Getting to know Life Below Zero cast and their Net Worth.

Life Below Zero is a documentary TV series on National Geography which sets around its cast member living an adventurous life in remote Alaska. While the show makes us familiar with their lifestyle, have you ever wondered how they are able to sustain luxurious instruments like guns, boats, snow wheelers? Fact is the cast are financially well suited and thanks to the TV deal which aids them in the cause. In this article, we will bring the net worth of Life Below Zero cast members. How rich are they?

Sue Aiken Net Worth

Sue Aikens is the mainstay cast of National Geography TV show Life Below Zero. She earns an estimated salary of $200,000 per year from the show. She also runs Kaviv River Camp from June through September. She provides her customers with the facility of food and accommodation charging each $350 per day. Also, she has got the only gas station on the east side of the North Slope. Taking all the income source into account Sue Aikens has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Sue Aikens Net Worth


Sue lives at Kavik River Camp 197 miles of north Arctic circle, the nearest road is 80 miles from her, and the nearest neighbor is 500 Miles away in Fabriansk, Alaska. As an inhabitant of remote Alaska Sue struggles with the nature and wild creature around her place. She has to be prepared for the freezing winters and the 100 miles wind that occasionally knocks at her door. Once she was left for dead by an eight-foot Grizzly Bear.

To be exact, It was in 2007 the creature attacked Aikens causing her hips pulled out of the socket, torn muscle, and head injury.  As the Bear retreated she dragged herself to the camp put the stitches on the wound and returned with a gun and killed the bear. Well, such bravery can be seen in movies only. Sue lied in the camp with no medical attention for tens days before a pilot circling her camp found her.

Glenn Villeneuve Net Worth

Glenn Villeneuve is hunter and gatherer as he gets most of the food from nature. His camp is located on a lake in the Brooks Range, 200 miles north of Fairbanks, and a 60-mile walk from the nearest road. During winters he uses snowshoes to get pats thick snow covering the land, and during summer he uses paddled canoe while searching for a hunt. He hunts moose, caribou, sheep, and small game. Glenn fishes in the lake and creeks and gathers wild plants for food. Among the different animal, Glenn loves caribou meat and boiled moose tongue his other favorite.

Glenn Villeneuve net worth
Glenn Villeneuve net worth

Glenn spends half of the year in Fabriansk, Alaska tending to family and business. Glenn is involved in managing and investing in real estate for many years. He has also invested in the stock market for more than five years. Also, he earns an impressive salary as the cast of Life Below Zero. Glenn Villeneuve has an estimated net worth of $250,000.

Erik Salitan Net Worth

Erik Salitan has an estimated net worth of $400,000. He earned an impressive salary featuring four years as the main cast of ‚ÄúLife Below Zero.‚ÄĚ With more than 16 years of experience in guiding, he provides guide service¬†in summer as the owner of ‚ÄúBushwhack Alaska Guiding and Outfitting.‚ÄĚ He also runs¬†two lodges in Alaska, one in the remote Brooks Range and other in Peninsula.

Erik Salitan net worth
Erik Salitan net worth

Erik is a Tv personality, hunter, pilot, and a registered guide. He was born on 9th February 1984 in the United States of America. This 34 years old TV star belongs to Caucasian ethnicity. He grew up in the rural lower 48 states in the upstate of New York, right upon the Quebec Order, where the job options were limited. Military, factory employee, a logger is the most one could get. Erik left the place for Alaska right on the last day of his 12th grade at Finger Lakes Community College. Later he attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks and holds a degree in applied science.

Chip Hailstone Net Worth

Chip Hailstone was born on March 8, 1969, in Kalispell, Montana, United States to his parents Daniel Franklin Hailstone and Mary Lois Hailstone. He grew up in Kalispell learning hunting and fishing. He came to Alaska in 1988 and since been living there.

Chip and his family primarily live in Noovriv, Alaska a small city of roughly 700 inhabitants. Seasonally they move as far as 90 miles in search of the best hunt. In doing so, the family packs the tents and necessary equipment to keep themselves safe from cold and wild animals.

Chip Hailstone Net worth
Chip Hailstone Net worth

Chip and his wife have combined net worth estimated over $250,000. Their main source of income is from reality TV show ‚ÄúLife Below Zero.‚ÄĚ The earning is also attributed to the parts of animal they put on sale. They hunt animals and fishes like caribou, bear, bison, fox, wolf, wolverine, fish, walrus, waterfowl, seal and whale.

