My 600 lb Life cast members who passed away until now.

Embarking on a weight loss journey is an intimate and challenging battle, especially when it involves fighting morbid obesity. The television series “My 600-lb Life” has given us a window into the lives of individuals facing this struggle, sharing their stories of hope and resilience. However, these narratives are sometimes marked by tragedy. The loss of some cast members reminds us of the severe complications associated with extreme obesity. To date, 12 cast members have passed away, reminding us of the severe complications associated with extreme obesity. Their stories, though ended, continue to resonate, reflecting the struggles and victories they experienced. In remembering the “My 600-lb Life” cast members who are no longer with us, we pay tribute to their courage and the enduring spirit they demonstrated throughout their journeys.

Gina Krasley

Gina Krasley’s life was a poignant journey of resilience and struggle. Born in Galloway, New Jersey, on January 9, 1991, Gina’s battle with obesity was deeply rooted in her traumatic childhood experiences. As she grew up, food became her solace amidst the neglect from her mother and the abuse from her father. Her weight eventually reached over 600 pounds, which led her to share her weight-loss journey on the show “My 600-lb Life.”

Gina Krasley

Her personal life, particularly her marriage to Beth, was heavily impacted by her obesity, as it hindered both her mobility and the couple’s intimacy. Despite these challenges, Gina found a way to connect with others by documenting her life on YouTube, where she openly shared her health struggles, including complications such as cellulitis and neurological issues.

Tragically, Gina’s life was cut short when she passed away on August 1, 2021, at the young age of 30. The cause of her death was not disclosed, leaving a veil of mystery around her final days. However, the legacy she left behind was one of hope and inspiration. Through her advocacy for special needs children and the joy she spread with her viral TikTok dance trend, Gina’s spirit continues to uplift and encourage others to face their battles with positivity.

James King

James King struggled with obesity, reaching 791 pounds at the show’s start. Born in 1970 in Elmhurst, Illinois, James endured a tumultuous childhood marked by his mother’s departure due to alcoholism and subsequent family hardships. He turned to food for solace, reaching 400 pounds by 18. Despite once being active, surgery in 2005 left him bedridden, contributing to his weight gain.

His girlfriend, Lisa Raisor, provided steadfast support as James battled obesity and related health issues. Despite attempts to lose weight on the show, James faced setbacks, including sepsis and kidney failure. By 2018, his weight peaked at 840 pounds.

James King

James passed away on April 3, 2020, aged 49. Although the cause of death was undisclosed, his struggles with obesity likely played a role. Survived by his wife and six children, James was remembered as a devoted family man, sports enthusiast, and fishing lover, leaving behind a legacy of resilience and courage

Coliesa McMillian

Coliesa McMillian faced a challenging battle with obesity, weighing 643 pounds at 41 years old. Her story showcased not just weight loss struggles but a fight for survival after the loss of her fiancé. Born in Port Allen, Louisiana, her weight issues intensified with each pregnancy, reaching over 500 pounds by her late twenties.

After experiencing a heart attack at 39 and coping with the loss of her fiancé, Coliesa turned to food for comfort, recognizing the dire impact of her weight on her life. Despite facing health complications, she embarked on a weight-loss journey on the show, undergoing gastric sleeve surgery. Post-surgery, she successfully shed 150 pounds.

Coliesa McMillian from my 600 lb life

However, complications arose after surgery, leading to a medically induced coma and a lengthy recovery process. Despite her resilient spirit and ongoing physical therapy efforts, Coliesa passed away on September 22, 2020. Her funeral service was held in Plaquemine, Louisiana, marking the end of a courageous battle against obesity and its consequences.

Kelly Mason

Kelly Mason‘s life journey was marked by profound challenges and remarkable resilience. Born in 1977 in New Jersey, she faced early abandonment, relying on her grandparents for love until their passing. Trauma struck when she endured years of abuse, compounded by her mother’s dismissive response when she sought help.

Struggling with weight since adolescence, Kelly reached over 700 pounds by her 40s. Her appearance on “My 600-lb Life” showcased her determination to reclaim her life. Despite numerous health issues, she persevered under Dr. Now’s care, shedding 324 pounds post-surgery.

Kelly Mason from My 600-lb life

Kelly’s family, notably her cousin played a role in her journey. However, her complex relationship with her mother underscored her emotional hurdles. Tragically, on February 15, 2019, Kelly passed away from cardiac arrest. Dr. Now noted her unwavering commitment to the program but lamented the irreparable damage to her heart.

Kelly’s legacy endures as a testament to human strength and the pursuit of a better life, resonating with those facing similar struggles. Her story inspires perseverance, optimism, and the enduring spirit to overcome adversities.

Larry Myers Jr.

Larry Myers Jr., known affectionately as Mr. Buttermilk Biscuits, embarked on a journey of transformation and resilience that captivated many. Born in Yonkers, NY, Larry battled obesity, spurred by family struggles and personal trauma. Despite setbacks, including the loss of his mother and grappling with addiction, Larry resolved to reclaim his life.

Larry’s weight-loss journey saw him shed over 600 pounds by 2015, culminating in life-changing gastric bypass surgery. His subsequent challenges, chronicled on “My 600-lb Life,” showcased his unwavering determination to overcome physical and emotional obstacles. Despite setbacks, Larry remained steadfast, engaging in speaking engagements and sharing his story to inspire others.

Larry Myers Jr.

Beyond the camera, Larry continued his fight for health and happiness. In a March 2022 interview, he discussed his ongoing progress, losing over 100 pounds and anticipating another surgery. He expressed gratitude for the support and shared plans for his upcoming gospel single.

