Remembering Coliesa McMillian from My 600-lb Life: A Journey of Courage and Resilience 

Coliesa McMillian’s life was a true battle. At 41 years old, she weighed 643 pounds and was dealing with the deep sadness of losing her fiancé. Her story on the show “My 600-lb Life” wasn’t just about losing weight. It was about her fight to stay alive.

She had four children who gave her hope. With the help of Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, she bravely faced her health issues, which were so serious that she needed surgery right away. This surgery could either give her a fresh start or come with great risks. Sadly, Coliesa’s story took an unexpected and heartbreaking turn, showing us all how precious life is.

Coliesa McMillian from my 600 lb life

This article will take you through the inspiring yet challenging life of Coliesa McMillian including insight into her marriage and love relationship. We’ll look closely at her battles and victories, her health issues, and the circumstances of her untimely passing. Join us as we honor her memory and learn from her story.

How Coliesa McMillian’s weight went out of control

Colisea McMillian was born on October 9, 1978, in Port Allen, Louisiana to parents Jerome and Sadie Courville. Her life was marked by a series of personal challenges that exacerbated her obesity. From her early adulthood in Louisiana, her weight struggles intensified with each pregnancy.

By the time Coliesa was 18, she had already embraced motherhood with the birth of her first child, whom she named Victoria Noel Lee. Her journey into parenthood continued, and at the age of 23, she welcomed her second child, Hannah McMillian. During this period, Coliesa’s weight had risen to over 400 pounds.

Two years later, at the age of 25, Coliesa’s family grew with the arrival of her third child, Kadelynn Lee, and her weight reached 460 pounds. The pattern persisted, and by the age of 29, after giving birth to her fourth child, Sadie Gail Marie McMillian, Coliesa’s weight had escalated to approximately 500 pounds.

A pivotal moment came at 30 when she decided to leave her incarcerated husband and start over in Louisiana, still struggling with her weight. At 31, she found love again with Melvin, offering a brief respite from her difficulties.

However, at 39, Coliesa faced a life-threatening heart attack, which highlighted the severity of her health issues. The loss of Melvin in a car accident deepened her sorrow, and she turned to food for comfort. In her own words from “My 600 lb Life,” she shared:

“He got into a car wreck and didn’t survive. And that devastated me. But I did what I had to do to get through it. That was to eat. So I didn’t fall apart now. ”

Coliesa also acknowledged the impact of her weight on her quality of life, stating:

“I spend the majority of my time in my bed. I’ve allowed food to waste my life… It’s taken over my life. And I’m exhausted. I’m exhausted of this life living like this, it’s not living. If I don’t lose this weight, I’m going to die.”

Her candid admission underscored the urgency of her situation and her determination to overcome it.

My 600-lb LIfe

Coliesa’s journey was featured on Season 8, Episode 12 of “My 600 lb Life,” which aired on TLC on March 18, 2020. At the start of her episode, she weighed in at 643 pounds.

Coliesa embarked on a weight-loss journey, embracing a rigorous diet and personalized exercise plan. However, Coliesa faced a serious health scare that led her to the emergency room due to severe abdominal pain.

Although she hadn’t lost enough weight to qualify for surgery, Dr. Nowzaradan opted to perform the gastric sleeve operation, fearing a potentially fatal intestinal obstruction. Post-surgery, Coliesa successfully lost 150 pounds.

Health Struggle Beyond Camera & Coliesa’s Death

In April 2020, Coliesa McMillan’s recovery from surgery was reported by her niece Blair to The Sun. The surgery, featured on My 600-lb Life in March, led to critical complications, including hemorrhaging. Coliesa was placed on a ventilator and entered a medically induced coma, during which she experienced a brief cessation of heart function.

Updates on Coliesa’s health were shared through the Facebook page “Coliesa Kay We Stand Together,” overseen by Brandie, the wife of Coliesa’s brother Tadpole Lee. On June 8, 2020, the page conveyed that Coliesa had made it home after a brush with death and an extended period on life support.

