Who is Joey Edgar from Swamp People? His age, net worth, wife, kids, career.

He was born into a family of swamp legends, but he never let that pressure get to him. Joey Edgar is a man who knows how to live off the land, hunt alligators, and run a successful seafood business. He is also a star of the hit reality show Swamp People, where he showcases his skills and passion for the swamp life. But who is Joey Edgar really? In this article, we will explore the life and career of Joey Edgar, the son of Daniel Edgar, the founder of St. Mary’s Seafood Incorporated and Louisiana Bait Products. We will also learn about his family.

Early Life and Family

Joey Edgar was born on August 8, 1969, in Louisiana, United States. He is the son of Daniel Edgar and Juanita Broussard, and the brother of Dwaine Edgar. He has Creole ancestry from his mother’s side and Francophone roots from his father’s side. Joey learned the art of fishing and hunting from his father, who inherited the family traditions from his own parents and grandparents. Daniel Edgar’s family history is deeply entrenched in the Acadian region of southern Louisiana, where many of the displaced French Acadians from Canada resettled.

Swamp People star Joey Edgar

Joey’s parents divorced when he was young, but they remained on good terms for their children’s sake. Following the divorce Joey and his brother Dwaine were raised by his mother and would spend time with their father during the weekends. Sadly, Joey lost his mother in 2018 when she passed away at the age of 68.

Professional Career

Joey has been working with his father since he was young and has learned a lot about fishing, trapping, and hunting. Joey helps his father in running St. Mary’s Seafood Incorporated, a company that catches and processes millions of pounds of fish. They are involved in catching, processing, and shipping various kinds of seafood, such as fish, crawfish, crabs, oysters, and soft shell crabs. Joey also owns and operates 500 acres of crawfish ponds in Louisiana with his father. They farm thousands of pounds of crawfish annually and sell them to local and national customers. They also set crawfish traps in the marsh and catch them from the wild. Joey also partnered with his father to co-found Louisiana Bait Products which sells 18 to 20 million pounds of bait throughout the year. They use their own boats and equipment to catch various kinds of bait, such as pogies, mullets, shad, and herring. They also sell some of their catch as seafood for human consumption.

Swamp People:

Besides being a commercial fisherman and operating a business of his own, Joey Edgar is a reality television actor in Swamp People. After initially being reluctant at first Joey and his father Daniel decided to join the show in 2014. The show follows the lives of alligator hunters in Louisiana during the 30-day hunting season. He has been a regular cast member since season 9 and has made over 43 appearances until 2023. Some of the memorable moments from Swamp People featuring Joey Edgar include

  • When he teamed up with his friend Zak Catchem to hunt gators in Season 14.
  • When he helped his father catch a 12-foot gator that was terrorizing their crawfish ponds.
  • When he and his brother Dwaine competed against each other to see who could catch more gators.
  • When he and his father faced a storm that threatened their fishing business.

Social Media Presence:

Joey Edgar has a social media presence on Facebook and Instagram. He uses these platforms to share his personal and professional life with his fans and followers. He also posts updates about Swamp People and his hunting adventures. He has over 13,000 followers on his Facebook page and over 900 followers on his Instagram account.

Net Worth:

Joey Edgar is one of the richest cast members of Swamp People. He has an estimated net worth of $3 Million as of 2023.

Personal Life:

Joey Edgar is not only a hardworking fisherman, but also a loving husband and father. He is married to Jessica Brooks Edgar, who supports him in his endeavors. The two have been married since June 9, 2023. While Jessica had a crush on him when she was 13 years old Joey was later interested in her. Jessica is five years younger and met him later in her mid-20s through mutual friends and the two have been together since 2000.

In the years of marriage, they have given birth to three children Kallie, Karlie, and Cole Edgar. Kallie is the eldest of three born October 9, 2003, whom her parents call by the nickname “Tutt.” She graduated from Acadiana Christian School in 2022. Their second born is boy Cole Edwards who was born on November 23, 2005, and the youngest is Karlie Edwards was born on October 28, 2008. Joey also has a grandson named Carter. Joey enjoys spending time with his family and teaching them about the Creole culture and lifestyle.

Physical Traits:

Joe Edgar has a big build brown eyes and hair. He usually wears casual clothes such as T-shirts, jeans, and hats. He also wears camouflage outfits when hunting alligators on the show.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Birth Name:Joey Edgar
Birth Date:August 8, 1969
Age:54 years old
Birth Place:Louisiana, United States
Father’s Name:Daniel Edgar
Mother’s Name:Juanita Broussard
Siblings:Dwaine Edgar
Relationship Status:Committed
Marital Status:Married
Wife:Jessica Brooks Edgar
Children:Kallie Edgar, Karlie Edgar, and Cole Edgar
Profession:Reality Television Personality, Alligator Hunter, Commercial Fisherman, Businessman
Net Worth:USD $3 Million

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