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Gabe Brown is the fourth son of Ami and Billy Brown. While most of his siblings were born in Alaska, Gabe moved with his parents when he was just three years old. Over the years, Gabe developed all the sills to sustain his life in Alaska. While there is nothing that stands out from his skill set, he is not the one to be underestimated either. The man can seemingly do everything from hunting to housebuilding and is not afraid to get his hands dirty. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Gabe Brown.

Early Life

Gabriel Starbuck Brown was born on the 15th of December, 1989 to Ami Brown and Billy Brown. As a young kid, Gabe loved drawing and continued to develop his skills over the years. While Gabe was fixated on drawing animals in his early years, he expanded his skill set to include realism. Like all of his brothers and sisters, Gabriel was homeschooled. The only difference is that the Brown family schooling focused more on surviving in the harsh Alaskan climate. A hardworking kid, Gabe was able to grasp things at a faster rate and excelled at everything he did.

Alaskan Bush people Gabe Brown
Alaskan Bush people Gabe Brown

Professional Career

There is nothing different to report on Gabe Brown’s professional career. He continued the Alaska lifestyle set by his parents and never wanted to venture away from Alaska. Gabe’s major source of income is from his appearance on the show Alaskan Bush People, which follows the lives of the Brown family as they live in the wilderness of Alaska and Washington.¬†

Alaskan Bush People

Gabe Brown has been on Alaskan Bush People since the show premiered in 2014 on Discovery Channel. He is often seen helping his family with various tasks that require physical labor, such as building, hunting, fishing and farming. Gabe has a passion for the outdoors and enjoys living close to nature. He developed a bond with the sea when he was three years old, living on his father’s fishing boat. Gabe also has a creative side and likes to draw realistic portraits, which he hopes to pursue as a future career.

Gabe has appeared in 14 seasons of Alaskan Bush People so far. The show documents the challenges and adventures of the Brown family as they try to survive in harsh environments and cope with various issues, such as health problems, legal troubles, natural disasters and family conflicts. Gabe has faced some difficulties on the show, such as losing his father Billy to a seizure in 2021, dealing with a fire that destroyed their Washington property. Despite these hardships, Gabe remains optimistic and supportive of his family.

Rumors & Controversies

Gabe has been involved in some controversies that have raised questions about his well-being and his authenticity. One of the most recent controversies that Gabe faced was his bizarre social media post in January 2023, which showed him sticking his tongue out with a smaller selfie of himself on it. The post sparked concern among his fans, who wondered if he was referencing LSD or suffering from mental health issues.¬†Gabe claimed that the post was just ‚Äúart‚ÄĚ and open to interpretation, but some of his followers were not convinced.

Gabe has also faced criticism for his appearance on Alaskan Bush People, which some viewers have accused of being scripted and staged. Some of the controversies that have plagued the show include the family’s tax fraud case, their relocation to Washington state, their alleged use of hotels and amenities, and their lack of interaction with the local Alaskan communities. Gabe has defended the show as being genuine and honest, but some fans have expressed their disappointment and disillusionment with the show.

Life on Social Media

Gabe Brown is more than just a reality TV star. He is also a social media star with a unique style. He wears eyeliner as a way of expressing himself, coping with grief, or experimenting with art. He receives mixed reactions from fans and family, but he stays true to himself and does what makes him happy. He has over 210,000 followers on Instagram, where he posts selfies, family photos, nature shots, and art pieces. 

Net Worth

But how much is Gabe Brown worth? Gabe Brown has an estimated net worth of $700,000 as of 2023. This is mainly derived from his appearance on the Discovery Channel series Alaskan Bush People. His net worth may seem modest compared to some other reality TV stars, but it is still impressive considering his simple lifestyle and his humble beginnings. 

Wife and Children

Gabriel Brown is a married man. He tied the knot with his long-time girlfriend Raquell Rose. The pair tied the knot on the 16th of June 2019. This is the pair’s second marriage, as they first tied the knot legally on January 14, 2019. Their first marriage was at the request of Raquell who had always wanted a spring marriage.

The pair met during Gabe’s early years when he would often accompany his mom to the hospital for her cancer treatment. Besides, Raquel is also a friend of Rain Brown. As Gabe and Rain are particularly close, it didn’t take Gabe much effort to find out about Raquel.

After the brown family moved in Washington, the pair had a long-distance relationship. The pair announced news of pregnancy on the 22nd of July, 2019. The news was shared via the Instagram account of Alaskan Bush People. And in November of 2019, the pair welcomed Sophie Brown to the world. They secretly welcomed their second child, another baby girl, in September 2021. Gabe and Raquell are very private about their personal lives and do not share much information or photos of their children.


NameGabriel Starbuck Brown
BirthdateDecember 15, 1989
BirthplaceUnited States of America
FatherBilly Brown
MotherAmi Brown
ProfessionReality TV Star
SpouseRaquell Rose
Net Worth$600,000
Siblings6 (Bam Bam, Bear, Matt, Noah, Birdy, Rain)
Martial StatusMarried
WifeRaquel Rose
Children2 (Sophia)
Social Media Instagram

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