Secrets from Reality TV Show Mountain Men: Real or Fake?

What good is a reality series, if it is not exaggerated a little? Even the most successful reality TV series is plagued by the same question over and over again. While some series ultimately succumb to the pressure of keeping it interesting and ultimately lose their viewers, some manage to balance things perfectly. Mountain Men seems to have struck gold and has managed to keep things real while keeping things interesting. In this article, we will take a closer look at some of the behind-the-scenes secrets of Mountain Men.

The Life of Eustace Conway:

One of the most popular cast members of the series, Eustace is beloved by his fans. He even had a book written on him. While Eustace is shown as the wild, eccentric, and strange character, he revealed that he has a different face to show to the public. Over the years, Eustace has been plagued by legal troubles. Things started in February 2012, county officials claimed they discovered some safety violations in Edward’s nature school. Bewildered by the claims, Edward took his fight to the court and the charges were ultimately dismissed. Edward was also sued by his neighbor in December 2012 for trespassing. The victim in question, Margaret A. Palms, revealed Edward’s antics in an interview with The High Country Press.

Reality TV Show Mountain Men.
Reality TV Show Mountain Men.

“He went and tied our gate shut, so we couldn’t get out and he put posters all over our gates, mailboxes, fences. Then he put big wooden barriers, so we couldn’t get out. He just kind of went nuts.”

However, the charges were dropped in May 2013.

Tom Oar’s audition and business:

As the producer began hunting for suitable cast members for the show, Tom Oar was recommended by several people. The camera crew decided to follow Oar for an entire day before casting him. Of all the characters on the show, Oar seems to have adjusted perfectly to the fame. Since its commencement, Oar has been selling merchandise including moccasins, custom knives, and other wilderness products.


While the show has found the perfect balance between exaggeration and keeping it real, there are a few characters who are none too happy about it. As Tom puts it, the show makes his life seem more dangerous than it is. While he does have to fend off occasional wolves and battle blizzards, it doesn’t happen as regularly as shown in the series.

The Plight of the Camera Crew

If you have not already realized at this point, then let us break it down for you. It is quite a task to film in the wilderness, not because of the surroundings but the fact that every piece of equipment needs to be carried while also braving the adverse environment. The camera crew is subject to the same dangers as their lead character. In one of the episodes, one of the cameramen fell into the arctic waters while shooting over an icy lake. While he was quickly rescued, it just goes to show the dangers on the job.

Does Rich really lose his dogs?

As the series progressed, Rich Lewis‘s problems in keeping up with his dogs were regular occurrences. However, as eagle-eyed viewers noticed, all of Rich’s dogs were GPS trackers. This led fans to question that the entire thing was staged and simply not true.

Online presence

While people like Tom Oar prefer to sell their wares in person, there are guys like Jason Hawk who is adamant about selling his wares online. This goes against the idea of off-grid and fans are not sure what to think about Hawk and his business.

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