magazine:

Rick first came to know about the Oak Island through the January 1965 issue of Reader’s Digest. Rick, who was just 11 during the time, dreamed of uncovering all the secrets buried within the island. Professional and family responsibilities meant that Rick could not head out to Oak Island as soon as he wanted to. Over the years, Rick began working as a U.S. postal worker in Northern Michigan County. While still on the job, Rick started making connections to start his pursuit of the Oak Island treasure. The golden opportunity came after he retired. With no responsibilities on his shoulders, Rick made the journey to Oak Island and started hunting for the treasure.

Marty Lagina brother Rick Lagina
Curse of Oak Island star Rick Lagina

He owns Oak Island:

Since Rick took over the exploration in 2006, he has worked wonders for the Island. His crew is responsible for unearthing a major portion of antiques displayed at the local museum. During his time on the Island, Rick slowly started purchasing lands. Over the years, Rick and Marty owned a major portion of the Island. The Lagina household turned the entire Island into an amusement park and often conduct tours around the place.

All in:

Rick Lagina operates with a simple philosophy. He sees the world in shades in black and white. In Rick’s world of extremes, you either go all the way or don’t try at all. As Rick likes to put it, “Once in, forever in!”. While his brother Marty is skeptical of the treasure hidden within the Island, Rick believes that someone went to a lot of trouble to hide something on the Island. His values have only been strengthened by the clues, he and his team have discovered during their time on the Island.

Personal Details: Is Rick Lagina married?

Rick Lagina was born on the 25th of January 1952 in Kingsford, Michigan. Born to George Jacob Lagina and Ann Lagina, Rick spent most of his early life with his three siblings. While Rick’s work on Oak Island is for all to see, he has revealed very little details about his personal life. While it is well known that his brother Marty is a married man, Rick has never shared his details. The man is completely absorbed by his work on the Island. Over the years, Rick has been featured in numerous TV shows. But for all his appearances, Rick is best known for The Curse of Oak Island. The series which began airing on the 5th of January 2014, recently wrapped up its ninth season.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Name Alex Lagina
Age  68 years
Birthdate January 25, 1952
Birthplace  Kingsford, Michigan, USA
Nationality  American
Ethnicity  White
Profession  Entrepreneur, Reality TV star
Spouse  Not Known
Net Worth  40$ to 100$ million
Height  N/A
Neice Maddie Lagina
Nephew  Alex Lagina
Zodiac  Aquarius
Social Media  N/A

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