Death Alert-What happened to Moonshiner Lance Waldroup?

For all his mishaps and clumsiness on the show, Lance Waldroup was a talented moonshiner. His brewing sense and unique innovative ideas were what made Lance an important asset to have. Lance was involved in the family moonshining business from a young age. While Lance never directly works on the brew, he often dished out advice as to how best the brew can be improved. A part of Mark and Jeff’s due, Lance was often the one breaking up the duo’s fight. In charge of security, Lance had a physique to match his job description. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Lance Waldroup is all about.

Where is Lance Waldroup?-Passed Away in 2021

Lance Waldroup was a reality TV star and a bootlegger who appeared on the Discovery Channel’s show “Moonshiners”. He was born in Graham County, North Carolina, and was the youngest son of Jeff and Lynn Waldroup. He had two older siblings, Lyndsey and Lamar, who both died of cystic fibrosis at a young age. Lance suffered from survivor’s guilt and struggled with addiction for several years before turning his life around and joining his father in the moonshining business.

Moonshiner Lance Waldroup
Moonshiner Lance Waldroup

Lance and Jeff were known as the “Outlaw Shiners” on the show, and they experimented with different flavors and recipes of moonshine, such as absinthe, scotch, and apple pie. Lance was eager to learn from his father and other experienced moonshiners, and he often faced challenges and risks in the illegal trade. He also had a sense of humor and a friendly personality that endeared him to the fans of the show.

Waldroup appeared on “Moonshiners” beginning in the second season in 2012 and through season seven in 2018. When the eighth season of Moonshiners aired, fans were left puzzled over the disappearance of Lance and his father. While many speculated that Lance had simply got tired of making mistakes and had withdrawn from the family business, many thought that Lance was arrested. However, it was later revealed that Lance and his father had decided to take their business online. The pair also brushed up with the law more than a few times which might have impacted their decision.

Sadly, Lance passed away on February 25, 2021, at his home in North Carolina. He was only 30 years old. His mother, Lynn Cape Waldroup, was the one who found him unresponsive. The cause of death was later revealed to be congestive heart failure.

Lance’s death was mourned by his family, friends, and fans. His father, Jeff, shared the news on their joint Facebook page and thanked everyone for their support and prayers. The official Moonshiners Facebook page also posted a tribute to Lance, calling him a “sorely missed” member of the show. Discovery created a gallery of some of Lance’s memorable moments on the show, highlighting his ambition and spirit.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameLance Colby Waldroup
Date of birthNovember 3, 1990
Date of deathFebruary 25, 2021
Age30 years old
Place of birthGraham County, North Carolina, USA
Place of deathRobbinsville, North Carolina, USA
Cause of deathHeart attack
OccupationBootlegger and television personality
Famous forAppearing on the Discovery Channel’s reality show “Moonshiners” with his father Jeff Waldroup
Net worthN/A
MotherLynn Cape Waldroup
SiblingsLindsey Waldroup and Lamar Waldroup (both deceased)
Maternal grandparentsBobby Cape and Edna Sue Hooper
Paternal grandparentsWilliam Phillip and Laqueta Joy Hooper Waldroup

A Lookback at Lance Waldroup

The Third Wheel

Lance Waldroup was a businessman. From a young age, Lance was involved in the family moonshining business. Lance was the son of Jeff Waldroup and when his father partnered up with Mark, Lance followed suit. As evident on the show, Jeff and Mark are constantly fighting with each other and are at each other’s throats most of the time. So, Lance was often tasked with finding a middle ground even though that’s not in his job description.

Not the one to Brew

Lance may be a moonshiner, but he stayed away from the brewing process. He was in charge of security, bootlegging, research, and development. Even though Lance was not directly involved, he often came up with innovative ideas to improve the output. Lance was primarily in charge of bootlegging and making sure the business stayed on the blind side of the authorities. Alongside bootlegging and security, Lance was also in charge of several administrative tasks. His sense for the moonshining process was second to none, and both his father and Mark value the input given by Lance on the brew. As a result, the duo decided to award Mark with some share in the business and welcome him as a partner.

In Touch with his Childish Side

For all the serious responsibilities handed to Lance, he often joked and messed around. He often acted childish with guns and business in general. Over the years, Lance has had a fair share of mishaps that more often than not, cut into the family income. He was known to price the products. And when it comes to bootlegging, messing up the price is the worst of mishaps one could make. But even then, Lance kept on trying. It’s just that the man made a ton of mistakes.

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