How did we lose My 600-lb Life James L.B Bonner? His wiki/bio, age.

James L.b Bonner was a 30 year old from Lexington, South Carolina. He was suffering from obesity before appearing in the reality show  “My 600-lb Life.”  This show has a total of 8 seasons till now and airs on TLC Channel. In this show, renowned Huston based surgeon Dr.Nowzaradan help patients bring their obesity under control. 

Sadly on 2nd August 2018, the My 600- lb life star was found dead on a ditch with a gunshot wound. 

Continue reading to know exclusively about James L.b Bonner, cause of his death, salary per episode, his wiki, and bio.

The cause of James’ Death 

It was on 2nd August 2018  911 received a call from James L. b Bonner. He wanted to say something, but it was very unclear. After the call ended abruptly, there was another call made in 911 from Bonner’s mother, Karen Bonner. She shared that her son was outside and was sending strange suicidal messages. After that, there was no news of James nor his calls. 

James L.B Bonner
My 600-lb Life former James L.B Bonner

Around 8:30 pm, A Lexington County Sheriff found the 30- year old’s body and then the news spread like wildfire. The news of the death of James L.b Bonner was all over websites and news channels. Reports stated that there was a gunshot wound to his head, which caused a laceration in his brain.  

 According to reports, this took place near his house and the cause of death was ruled a suicide. 

 My 600 -lb life salary per episode

James L.b Bonner was an unemployed man before. He slowly became known after appearing in the show My 600-lb life from Season 6th. 

According to sources, the basic pay for a cast member is $1,500. This covered each episode’s twelve-months shotting schedule. 

However, there were no extra payments if a cast member’s life debuted more than once. That is, the pay is fixed and no extra amount for re-running the episode of that particular season. 

James L.b Bonner’s Wiki and Bio.

James Bonner was from Lexington, South Carolina, United States. He was born on 19 November 1987 and died on 2 August 2018. He used to appear in My 600-lb life reality show, in its 6th Season. His weight was 642.3 lbs when he first came to the show. Gradually, with the correct fitness regime and surgery, he managed to lose around 316 lbs. Everyone was rooting for him, but then suddenly one day he ended his life. 

James L.B Bonner and Dr.Nowzaradan
James L.B Bonner and Dr.Nowzaradan

His parents are Karen Bonner and Buddy Bonner. James also used to have siblings, Tera Shumaker, Angela Bonner Lown, and Jessie Jumper. As such, we were not able to determine his educational background. 

Full nameJames Lee Bonner
Date of birth19 November 1987
Place of birthLexington, South Carolina, USA
Date of deathAugust 2, 2018
Place of deathLexington, South Carolina, USA
Cause of deathSuicide by gunshot wound
Weight loss journeyLost around 316 pounds after undergoing surgery
TV appearanceFeatured on season 6 of My 600-Lb. Life in February 2018

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