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Patricia Mafalda DiMango or popularly known as Judge Patricia rose to fame following several high-profile criminal cases in New York. She also appeared in the court show, Hot Bench as one of the three judges. Once a justice of the Supreme Court of Kings County, Patricia is now retired and spends her time working as an analyst for TV shows. During her time at the supreme court, Patricia resided over cases relating to murders, crimes against children, and hate crimes. In this article, we look closer at Patricia DiMango’s personal life, achievements, and how she spends her days.

Husband and kids:

Patricia DiMango is a well-known figure in the legal world. She is a former judge of the Supreme Court of Kings County, New York, and a current panelist on the popular court show Hot Bench. She has a distinguished career as a prosecutor, a law clerk, an adjunct professor, and an administrative judge. She has also appeared on various television and radio shows as a legal expert.

Judge Patricia DiMango

But what about her personal life? Who is Patricia DiMango’s husband? Does she have any kids? How did she balance her work and family life? These are some of the questions that many fans and admirers of Patricia DiMango have been wondering for a long time.

Unfortunately, Patricia DiMango is not very forthcoming about her private affairs. She prefers to keep her personal life under wraps and focus on her professional achievements. However, some details have emerged over the years that shed some light on Patricia DiMango’s marriage, husband and kids.

Patricia DiMango was married once in the past, but the relationship ended in divorce. The identity of her ex-husband remains unknown, as well as the reason for their separation. Patricia DiMango has never spoken publicly about her former spouse or their marriage.

Moreover, it seems that Patricia DiMango does not have any children from her previous or current relationship. She has never mentioned having any kids or being a mother in any of her interviews or social media posts. She has also never been seen with any children in public.

Perhaps Patricia DiMango chose not to have children because of her demanding career. She has dedicated most of her life to the law and justice system, which might have left little room for starting a family. Or maybe she had other reasons for not having kids that she prefers to keep private.

Whatever the case may be, Patricia DiMango seems to be happy and fulfilled with her life as it is. She has a successful career, a loyal fan base, a supportive family, and a charming personality. She does not need a husband or kids to define her or complete her.

Net Worth:

Patricia DiMango is a woman of law and order, who has made a name for herself as a judge and a TV star. She has presided over some of the most notorious criminal cases in New York City, earning respect and admiration for her tough but fair rulings. She has also entertained millions of viewers with her witty and wise comments on the court show “Hot Bench”, where she is one of three judges who decide on civil disputes.

But Patricia DiMango is not just a woman of justice, she is also a woman of wealth. She has amassed a fortune of over $1 million, thanks to her successful career as a judge and a media personality. She reportedly earns $50,000 per episode for her television appearances, making her one of the highest-paid American celebrities. She also enjoys a lavish lifestyle, living in a luxurious house in New York City and spending her leisure time in the Hamptons.

Early Life & Family:

Patricia Mafalda DiMango was born on May 19, 1953, in Brooklyn, New York City. She grew up in Brooklyn, New York, in a family that valued education and community service. Her father was a retired dentist and her mother was an educational activist who served on various school boards and civic associations. Patricia inherited her mother’s strong personality and her father’s sense of humor. She also has a sister named Joanne DiMango-Orr, who is an educator.

She excelled in school, earning a bachelor’s degree in psychology and education from Brooklyn College, where she graduated cum laude. She then pursued a master’s degree in developmental psychology from Columbia University, while working as a special education teacher for children with emotional and intellectual disabilities. She loved teaching, but she felt a calling to the law. She enrolled at St. John’s University School of Law, where she received awards and scholarships for her academic achievements.

Professional Life:

Patricia worked as an Assistant District Attorney in the Kings County District Attorney’s Office for five and a half years after graduating from law school. She was then appointed as a Judge of the Criminal Court of the City of New York by Mayor Rudolph Giuliani in 1995. She quickly climbed through the ranks and was appointed the Acting Justice of the State Supreme Court, 2nd Judicial District in 1998. Her appointment as the justice of the Supreme Court of Kings County came in 2002. During her years in the court, Patricia handled several high-profile criminal cases including crimes against children, hate crimes, and murders. She was known for her toughness, fairness, and compassion, as well as her sense of humor and style. The high-profile cases put her in the spotlight and she received much praise for her judgments.

She caught the attention of Judge Judy Sheindlin, who invited her to join a new panel-based reality court show called Hot Bench in 2014. She accepted the offer and became one of the three judges on the show, along with Judge Tanya Acker and Judge Michael Corriero. The series has more than 15,000 episodes to its name as of 2023.

She also made appearances on other television shows, such as The Rachael Ray Show, Steve Harvey, Home & Family, The Wendy Williams Show, The Perfect Murder, and Blue Bloods. She shared her insights, opinions, and stories with the audiences, showcasing her wit and charm.

Dealing with high-profile cases:

Patricia DiMango has handled many important cases over the years, both as a justice of the Supreme Court of Kings County, New York and as a judge on the panel court show Hot Bench. Some of her most notable cases include:

  • The Kalief Browder case: One of the most important cases of Patricia’s career was about an African-American by the name of Kalief Browder. Kalief was held in Rikers Island for three years without trial. He spent two of those years in solitary confinement. After 31 court appearances, Patricia dismissed the case citing insufficient evidence. Even though Kalief pleaded guilty numerous times, he was sent home. Two months after, he committed suicide. His family filed a lawsuit which New York City settled for USD 3.3 million.
  • The Bronx backlog cases: She was brought in from Brooklyn to clear a backlog of felony cases that had swelled to crisis proportions in the Bronx courts. In six months, she resolved more than 500 cases, reducing the backlog by 40 percent. She used her tough negotiation skills and plea bargains to expedite the process, sometimes drawing criticism for being too lenient or compromising justice for statistics.
  • The Hot Bench cases: She has presided over hundreds of cases on the syndicated court show Hot Bench, created by Judge Judy Sheindlin. She and her co-judges Tanya Acker and Michael Corriero hear and deliberate cases together, often disagreeing and debating on various legal issues. Some of the memorable cases she has dealt with on the show involve landlord-tenant disputes, family feuds, personal injuries, frauds, and animal rights.

Physical Traits:

Patricia Dimango has a height of 5 feet and 5 inches. She has brown eyes and blonde hair. She often wears black robes and pearl earrings on the panel court show Hot Bench. She also likes to wear colorful dresses and high heels when she is not on the show. She has a ring on her left hand, but it is not clear if it is a wedding ring or not.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Full namePatricia Mafalda DiMango
Date of birthMay 19, 1953
Age70 years old
Place of birthBrooklyn, New York City, USA
EducationBachelor of Science degree from Brooklyn College at the City University of New York, Master of Arts degree from Columbia University Teachers College, Juris Doctor degree from the St. John’s University School of Law
OccupationRetired judge and Television personality
Net WorthOver $1 Million
Known forBeing one of three judges on the panel court show Hot Bench
Former occupationCollege professor, NYC public school teacher, assistant district attorney, law clerk, acting justice of the State Supreme Court
Awards and honorsAlumna of the Year Award by Brooklyn College in 2012, Rapallo Award
ParentsMafalda DiMango (mother, deceased), Anthony DiMango (father, retired dentist)
SiblingsJoanne DiMango-Orr (sister, educator)
Marital statusUnknown
Height5 feet and 5 inches
WeightAverage for her height
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorBlonde

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