Shawn Pomrenke Wiki/bio: legal troubles, net worth, two divorces, girlfriend, kids.

Shawn Pomrenke is one of those dodgy characters that seemingly every reality TV series has. A regular cast member of Bering Sea Gold, Shawn is the son of the veteran gold digger, Steve Pomrenke. Over the years, Shawn has been arrested for more than one DUIs. In one of those incidents, Shawn was caught without his court-assigned car breathalyzer. While the man has not been involved with the law since 2013, people still tend to doubt Shawn’s ingenuity in handling his father’s business. After all, Steve Pomrenke is one of the most successful gold miners in the entirety of the show. This was just one of the facts about Shawn Pomrenke, stick around if you want to know more about the man.

Early Life

Shawn was born on March 26, 1975, in Minnesota, United States. Born to parents Steve Pomrenke, and Catherine Gray, Shawn is one of three children. He was initially raised in Minnesota alongside his brother Erick Pomrenke. Later in 1986, his father took a mechanic job in Nome, Alaska, and Shawn subsequently moved there. The same year Shawn’s sister Nikki Pomrenke was born. Shawn attended Beltz High School in Nome, Alaska. Growing up, Shawn was heavily influenced by his father’s business and looked up to him. Shawn started working with his father at the age of 14. We can say Shawn had an easier path set up compared to, Steve who worked as a mechanic for many years before going full-time in gold mining with no one to give him a headstart from the family.

Gold Miner Shawn Pomrenke
Shawn Pomrenke

Career and Progression

Shawn is a TV personality, a gold miner, and an entrepreneur. Shawn runs his gold dredging operations through Pomrenke Minning LLC, a company based in Nome, Alaska. He and his father run a dredging ship named Cristian Rose. And while Shawn had been in gold mining for a long time he came to the limelight, particularly following appeareances in the reality television show “Bering Sea Gold.”  He made his show debut in 2012 and has made over 156 appearances until 2023.

A regular part of the reality series Bering Sea Gold, Shawn was introduced as the deckhand in Christina Rose. During the 2016 mining season, Shawn allowed the fleet onto his untapped Claim 38 and collected a tidy twenty percent of the gold they found. He now plans to expand his empire further. His eyes are now turned towards the mining rights to over 10,000 acres of property thought to contain a quarter-billion dollars in gold.

In addition to Gold Rush, Shawn has appeared in its spin-offs Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice (2012-2014, 18 eps), and Bering Sea Gold: After the Dredge (2012, 2 eps). Also, reality television actors doing crossover is not unheard of as Shawn appeared in one episode of  “Gold Rush: The Dirt” in 2020. Likewise, Alaska the Last Frontier star Jane Kilcher who is the wife of Atz Lee Kilcher and daughter-in-law of Atz Kilcher, joined Emily Riedel’s crew on her ship “The Eroica” during season 15 of Bering Sea Gold which premiered on December 6, 2022.

Following in his father’s footsteps:

Even though the pair achieved success under Steve’s leadership, Steve is always nagged by the fact, of whether or not Shawn would be able to keep the family business afloat when he’s no longer around. The two men have completely different personalities and business styles. For all his drawbacks and differences, Shawn has emulated the success of his father. The pair have hauled in millions of dollars worth of gold from the area surrounding Nome. For now, the family business is in safe hands and may be in better hands. Not to mention the fact Shawn landed the title “Mr. Gold” from fellow professionals after collecting most golds during a season.

Steve Pomrenke Shawn Pomrenke
Shawn Pomrenke along with Steve Pomrenke

Net Worth:

Shawn’s success in gold dredging has netted him a considerable net worth of over USD 3 million.

Legal troubles:

Shawn has had his fair share of troubles with the law. In 2013, Shawn backed into someone who was grocery shopping. But instead of stopping and helping them, Shawn gave a thumbs up and drove away. When the police finally managed to catch up with Shawn, he was heavily intoxicated. He was charged with a DUI, failure to return to the scene of an accident, third-degree assault, and driving without insurance. A few years prior, Shawn was involved in a fight at the bar, which resulted in him getting stabbed. But for all his drawbacks, Shawn is always ready for a photo with his fans and is constantly interacting with them.

Personal Life:

Divorced from Jeanette Pomrenke:

Shawn Pomrenke was married to Jeanette Pomrenke. The couple lived in Nome, Alaska, and together gave birth to two children: Dylan Pomrenke and Emily Pomrenke. It is not known for how many years the two remained married.

Shawn Pomrenke ex wife Jeanette Pomrenke
Shawn Pomrenke ex-wife Jeanette Pomrenke

Jeanette is an Alaskan native and has been vocal about preserving the resources for the community and local people who depends on nature as a way of living. While married to Shawn, Jeanette took care of the house as a homemaker and raised two kids. She was also actively involved in National Preserves in Alaska.

Looking back at her work endeavors, she worked as a park ranger for Bering Land Bridge National Preserve. Over the years she rose to the ranks and served as Superintendent of Bering Land Bridge National Preserve in Alaska. Jeanette now goes by the full name “Jeanette Koelsch” however it is not known if she uses the surname of her parents or if she gets it from marriage to a new person.

Second wife & divorce:

Shawn shares very little and is known to dodge personal questions during interviews. Getting out of their comfort zone Shane let the world know he was engaged to Jenny Schield. In 2012, Jenny appeared as Shawn’s fiancee during “Bering Sea Gold” season 1 episode 2  entitled “One Bad Deal.”  Later the couple tied the knot. In the years together, the couple had a son Luke Pomerenke. Even though the early signs looked promising the relationship ended on a sour note. The couple went to divorce and co-parent their son Luke.

Shawn Pomrenke ex wife Jenny Schield
Shawn Pomrenke ex-wife Jenny Schield

Moving on with a new girlfriend

Burying the hatchet, Shawn quickly moved on with life. Shawn is now in a relationship with Monica Gomez. The couple is seen visiting various places in Alaska and looks comfortable around each other. For now, Shawn is yet to share his marriage plan with his girlfriend.

Shawn Pomrenke Girlfriend
Shawn Pomrenke & girlfriend Monica Gomez

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameShawn Pomrenke
Age47 years old
Date of BirthMarch 26, 1975
Place of BirthMinnesota, USA
ProfessionGold miner, Reality Television Personality
Net worthOver $3M
WifeJeanette Koelsch(ex), Jenny Schield (ex)
GirlfriendMonica Gomez
ChildrenDylan Pomrenke, Emily Pomrenke, Luke Pomrenke
Zodiac SignAries
Erick Pomrenke, Nikki Pomrenke
Steve Pomrenke, Catherine Gray
Social media handle


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