Nico Scholly Life after Below Deck: Wiki-Bio, Relationship, Tragedy.

An evergreen fan of adventure, Nico was one of the fan favorites while he starred in the reality TV series, Below Deck. Nico joined the series during the fourth season as a deckhand but was promoted to Bosun for season five. Nico left the series after the fifth season following the unfortunate death of his brother. One of the most charismatic characters on the show, many fans touted Nico to be the next captain. But unfortunately for many, Nico quite yachting for good and joined his family business. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio fo Nico Scholly.

Early Life:

Nico Scholly was born on the 5th of August 1993 in Chicago. As a young kid growing up in Chicago, Nico didn’t have the best of times. After graduating from a local high school, Nico got into Yachting after learning about his friend who was into the business. Talking about his early inspiration, Nico revealed,

“My parents were friends with this other couple, and their son went to high school with me, and he was this guy traveling all around the world, getting paid to do it and no expenses. Who wouldn’t want to do that? Things weren’t the best for me at the time in Chicago. I was 18, 19 years old, so I packed all my stuff, got rid of my apartment and flew right down to Fort Lauderdale and got to the grind.”

Nico Scholly, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.
Nico Scholly, cast of Below Deck Mediterranean.

A man with a lot of accents:

While he was on the show, one of the things that the head stew Kate often mentioned that his accent doesn’t sound like a typical Chi-town accent. When asked about his accents, Nico revealed that it changed during his journey from Eastern Africa to the Mediterranean to the Caribbean on a yacht. Talking about the experience Nico revealed,

“I did 52 countries in two years, only a few Americans on board, a lot of Aussies, a lot of people from the U.K. You’re rooming with them, you’re living with them. By the end of it, you pick it up. They say within three months, you pick up an accent.”

Break from yachting:

Nico decided to leave yachting during his early years and settle down in Chicago. He wanted to get into real estate but couldn’t hold that itch for adventure. He seemingly went back to the sea after a failed attempt of a break.

Below Deck:

In 2014, Nico joined the cast of Below Deck as a senior deckhand. He served at the post for the entirety of season four but was promoted to Lead Deckhand for season five. The fifth season was quite rocky for the whole cast, as the position of bosun was vacant. EJ Hansen took over from episodes 5 to 11, but from episode 15, Nico was handed the role. However, Nico was unable to fulfill the role due to personal tragedies and ultimately left the show in 2017.

Life after Below Deck:

When Nico returned for the fifth season, he was reeling from the untimely death of his brother. His younger brother who was just 21 at the time had passed away in an accident. Even though Nico tried to brave the death of his brother, he was in a lot of pain.

His younger brother Tristen had joined the family business, and Nico followed suit. He quite yachting all-together and found his place on land. His family also created Tristen Scott Foundation NFP, which works to bring awareness towards organ donation. Nico regularly posts pictures of himself with his brother on social media and looks to be set in his new life.

Personal Life and Affairs:

Nico seems to be an unstable person in case of relationship. Formerly Nico was in a relationship with Melissa in 2016. Soon then in season 5 he hooked up with Brianna Adekeye ending relation with Melissa.  Still the relationship did not last long and by the end of season 5 Nico revealed that he was still together with Melissa and the couple moved in an apartment which was quite confusing for the fans.

Currently, Nico has been in a relation with Arizona State University graduate named Briana Boyer. They began dating in 2018 as they celebrate their 2nd anniversary on January 20, 2020 . Nico seems quite happy with this relation and the happy coupe are openly active on social media with lots of photos together.

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