Chico Moonshiners wiki, bio: married, wife Sandra, kids, net worth, age.

Chico is known as the cast of  Moonshiners, American docu-drama TV series on Discovery channel. You may be familiar with his quick wit and comical nature from the show; I bet you do not know his actual name. Chico is his nickname; his birth name is  Matthew Louis Tungate.

Starting from 2013 he featured as the cast of the show and continues to be part of it till 2018. Although Chico earned an impressive salary from the show, a lot is made of his net worth. For your information, he worked a delivery job before he was handed opportunity in moonshining business by Tim Smith.

Chico Moonshiners
Matthew “Chico” Tungate from Moonshiners

If we shade light in his personal life, Chico is a married man and father of three children a daughter and a two son. His wife Sandra also involved in the show. Know everything about Matthew “Chico” Tungate including details on his wife, family, kids, age and net worth below.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameMatthew Louis Tungate
NicknameMoonshiner Chico
Date of birthJanuary 6, 1985
Place of birthKentucky, USA
Zodiac signCapricorns
OccupationMoonshiner, horse breeder, reality TV star
Net worth$200,000
Marital statusMarried
wifeSondra (Cossondra Thompson)
Children3, Alena (Born September 2009), Waylon and Wyatt ( Born in November 2018)
ResidenceKentucky, USA
HeightAbout 6ft 1 inch or 185 cm
Weight198Ibs or 90 Kg
Hair colorBrown
Eye colorBlue
PiercingOn ears
HobbiesRacing traditional Kentucky Trotter Horses
PersonalityFearless, funny, passionate, opportunistic
Business acumenSupreme
Moonshine specialtySpirit Whisky, a mixture of white whisky and bourbon
Moonshine partnerTyler Wood
Moonshine locationDeep in the woods of the Appalachia
Moonshine equipmentTraditional techniques and methods
Moonshine challengesThe law, competition, weather, supply and demand
TV show debutSeason 3 of Moonshiners in 2013
TV show exitSeason 7 of Moonshiners in 2018 (according to IMDb)
TV show reason for exitDecided to focus on family and other ventures

Chico Moonshiners Early Life

Chico was born as Matthew Louis Tungate in Gravel Switch, Kentucky on 6th January 1985. As of now, he is 38 years of age. Chico is familiar with horses for many years as he grew up training and riding them which also justifies his liking for Horse Trail Ride. When not brewing and slinging shine, Chico raises and races traditional Kentucky Trotter Horses.

Chico Moonshiners Career

Chico Moonshiners has been featured on the Discovery Channel show Moonshiners, which follows the lives of people who illegally produce their own alcohol in the Appalachian region. Chico is a Kentucky outlaw who is always looking for new opportunities and challenges in the moonshining business. He is also passionate about raising and racing traditional Kentucky Trotter Horses.

Chico joined the show in Season 3, along with his wife Sondra, who is also his partner in crime. The couple quickly became fan favorites for their humor, charisma, and adventurous spirit. They also impressed viewers with their innovative and daring methods of making and selling moonshine, such as using a submarine still, a mobile still, and a hidden bunker.

However, Chico and Sondra did not return for Season 8 of Moonshiners. According to a Discovery Channel representative, the couple decided to take a break from the show to focus on their family.

While Chico and Sondra may have stepped away from the spotlight, they have not given up on their moonshining career. Chico partnered with Olde Towne Distillery to produce a legal product called Spirit Whisky, which is a mixture of white whisky and bourbon.  He said that he wanted to leave something for his family when he leaves this world. He also asked his fans to support his venture and request his whisky at their local liquor stores. He may not be on TV anymore, but he is still living his dream as a moonshiner.

Chico Moonshiners Net Worth

He earned his net worth mainly from discovery TV series “Moonshiners.” Also, the income from brewing and selling of alcohol is added to the net worth. Chico from Moonshiners has an estimated net worth of $200,000.

Chico Moonshiners Wife and Kids

Chico is married to Cassondra Thompson, she is known as Sandra for her part in Moonshiners. Like her husband, Cassondra also featured in the show helping him in brewing and slinging shine. Besides engaging together in business the couple share an impressive chemistry at home. The two are blissfully married, so far there is not a single rumor of the pair having any turbulence in the relationship.

Chico Moonshiners wife Cassondra Thompson
Matthew “Chico” Tungate  and his wife Cassondra Thompson

However, fans are concerned about the matching of the pair, while Cassondra is beautiful Chico does not fall into the similar category, especially with his unordered teeth. Yet here two are living a blissful life. One thing we can say is that the appearance does not define marriage it’s the love that counts.

Chico Moonshiners wife Cassondra Thompson 1

Though Cassondra looks much younger than her husband, this does not tell about her age. She is seven months older than Chico; she was born on May 30, 1984. Up to now, we know Cassondra has a brother named Tim Thompson and her family own a restaurant in Kentucky, Lebanon.

Chico and his wife are parents of three children a daughter, and two son. Their eldest daughter Alena is fourteen years old ( Born September 2009). Cassondra calls her son by name called Waylon. Chico has not shared much about his family life, on rare occasions, he has taken to Facebook expressing the importance of wife and kids in his life. He regards his family high.

Chico Moonshiners wife Cassondra Thompson 1
Cassondra with her daughter Alena and son Waylon

Chico Moonshiners Trouble with the Law

Since the age of seventeen, he has been quite a trouble. However, he tried to keep that all in past after he began working with Tim Smith, owner of Moonshiners. Tim liked his light-hearted personality and comedian characteristic which resulted in hiring him. Tim makes legal moonshine in real life surprisingly discovery quote the casts as an outlaw and illegal moonshiners. Also, there is no evidence found by authorities of unlawful brewing in the Appalachian mountains from the discovery casts.

Chico was charged with driving under the influence of alcohol/drugs in Knott County in October of 2014. According to Police officer involved in the scene, he drove the vehicle into the crowd. Chico was cleared of charge in Knott County court hearing in May of 2015 after the case ran seven months. He was ordered to pay fine and court cost.

Moonshining is trouble on its own unless you are a licensed from authorities. According to discovery, we all know Chico is practicing the 200-year-old tradition of making moonshine under the nose of authorities. After all, we can say Chico is trouble.


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