What happened to Moonshiner Lance Waldroup? His Wiki Bio facts.

For all his mishaps and clumsiness on the show, Lance Waldroup is a talented moonshiner. His brewing sense and unique innovative ideas are what makes Lance an important asset to have. Lance was involved in the family moonshining business from a young age. While Lance never directly works on the brew, he often dishes out advice as to how best the brew can be improved. A part of Mark and Jeff due, Lance is often the one breaking up the duo’s fight. In charge of security, Lance has a physique to match his job description. In this article, we will take a closer look at what Lance Waldroup is all about.

The third wheel:

Lance Waldroup is a businessman. From a young age, Lance was involved in the family moonshining business. Lance is the son of Jeff Waldroup and when his father partnered up with Mark, Lance followed suit. As evident on the show, Jeff and Mark are constantly fighting with each other and are at each other’s throat for most of the time. So, Lance is often tasked with finding middle ground even though that’s not in his job description.

Moonshiner Lance Waldroup
Moonshiner Lance Waldroup

Not the one to brew:

Lance may be a moonshiner, but he stays away from the brewing process. He is in charge of security, bootlegging, research, and development. Even though Lance is not directly involved, he often comes up with innovative ideas to improve the output. Lance is primarily in charge of bootlegging and making sure the business stays on the blind side of the authorities. Alongside bootlegging and security, Lance is also in charge of several administrative tasks. His sense for the moonshining process is second to none, and both his father and Mark value the input given my Lance on the brew. As a result, the duo decided to award Mark with some share in the business and welcome him as a partner.

In touch with his childish side:

For all the serious responsibilities handed to Lance, he is often joking and messing around. He often acts childish with guns and the business in general. Over the years, Lance has had a fair share of mishaps that more often than not, cut into the family income. He is known to price the products. And when it comes to bootlegging, messing up the price is the worst of mishaps one could make. But even then, Lance keeps on trying. It’s just that the man makes a ton of mistakes.

Where is Lance now?

When the eighth season of Moonshiners aired, fans were left puzzled over the disappearance of Lance and his father. While many speculated that Lance had simply got tired of making mistakes and had withdrawn from the family business, many thought that Lance was arrested. However, it was later revealed that Lance and his father had decided to take their business online. The pair also brushed up with the law more than a few times which might have impacted their decision. And while the pair are still listed as official cast members on the Discovery network, they are yet to make an appearance in season nine of the series.

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