Reality TV Show Alaskan Bush People Real or Fake? Secrets revealed.

Given the amount of reality series centered around life in the wilderness, it can be difficult to find a series that can be fully believed. After all, reality shows have long been accused of framing, over-producing, and scripting details that viewers get to see, and Alaskan Bush People is no different. Centered around the Brown family, the series presents the lifestyle of the family living in Alaska. While the series does a wonderful job of keeping things real, it is not without blame. Over the years, fans have accused the series of scripting. From minute details to the entire premise of an episode, producers have used the show to their benefit. 

Off the grid?

One of the best things about Alaskan Bush People is that the Brown family lives completely off-grid in the dense jungles of Alaska. The show maintains this air of exclusivity by showing that the homestead is completely isolated. However, the homestead was located just half a mile away from a pizzeria and a short drive away from the highway. 

Reality TV Show Alaskan Bush People.
Reality TV Show Alaskan Bush People.

At times, the family has also been spotted living at the cozy and rustic Icy Strait Lodge, when not filming the show. While fans necessarily do not condemn the Browns for living in the lodge, it does take a bit off the air of exclusivity that the show tries to maintain, even when the cameras are not rolling.


Fans have recognized the scripted moments on the show several times. Back in May of 2016, Noah Brown went on a romantic date with a mystery woman. Upon closer inspection, the fans found that the girl Noah went on a date with was an actress. She went by the name of Karryna Kauffman, who has made appearances in series like 16-Love, The Song of Birds & Bees, and Love in the Time of Flannel.

The Browns share a complicated relationship. One of the most heartfelt moments of the series came when Billy was reunited with his long-lost daughter, Twila Byars. The daughter of Billy and his first marriage, the show claimed that Billy had not seen Twila for over 30 years. However, friends of Twila mentioned that she had been in contact with Billy and his family from way back. And while the family claimed that they had no idea who Twila was, Ami and the Brown children had already met Twila and knew exactly who she was.

Accidents on set:

Even though the Browns are shown to live in a homestead far away from civilization, they are not shown under the imminent danger of anything. However, accidents on the set are quite common. In one of those instances, Matt had his head blown off after mishandling gunpowder and a cannon fuse. While the family claimed that Matt had been careless with a bear deterrent, the real incident is much dumber.

TMZ reported that Matt had been storing gunpowder and cannon fuse in a mason jar in the fridge. The mixture became so unstable that it blew the fridge door toward Matt. Matt suffered severe bleeding from the head and required several stitches to put his head back together.

In one of the episodes on the show, the Browns are forced off their land and have to live in a boat. While the premise is quite true, the events are not. The decision was made after their neighbor Jason Hoke, a regional economic development director, got upset as the helicopter flew too close to his home, making the entire structure tremble. In response, Hoke fired fireworks at the helicopter. While no charges were pressed, Hoke was fined $500 by the FAA.

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