Shawn Ellington “Murder Nova” wiki/bio, net worth, married life and wife.

If you are a fan of street racing, then Shawn Ellington is the name you must have heard or come across. Shawn is a street racer and a reality TV show star. He rose to fame after appearing on the Discovery channel show “Street Outlaws.”

Shawn is also recognized by the nickname “Murder Nova” which is also the name of his car. This competitive person, when not racing works at a regular blue collar job in his shop.Ā  Find out more about Shawn in this biography, his net worth, married life and family.

Shawn Ellington aka Murder Nova biography

Shawn Ellington was born in Merced, California on November 15, 1977. Leaving behind his roots, the boy and his parents moved to Sayre Oklahoma in 1982 where his dad Richard owned auto body shop. In those early years, he would help his father in the shop; the first step he took was with simple chores like sweeping the place.

The set up around the place helped him learn about carsĀ and engines, but more importantly, Shawn often boosts it made him the person he is now. Hungrier for success Shawn moved to Oklahoma city in 2005 which is also turning point in his career. There he purchased his car what would become legendary Murder Nova.

Career & Net Worth

Shawn has come a long way from racing for fun in the streets to the famous face of the reality show “Street Outlaws.” Although the show on Discovery channel is sometimes criticized for promoting illegal street race Shawn himself is against such activities and performs in the competition for money. Shawn first appearedĀ on the show in 2013. He was soon crowned “King of the Streetā€œ the title he held for three years until Da and Daddy Dave took over and became street kings.

Shawn Ellington aka Murder Nova
Shawn Ellington aka Murder Nova

Shawn gathers his income from other sources as well. He and fellow racer Justin Shearer, aka Big Chief owns an automotive shop called “Midwest Street Cars.” The business partners as well are the host of “The Chief and Shawn Show” where they tell about their life in business & racing but a few about their personal life.

Regarding Shawn net worth, he has mostly kept it to himself. As a star of discovery show “Street Outlaws,” he is undoubtedly paid in big bucks, but an official salary of each cast member is not made public. The unofficial online sources estimate Shawn’s net worth to be $500k.

Being Shawn and establishing in the business has not always come easy.Ā On September 28, 2015, his shop “Midwest Streetcarsā€œ was hit by some unidentified person who fired bullets on the doors and windows. Thankfully during the time shop was closed and no one was hurt even though seven bullets flew through the windows. The shop put a bounty of $5,000 but to this date, the person behind the crime has not been found out.

Married Life, Wife and Children

Behind every successful man, there is a wonderful woman so has Shawn Ellington, who boasts a beautiful family with wife and children. Shawn and his wife Erin met before their marriage; indeed, the two were longtime lovers. In the winter of 2005, they walk down the aisle in their big day. On February 8, 2006, the couple welcomed their son Aiden.

Shawn Ellington aka Murder Nova
Shawn Ellington with his wife and son

Despite all other success, Shawn took the most pleasure in his family and likes to spend as much time with them. His son Aiden is also interested in cars and helps around in the auto shop.

To know more about Shawn’s personal life, he is on Instagram, where he shares pictures with his wife and kids. Shawn goes by his nickname Murdernova on Instagram, where he has over 576K followers.

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