Getting to know Moonshiners Cast and their net worth.

Moonshiners is American TV series on discovery channel with its first season premiered on December 6, 2011. The show dramatizes its cast brewing illegal moonshine in the Appalachian region of United States while evading the authorities. In real life, authorities have not found any illegal evidence against the cast of the show.

Who are the Moonshiners cast?

Since the beginning of the first season, the TV show has brought several Moonshiners to public knowledge. While it is hard to track about all of the cast involved in the show we have only included current cast member and some well-known names from the show; Jim Tom Hedrick, Tim Smith, Josh Owens, Chico and his wife Cassondra, Steven Ray Tickle.

Jim Tom Hedrick and his net worth

Jim Tom is so famous by his nickname that few people are familiar with his birth name. Jim is Marvin Hedrick a resident of Robbinsville, North Caroline. He was born on December 25, 1940, currently making him 77 years of age.

Jim has over sixty years of experience in moonshining. During the period he mastered in creating copper still and more importantly brewing and slinging shine out of it. Several times he got incarcerated and warned by police, but Jim continued the tradition he learned from his parents.

Jim tom hedrick Net Worth
Jim Tom Hedrick Net Worth

After so many years Jim found himself working on the right side of the law. He legally produces shine for Sugarlands Distilling Company. Jim’s product  100 proof ” Unaged Rye” goes on the market with his name and photo on it.

As a moonshiner, he makes his living from the profession and earns the endorsement from his association with Sugarland Distilling Company. Also, he was well paid during his time in the discovery show. Taking all into account, Jim has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Jim worked several jobs in the past. He did plumbing, electrical works, vehicle maintenance guy and ham radio operator. Jim has recorded a couple of music songs most notably “Golly That’s Good.” Also, this country folk is quite a storyteller. Among the different jobs Jim took, he hated fixing cars, and he still owns ham radio license. Jim made his debut in discovery hit show Moonshiners in its second season in November of 2012.

Chico and his net worth

Chico was born as Matthew Louis Tungate in Gravel Switch, Kentucky on 6th January 1985. As of now, he is 33 years of age. Chico is familiar with horses for many years as he grew up training and riding them which also justifies his liking for Horse Trail Ride. He worked a delivery job before Tim Smith handed him the opportunity in moonshining.


Chico Moonshiners Net worth
Moonshiner Chico Net worth

He earns his net worth mainly from discovery TV series “Moonshiners.” After making debut in 2013 Chico continues to be part of it in 2018.  Also, the income generated from brewing and selling of alcohol is added to the net worth. Chico has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Chico is married to Cassondra Thompson, she is more popular as Sandra for her part in Moonshiners. Cassondra features in the show helping her husband in brewing and slinging the shine. The two are parents of a son and daughter.

Tim Smith and his net worth

Tim was born in the state of Virginia in December of 1966 currently making him 51 years of age. Tim learned the craftsmanship of shining from his father just like it was passed down from his father.

Tim began as the cast of discovery show “Moonshiners” from the first season premiere on December 6, 2011, and continues to be part of it. In real life, he produces legal moonshine by brand name Climax Moonshine.

Moonshiners Tim Smith Net worth
Moonshiners Tim Smith Net worth

Tim benefits huge fan followings and net worth from the show. Most of his income comes from moonshining business and the salary from the show aids the cause. Tim has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Besides a TV personality, Tim offers his time as fire chief at Climax Fire department. He has been volunteering as Chief for fourteen years, since 2004. In past, Tim worked as a maintenance mechanic in a mattress factory. Also, he served six years in US Army.

Shading some light in his personal life, Tim is married to longtime partner Shelby Smith whom he wedded in 1986. Together the couple has a son, JT Smith. Tim resides in Climax, Virginia along with their son, JT Smith.

Josh Owens and his net worth

Josh Owens is a former professional motocross racer and TV actor of Discovery docudrama Moonshiners. He was born in Columbus, North Carolina, United States on 28th August 1977 currently making him 40 years of age. Josh is the eldest of two children from his mother Cindy Owens.

Josh Owens Moonshiners Net Worth
Josh Owens Moonshiners Net Worth

Josh made “Moonshiners” debut in November 2012 in the second season first episode, “Rise N Shine,” and continues to be part of it in 2018. Before his career in TV, he was a professional Motocross racer involved in competitive racing in NCHSA and GNCC. He won the Heavy-C (basically 250-C back then) championship in NCHSA in 2003, and then 250-B in 2004. In 2005 he got promoted to 250-A. He suffered the knee injury in few races into the season. Josh continues to be part of racing. He joined Southeast Gasser’s Association (SGA) in 2016 and ran with his 953 Chevy Gasser.

Josh learned to brew and slinging moonshine from his late friend  Barney Barnwell. He also landed the show because of him. As of now Josh Owens has an estimated net worth of $500,000. He net worth is accumulated from the earning and the family property he owns.

Steven Ray Tickle and his net worth

Steven Ray Tickle is a Moonshiner, Carpenter, and a TV personality known for Discovery TV show Moonshiners. He joined the cast in the first season first episode on December 6th, 2011. However, he regularly started appearing in the show from the second season. The show became a massive hit among fans at one point reportedly the casts were paid  $30,000 per episode which without including their income from liquor production and it’s sale.

Steven RayTickle and his daughter Daisy Tickle
Steven RayTickle and his daughter Daisy Tickle

Also, the producers were so impressed with Tickle they gave him his own show entitled “Tickle ” in 2013 which lasted 13 episodes. This TV personality claims to have been involved off and on in the illegal moonshining since the age of 15. Now a veteran in the profession Steven legally partners with Sugar Distillation Company to produce moonshine since 2014. As for Steven’s net worth, we do not have any reliable source to confirm at present.

Steven Ray Tickle was born on November 30, 1976, in Southwest Carolina, United States to his parents late Larry Craig Tickle and his wife, Lois Ileane Keller Tickle. He has three brothers Darrel, Glenn, Mike Tickle. This TV star has kept his married life anonymous, however, we know he has a daughter, Daisy Tickle from his ex-wife.

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