Bering Sea Gold Kelly Family: Brad Kelly, Kris and Andy Kelly.

The Kelly Family shares a complicated family history. From Brad stealing gold from his sons to the feud between Brad and Wendy, the family is not short of dramas. But like them or not, the Kelly family is a central part of the reality TV series, Bering Sea Gold. The troubled family has been around since the second season and is keeping at it. But for all their internal troubles, the family has found success in gold dredging. Especially Brad, who has a massive net worth amounting to millions of dollars. In this article, we will take a closer look at the Kelly Family and their troubled relationships.

The Patriarch: Brad Kelly

Brad Kelly set the whole Kelly family in motion. He brought his sons to Alaska some 12 years ago, in hopes of finding wealth and having an easy life. But on the complete contrary, the family is still struggling. Brad seemingly has a nasty feud with his ex-wife Wendy who has been featured in the show quite a few numbers of times. This was visible during the ice season in season 7 in 2016, Brad faced off with ex-wife Wendy. Wendy, who had come at the bequest of her son Kris, fled to Hawaii after the confrontation.

Brad Kelly, Andy Kelly, Kris Kelly
Brad Kelly(L) along with sons: Andy Kelly and Kris Kelly(R)

The boys: Kris and Andy Kelly:

Kris and Andy Kelly are the sons of Brad Kelly and Wendy Kelly. The two moved to Alaska with their father and are loyal to a fault. Of the two brothers, Andy is more level-headed and sees things for what they are. He is the most imposing of the Kelly offspring and is Kelly’s premier diver and prospector. While Andy is loyal to his father, he sided with his mother in the decades-long family squabble.

Brad Kelly ex-wife Wendy along with sons Kris, Andy Kelly
Brad Kelly ex-wife Wendy and sons 

Of the two brothers, Kris is the one who struggles with the on-going family feud. His semi-meltdowns are documented in the show and it was Kris who invited Wendy to Nome. If Andy is the premier diver, then Kris is the ship’s captain. Deep down, all Kris wants is to be a successful miner. But unfortunately for him, Kris is plagued by shoddy machinery and emotional meltdowns. But above all that, Kris feels he is seriously impaired by his father and brother, who he feels are more trouble than help. The captain of The Reaper, Kris is at the end of the line and desperately needs to prove that he is not just the emotional brother.

The family drama:

Things escalated in the Kelly family when Brad stole gold from his sons. This was back in 2015 when his girlfriend Courtney had given birth. The gold was valued at more than than $13,000. When asked about it, Brad justified that he deserved the gold for raising his kids. He also inserted dish soap in his son’s mask, so that they would not go diving that day. This allowed Brad to go back home and meet his baby. When Andy found out about stealing, he decided to quit the family business. But he later returned to help out Kris when he was handed the position of the captain.

With Kris at the helm, this is a do-or-die season for the Kelly family. For all their struggles, the family is together and hope to make it this time around.

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