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The youngest daughter of  Billy Brown and his wife Ami Brown is Rain Brown. This beautiful young girl is the reality TV star popularly known as the cast of reality TV show “Alaskan Bush People” alongside her family.  The show captures the day to day life of Brown family as they live a very unusual life in Alaska. They often go 6-9 months without seeing an outsider and their lifestyle is risky as they hugely depend on hunting and fishing for food which is not sustainable during winters. While Rain Brown is the youngest and princess of the family she is used to such demanding lifestyle but still learning basics of survival.

Rain Brown was born on November 23, 2002, in Alaska. As the youngest girl in the family, she was raised being overprotective by her five brothers and her sister. She grew up in Hoonah, AK, and on nearby Chichagof Island. She may have grown up in bushes but she is different from other members of the family. Unlike others, she holds a strong sense of fashion. She likes to keep her clothes matched and keep tidy as possible. Also, she loves to read books. Among different books she has read Nancy Drew mysteries is her favorite.

Rain is a girl of many talents. Besides her fashion sense, she is good at sculpting, singing and playing music. She got her first musical instrument “Ukulele” from her father Billy Brown. Also, her survival skill is impressive, this girl has learned to use and recycle old material and junks into something useful.

Rain Brown Wiki-Bio facts

Name: Merry Christmas Katherine Raindrop “Rainy” Brown (Known as Rain Brown)

Date of Birth: November 23, 2002

Age: 18

Birthplace: Alaska, United States

Nationality: American

Parents: Ami Brown and Billy Brown

Siblings: 6 ( Snowbird, Matt, Bam Bam, Bear, Gabe, Noah)

Profession: Reality TV Star

Net Worth: $200,000

Social media profile: Rain Brown Insta

Rain Brown Parents

Her parents Billy and Ami Brown led a life in the wilderness of Alaska for decades now. Surprisingly they are not Alaskan native as they hailed from a small town in North Texas. The couple only moved after few years of marriage. Billy even has published autobiography “One Wave at a Time” which focuses on his years of struggles to survive and raise a family, in Alaska.

Rain Brown Siblings

She is the youngest of seven children from her parents. She has five brothers and a sister. Her brothers are Matthew Jeremiah Brown (Matt), Joshua Bam Bam Brown( Bam Bam), Solomon Isaiah Freedom “Bear” Brown(Bear), Gabriel Starbuck Brown (Gabe), Noah Darkcloud Brown (Noah) and a sister is Amora Jean Snowbird “Birdy” Brown (Bird Brown).

Rain Brown Career and Net worth

Rain Brown is the cast of “Alaskan Bush People” since it first aired on Discovery channel on May 6, 2014. She has been the series regular from the first episode while it’s seventh seasons has completed. The reality show has been a massive hit among fans. No wonder the casts of the show are getting popular and richer years after years. Rain Brown has an estimated net worth of $80,000 close to her sister Snowbird Brown. Her net worth is mainly attributed to the earning from the show. Though the actual detail about earing of the cast is not revealed considering the popularity she should earn a salary from $5K to $8k per episode.

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