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The TLC Show, My 600-lb Life is a documentary show, which shows the journey of people trying to lose weight. The show explores not only obese people, but it highlights some of the most peculiar cases. Some of it includes people who have been turned away for weight loss surgery by other doctors.  

The next cast member is Lisa Fleming, who appeared in Season 6 of the show. She was 700 pounds at the season’s first episode, and gradually after surgery and different diet lost almost 200 pounds. 

However, in August 2018, Lisa Fleming felt seriously ill and could not make it. This small write up is about Lisa Fleming her weight loss journey, Cause of Death, and her Wiki. 

Who is Lisa Fleming? Her husband and children

Lisa Fleming was a 50-year-old woman from Alabama, U.S. She was a mother of three, Danielle M. Fleming, Micha Fleming, and Chris Fleming. She also had two granddaughters and a grandson. 

It is clear from her extended family with children and grandchildren she was married to a partner. However, the lady never shared who her husband was or how long she remained in the relationship. After divorce, we know that she was happy with her boyfriend, Herburt.

We can say Herburt came as bliss in her life. The supportive boyfriend moved to Huston to take care of her and helped with the diet and fitness regime. 

Lisa Flemming early life and weight gain

Everyone appearing in My 600-lb Life has a different story to tell. Amongst all these cast members, was Lisa Fleming. Lisa was always fond of eating, and her love for food started from her Mother’s cooking. Slowly she started eating more and sneaking foods.  This continued for a long time.

When suddenly Lisa’s parents got divorced, she was 9 years old, she suffered from anxiety and depression, and her only solution was eating. 

My 600 lb life Lisa Fleming

My 600-lb life Lisa Fleming

Gradually, there were increases in her weight and she weighed about 704 pounds at peak. 

From Reports and interviews, we came to know that there were maggots in the folds of her skin, which made her realize that things needed to be changed. Maggot is a small fly that deposit eggs under the skin and cause problems. Moreover, she also had lipidemia. 

 My 600lb life transformation

Flemming participated in the 6th season of the reality show My 600-lb Life by then she weighed 704 Pounds. The fitness regime the different diet was a Hercules task for Lisa, and she faced great difficulty keeping up to it.

When Dr. Nowzaradan, confronted her about her eating habits, she had an intense meltdown and shared that she was mentally not functioning well.

According to Wikipedia, Lisa dropped out of the show in the 6th Month, and could not complete it. Normally, each cast member has a regime for a total of 12 Months. 

my-600-lb-life-lisa-fleming and her daughter Danielle

My 600-lb Life Lisa Fleming(R) and her daughter Danielle

However, according to her daughter, she lost about 200 pounds after appearing on the show. Lisa walked on her own after years and her children were happy to see her. 

How did we lose Lisa Flemming, cause of Death?

On 23 August 2018, Lisa Fleming died at the age of 50 in Texas. Her daughter, Danielle Fleming shared the news on a Facebook post since deleted.

“I am truly at a loss for words right now,” she wrote. “God knows I wanted you to hold on until I got here but He knew what was best for me. I didn’t need to see you like that! This morning I sat and held your hand for four hours knowing nothing I could’ve done would bring you back to me.”

After the news of death, TMZ interviewed Danielle M. Fleming. When asked about the cause of death, she replied her mother’s death was unrelated to her weight. So what was the cause of her death? The answer to this is the Illness. 

After the surgery, and also before the show, Lisa was very sick and was not doing so well. Danielle said, “In the end she was sick and her body was tired and her body just gave out.” Lisa Fleming was 50 years when she passed away. 

Lisa Fleming’s Wiki and Bio

Lisa Fleming hailed from Mobile, Alabama, U.S.  The lady was born on Dec 2, 1967.  She had five brothers and was the youngest only girl in her family. Her parents divorced when she was 9 years old, and this was the start of her overeating and sneaking food. 

Full nameLisa Fleming
Age50 years old
Date of BirthDec 2, 1967
Date of DeathAug 23, 2018
Place of BirthAlabama, U.S
ProfessionReality TV star
Children Danielle M. Fleming, Micha Fleming, and Chris Fleming
Ethnicity N/A

She weighed 700 pounds, and she appeared in My 600-lb Life show on the 6th Season. 

She died on  August 23, 2018, due to severe illness. It took seven paramedics to lift Lisa out of her bed and into a waiting ambulance.

Lisa Fleming marks the passing of the third member of “My 600-Lb Life” season 6 cast, she was preceded by Robert Buchel and James “LB” Bonner.


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