AtypicaI Season 3: Casey and Izzy impending love affair.

Netflix has already confirmed Atypical season 3 which is likely to release in 2019. In season 2 we get to see a whole new world for Casey played by actress Brigette Lundy-Paine. Firstly she accepts athlete scholarship to a new school where she finds it hard to make friends at the beginning. Secondly, her seeming affair with high school friend Izzie played by actress Fivel Stewart raises questions about her sexuality.

On the side, Casey has an ongoing relationship with boyfriend Evan played by Graham Rogers. There is a lot of possibility for her character in season 3, whether she will find out her sexual preference lies in girls or it is just a phase of confusion, nothing can be taken for granted. Nevertheless, we have every reason to think Cassie and Izzie will get together.

The two almost had a kiss in the 9th episode of season 2, before interrupted by Casey’s mother. And at the ending scene, although Casey admits loving Evan she indirectly expresses her feeling for Izzie. She says;

“It’s just sometimes, a thing feels so right, you know?” (in the sense she is attracted to Izzie).

Thereafter the two slowly approach their finger before quietly holding hands, even when Evan calls Casey decline to preserve the moment. So what do you think of Casey and Izzie, will they get together in season 3?

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