“Coliesa kay made it home. After being on life support and almost dying. She stayed in Houston for a few weeks. Even though she has been on a long journey she has an even longer journey to go. She is a fighter. She is now confined to a bed 24/7. And is in a lot of pain. She can not do anything like she used to. But she is there. She needs us all to stand together and fight her fight for her.”

Despite the arduous journey and the pain that kept her bedridden, the message emphasized her resilient spirit and the collective support needed for her ongoing recovery.

A hopeful note on June 24, 2020, indicated that Coliesa was preparing to start physical therapy, aiming to enhance her quality of life and regain mobility.

On August 28, 2020, Coliesa expressed her resolve to walk by Christmas, celebrating the acquisition of a hospital bed, which she managed without the aid of medical supply companies.

Sadly, Coliesa’s valiant fight came to an end on September 22, 2020. Her funeral service was held at Wilbert Funeral Home in Plaquemine, LA. Coliesa, who had lived in St. Francisville before her passing, leaves behind a legacy of determination and the enduring support of her family and community.

Wiki/Bio Facts of Coliesa McMillian

Full NameColiesa Kay Lee McMillian
Age at Appearance on Show41 years
Weight at Appearance643 pounds
HometownPort Allen, Louisiana
ChildrenFour daughters
Marital StattusDivorced
Ex-husbandInformation not publicly disclosed
Major Health IssuesHeart attack at age 39, health issues linked to weight
SurgeryUnderwent weight loss surgery
ComplicationsSuffered complications post-surgery, leading to sepsis
DeathPassed away on September 22, 2020
Cause of DeathComplications related to weight loss surgery
ParentsJerome and Sadie Courville
SiblingsInformation not publicly disclosed
Zodiac SignLibra
BirthdateOctober 9, 1978
BirthplacePort Allen, Louisiana, U.S.
Last Known ResidenceSt. Francisville, Louisiana, U.S.
Hair ColorBrown
Eye ColorHazel Brown
HeightInformation not publicly disclosed
Net WorthInformation not publicly disclosed

In Loving Memory: Coliesa McMillian’s Heartfelt tribute to Melvin Jones

In April 2019, Coliesa McMillian shared a heartfelt tribute on Facebook to her late partner, Melvin Jones. Her words spoke volumes about her profound grief and the significant role Melvin played in her life.

“Sitting here thinking of you … I close my eyes in hopes to see this is all a dream … I want you here with me baby can’t you see how much you mean to me..”

Through these words, Coliesa expresses a profound yearning for Melvin’s presence and the significant place he held in her life.

“You wasn’t just my lover or friend you were my soul, my heart my everything.”

She eloquently captured the essence of their bond, portraying Melvin as not just a partner, but the very core of her being.

“Now you have gained your wings, leaving only memories … So I sit and think of you as the clouds are no longer blue, they are grey full of tears some say it’s rain but to me it’s tears falling..”

Her metaphorical language beautifully illustrated her grief, likening her tears to rain, symbolizing the overwhelming sorrow that has engulfed her.

“Our plans of forever came to an end that day at 6:16, that’s the time and moment my heart tore into pieces, not believing that call yet I made it to the scene only to see this was not by far a dream and my baby had left me!”

Coliesa shared the heart-wrenching moment of Melvin’s passing, revealing the shock and despair that shattered her world.

“I ask God why but I get no answer, my only wish is to hold you just one more time and I know that’s one wish I’ll never see come true..”

Her plea for answers and the desire for one last embrace underscore the depth of her loss and the pain of unfulfilled wishes.

“You may not have been perfect in every way but to me and our girls you was our crazy Mel.. through lots of laughter and now lots of tears just know my love for you was and will always be so very real..”

Coliesa honored the memory of Melvin, acknowledging his imperfections but cherishing the joy and love he brought into their lives.

In her final words, Coliesa bids a heartfelt farewell, expressing the enormity of her loss and the uncertainty of healing from such profound sorrow. Her tribute stands as a testament to their love and the enduring impact of Melvin on her life.

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