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Obesity is a significant health concern that can impede mobility and increase the risk of various medical conditions, including heart disease and diabetes. Overcoming obesity demands perseverance and effort, but with proper support, substantial weight loss is achievable. A testament to this is Henry Foots, featured in “My 600-lb Life’s” first season. Starting at 715 pounds, Henry embarked on a transformative journey with Dr. Nowzaradan’s guidance. Through dedication, he shed over 400 pounds, reclaiming his autonomy and joy. Although Henry passed away at 54 due to an illness not connected to his weight loss, his legacy continues to motivate others seeking life-changing weight loss. This article delves into Henry’s inspiring journey and the indelible mark he left behind.

Who was Henry Foots?

Henry Foots was a 47-year-old man who appeared on the first season of My 600-lb Life, a reality show that documents the weight loss journeys of people who suffer from morbid obesity. Henry weighed 715 pounds at the start of his journey, which he attributed to emotional eating since his high school years. With the help of Dr. Nowzaradan, a bariatric surgeon, Henry underwent a gastric bypass surgery and lost 440 pounds. He also faced some life-threatening complications, such as flatlining during surgery and being involved in a fatal bus accident. Henry died in May 2013, but his death was not related to his weight or the accident. He was the first person on the show to pass away, but his story inspired many viewers to pursue their own transformations.

Henry Foots
Henry Foots

The Life Story of Henry James Foot: A Man Who Loved Food More Than His Health

Henry James Foot, the son of Addie Virginia Foots, was born on July 17, 1958, in Harris County, Texas, where he lived his whole life. He had a passion for food since his childhood, and he often snuck food behind his parents’ backs. He ignored the warning signs of his obesity and did not care about his weight. His mother, Addie, revealed in an episode of My 600 lb Life that Henry would hide food in the bathroom. As he grew older, his weight problem worsened. His father was unhappy with his eating habits, but Henry was too stubborn to change. Addie felt guilty for not intervening earlier.

My 600-lb Life Transformation

Henry was one of the heaviest patients on the TLC series My 600-lb Life, weighing 715 pounds at the start of his journey. He faced many troubles due to his obesity, such as knee aches, back pain, and difficulty in movement. He decided to go through weight loss surgery with Dr. Nowzaradan and appeared in four episodes of the show in 2012. He also followed a strict diet and exercise regimen and managed to lose 340 lbs, bringing his weight down to 375 lbs. However, his struggle was not over. He had to maintain a healthy lifestyle for the next 7 years, which was not easy. He finally reached his smallest point of 275 lbs, losing a total of 440 lbs. Henry’s story was both inspiring and heartbreaking. He demonstrated courage and perseverance in his weight loss transformation.

Henry Foots
My 600-lb life star Henry Foots & his weight loss transformation

Cause of Death and Bus Accident:

Henry Foots worked as a shuttle bus driver. On November 29, 2012, he suffered an unspecified “medical incident” that caused him to pass out while driving a shuttle bus.  The consequences of the incident were not very pleasing. The accident caused the bus to hit an SUV and then ran into a woman standing in a corner. Hurriedly, an ambulance was called and she was taken to the hospital. However, she could not survive the injuries and passed away. Luckily, a total of 11 passengers on the bus escaped with minor injuries. On May 16, 2013, Henry Foots passed away at the age of 54. The cause of his death was not related to his weight or the shuttle bus accident. Henry’s death was the first among the show’s patients, and he was followed by other My 600 lb-life cast members such as Robert Buchel, Lisa Fleming, and James L.B Bonner.

Personal Life

Was Henry Foots married? His wife and children?

Henry Foots was married to his girlfriend Lycurgus “Kirk” Walker. They shared a relationship for a year before tying the knot on August 21, 2011. However, the two went through a breakup before giving a second shot at the relationship. Henry and Kirk lived together for 13 years during which she also take care of him due to his ballooning weight. As Kirk felt her situation in the relationship was more of a caretaker than a partner they ended up breaking. Despite the fact, the two were no longer together Henry did not lose all hope. Henry still loved her and was willing to get back. After a few years, the couple rekindled the relationship. Henry also encouraged Lycurgus to undergo weight loss surgery and the couple promised to marry each other afterward. The couple married in a small wedding surrounded by close friends and relatives. Henry is not known to have any children with Lycurgus.

Henry Foots
My 600-lb life Henry Foots on his wedding day

Wiki/Bio facts

Full name Henry Foots
Age 54 years old
Date of Birth July 17, 1958
Date of Death May 16, 2013
Place of Birth Houston, Texas, U.S
Profession Reality television personality
Parents Addie Virginia Foots
Children N/A
Wife Lycurgus “Kirk” Walker
Siblings 5
Nationality American
Ethnicity Black

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