Agnes Hailstone Net Worth

Agnes was born in 1972 in Noorvik, Alaska. As of now, she is 45 years of age. This inspirational hunter is from Inupiaq family. They are natives of northern Alaska inhabiting the land as the subsistent hunters from generation to generation. Because of tribal and federal hunting legislation marine mammals are reserved so that locals like Agnes could secure the hunt.

Growing up in Alaska she got accustomed¬†to hunting and fishing. The cultural set up in her family helped her learn to tan¬†animals, gather oil from the body fats and create handicrafts. She uses all-purpose knife called ‚ÄúUlu‚Ä̬† which is popular among Inuit, Yupik.

The information about her parents and family is not available one thing we know is she lost her mother and brother to icy water. Despite the harsh nature and threats posses by surrounding, there is no changing Agnes and her family from the traditional way of living. Agnes and her husband have combined net worth estimated over $250,000.

Jessie Holmes Net Worth

Jessie was the late addition in 2015, the sixth season of Life Below Zero. His major income comes from the show. He also earns through carpentry works by building the boat, cabin, sled, fish wheels. He arranges food for his 38 sled dogs by fishing salmon fish during summer and winter. Though exact sum is not revealed, Jessie Holmes has an estimated net worth of $150,000.

Jessie is a carpenter, musher and a TV personality. As a musher, he¬†trains his dog for traditional sled dog race, a popular sport in the area. He won the competition a couple of times. In 2016 he won the Yukon Quest 300, and in 2017 won Kobuk 440, a major sled dog race which earned him a prize of $12,858. Using carpentry skills, Jessie¬†can¬†build and repair cabin, boat, fish wheels and sleds. No surprise his motto,¬†‚ÄúIf it breaks, fix it, there‚Äôs no other option,‚ÄĚ serves him very well.

Jessie Holmes Net Worth
Jessie Holmes Net Worth

Jessie was born on 20th February 1982 in Odenville, Alabama and raised there. As of now, Jessie is 36 years of age. After spending his childhood years, at the age of 16, Jessie left home and traveled to California and Montana and worked three years as a carpenter in later of the place. Then he traveled to Fort Nelson, in British Columbia and hitchhiked his way to Yukon Territory. There he helped a man run traplines with dog teams for some while. Jessie came to Alaska around 2004 and spent early years in Eagle, Alaska.

Jessie now lives in Nenana, Alaska along the river with his team of 38 sled dogs. The place has no electricity or running water. To support himself and dog, he catches an average of 3,000 Solomon fish during summer and fall. He goes for fur trapping in winter, usually gets from animals like wolverine, muskrat, and lynx.

Andy Bassich Net Worth

Andy Bassich has an estimated net worth of $250,000. Andy Bassich was born on 25th January 1958 in the Washington D.C. He grew up in Wheaton, Maryland and graduated from John F. Kennedy High in 1976. After high school, he traveled across the country and wanted to visit Alaska. However the same year his sister was getting married, so he returned and did carpentry jobs for quite a few years.

He moved to Alaska in the 80’s where he spent early two years in  Anchorage, Alaska. After he moved to Eagle, Alaska in 1984 the first thing he did was trade a truckload of wood for his first dog, Muzzle. There Andy learned trapping and mushing from a local trapper. He acquired Coast Guard Merchant Marine Captain License and served as Yukon riverboat captain for 20 years.

Andy was married to Kate Rorke Bassich and lived with her along the Yukon River in Eagle, Alaska before the two separated in 2015 and eventually divorced in 2016.

Kate Rorke Net Worth

Kate appeared as the cast of Life Below Zero from its premiere in 2013. However, after her marriage dissolved she left Alaska and the TV show with a bit part role in 2015.

Kate is not an Alaskan native; she is from Canada. She met her ex-husband Andy Bassich at Dawson City back in 2003. At the time she came to explore Alaska as a tourist while Andy was a riverboat captain. As the circumstance brought them closer after dating for a short while, the two got married.

They lived an adventurous life in Calico Bluff. Together the couple worked hard heating with wood, feeding the dogs, hunting, gathering or growing, processing and preparing every meal from scratch. They hunt moose, black bear, caribou, wolf, salmon. The couple rared 26 sled dogs for mushing business. Kate and her ex-husband also ran survival school.

As a part of the TV show ‚ÄúLife Below Zero,‚ÄĚ she earned a significant amount of salary. Though exact figure has not come out her net worth is around $100,000.

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