Breaking down Atz Lee and Jane Kilcher’s divorce? Ex-spouse, kids.

Like most couples featured on Alaska: The Last Frontier, Atz Lee Kilcher, and Jane Kilcher are hardworking, committed, and like their privacy. The original cast member of the series, the two are adored by their fans. In this article, we will take a closer look at the life of Atz and Jane Kilcher and their relationships.

A bit of Atz Lee Kilcher:

Atz Lee Kilcher was born to Atz Kilcher and Lenedra Carrol. The third child, Atz Lee often felt like the black sheep of the family. His oldest brother Shane later moved back to the homestead, while his sister Jewel is a country star. After spending his childhood in Alaska, Atz Lee decided to tour across the country searching for something big. Over the years, Atz roamed the country with his trusted guitar by his side. As the years rolled down, Atz Lee felt the familiar tug of home and made the journey back to the homestead.

Atz Lee Kilcher Jane kilcher
Atz Lee Kilcher along with wife Jane Kilcher

Jane Kilcher:

Much of Jane’s early life remains a mystery. Born and raised in Homer, Alaska, Jane did not live far from the Kilcher Homestead. Her parents were fishermen and trained Jane in ways of fishing. As she often puts in, she spent much of her early life surrounded by “storms and men”.

Atz Lee and Jane bonded over their love for music and later decided to get married. A commercial fisherwoman by trade, Jane is the one who is left in charge of fishing. She is responsible for making sure the family gets enough fish to last them through the long winters.

On the other hand, Atz Lee completely depends on hunting to make sure the family lasts through the long winters. While Atz understands the problem caused by not rearing animals, he would have it no other way. As a result, Atz has to spend some time before winter to get ready for the winter.

Divorce a piece:

Before finding solace in each other’s arms, both Atz Lee and Jane were married to someone else. Even though the pair rarely talk about their ex-marriages, both their children are from their previous relationships.

Atz Lee Kilcher ex-wife
Atz Lee Kilcher ex-wife Nantia Krisintu

Back in the early 2000s, Atz Lee was married to Nantia Krisintu. Natina is an MPA graduate of the University of Alaska Anchorage and journeyed to Homer, Alaska in 1997. By the time she met Atz, Natina already had a son from her previous relationship. The pair gave birth to a baby boy, Etienne Kilcher on 12th May 2001. The pair separated soon after and Natina journeyed back to Chicago.

Jane Kilcher ex-husband and daughter Piper
Jane Kilcher ex-husband and daughter Piper

One the other hand, Jane was married to Dicran Kassouni and had a daughter, Piper Isolde Kassouni who was born on June 4, 2003. Jane and Dicran separated soon after and Jane got married to Atz Lee. Talking about their children, Jane clarified that they will not be featuring on the TV show. She wants both her children to lead a normal life.

Rumors of Divorce:

While Jane prefers to keep away from social media, she once took to clarify the divorce rumors between herself and Atz Lee. This was around the same time when Atz had a horrible hiking accident. Jane took to Facebook to set the record straight and mention that a divorce was the farthest thing from her mind. As of now, the pair have been married for more than a decade and love spending time together.

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