Tragically, Larry passed away on June 13, 2023, due to a heart attack. He was laid to rest in New York, surrounded by loved ones. A GoFundMe page raised funds for his funeral, allowing his father to bid farewell. Larry’s legacy lives on as a testament to resilience and the power of hope in the face of adversity.

Destinee LaShaee

Destinee LaShaee‘s life was a journey marked by resilience and transformation. Born Matthew Brock Ventress, she faced adversity from a young age, battling obesity, homelessness, and rejection. Despite these challenges, she embraced her true identity as a trans woman and sought to reclaim her health. Destinee’s remarkable weight loss journey, chronicled on “My 600-lb Life,” inspired many as she shed nearly 500 pounds over three years.

Dr. Nowzaradan and late reality TV star Destinee LaShaee

However, her journey was fraught with personal struggles, including depression and grief over the loss of her siblings, Anthony and Destiny. Despite these hardships, Destinee remained determined, finding solace in her faith and determination. She encouraged others facing similar challenges to never give up and seek help when needed.

Tragically, Destinee’s life was cut short at the age of 31 on February 8, 2022. The cause of her death remains unknown, leaving her family, including her surviving brother Wayne, and her mother, Chasity, devastated. Destinee’s legacy as a trailblazer for the trans community and an advocate for resilience and hope lives on, inspiring countless individuals to persevere in the face of adversity.

Robert Buchel

Robert Buchel‘s journey on “My 600-lb Life” was marked by both inspiration and heartbreak. Weighing 842 pounds at 41, Robert battled obesity with the support of his fiancée Kathryn. Under Dr. Nowzaradan’s care, he shed 124 pounds in the first month and underwent successful surgery, bringing his weight down to 502 pounds. However, addiction to pain pills post-surgery hindered his progress. Despite his efforts, Robert suffered a fatal heart attack on November 15, 2017, leaving behind Kathryn and a legacy of resilience.

Robert Buchel and his fiancee Kathryn
Robert Buchel and his fiancee Kathryn

Henry Foots

Henry Foots, a pivotal figure on the reality show “My 600-lb Life,” embarked on a remarkable weight loss journey under the guidance of Dr. Nowzaradan. Starting at a staggering 715 pounds, Henry’s struggle with emotional eating traced back to his childhood. Despite facing numerous health complications, including flatlining during surgery and a fatal bus accident, Henry’s determination led to a transformative loss of 440 pounds.

Born in 1958 in Texas, Henry’s lifelong love for food escalated into severe obesity, with him hiding food even as a child. His appearance on “My 600-lb Life” showcased his courageous efforts to confront his weight issues. Through weight loss surgery, diet, and exercise, Henry shed significant weight, reaching his smallest point at 275 pounds. Despite his progress, a tragic accident involving a shuttle bus he was driving highlighted the challenges he faced.

Henry Foots
My 600-lb life Henry Foots on his wedding day

Henry’s personal life also saw ups and downs, including a tumultuous relationship with his wife, Lycurgus “Kirk” Walker. Despite their breakup, they reconciled, supporting each other through their weight loss journeys and eventually marrying. Though Henry did not have children with Kirk, their story reflects the resilience and determination inherent in his weight loss saga.

Lisa Fleming

Born in Alabama in 1967, Lisa Fleming faced obesity from an early age, often turning to food for comfort during her parents’ divorce. As a divorced mother of three, Lisa found solace and support in her boyfriend, Herburt. Her battle with weight led her to Houston, Texas, where she sought treatment from Dr. Nowzaradan.

Weighing in at 704 pounds, Lisa embarked on a challenging weight loss journey on TLC’s “My 600-lb Life.” She managed to lose approximately 200 pounds, a feat that significantly improved her mobility and quality of life, much to her and her family’s delight.

My 600 lb life Lisa Fleming
My 600 lb life Lisa Fleming

However, Lisa’s journey was not without its hardships. She grappled with mental health issues and faced public scrutiny over her participation in the show. Despite these challenges, her progress was a beacon of hope for many.

On August 23, 2018, Lisa’s journey came to a tragic end when she passed away in Texas at the age of 50. Her daughter attributed her death to a long-term illness, underscoring the health struggles Lisa endured even before her television appearance. 

Sean Milliken

Sean Milliken, born in 1989 in Sacramento, California, faced a tumultuous childhood marked by his parents’ divorce, which led him to seek solace in food. By his mid-twenties, Sean weighed a staggering 919 pounds and became bedridden. Seeking help, he joined the reality show “My 600-lb Life” and underwent a transformative journey with Dr. Nowzaradan’s guidance. Despite initial setbacks, including his weight peaking at 1003 pounds due to unhealthy eating habits, Sean’s determination led him to lose substantial weight, eventually undergoing successful bypass surgery.

My 600 lb life Sean Milliken
My 600 lb life Sean Milliken

However, after his mother’s passing in 2017, Sean struggled to maintain his progress. Complications from his obesity, including severe swelling and breathing issues, persisted. Despite efforts to stabilize his health, Sean’s condition worsened, leading to his relocation to a facility for intensive care. Tragically, Sean passed away on February 17, 2019, at the age of 29, succumbing to complications from an infection and suffering a heart attack. His story adds to the list of cast tragedies from “My 600-lb Life,” highlighting the challenges and risks associated with extreme obesity and the importance of ongoing support and care.

James L.B. Bonner

James “LB” Bonner’s journey was one of courage, transformation, and ultimately, tragedy. Introduced to audiences in Season 6 of TLC’s “My 600-Lb Life,” LB was a man battling morbid obesity, weighing in at 642 pounds. His struggle was not just physical; it was deeply emotional, stemming from a life-altering accident that claimed his right leg and led him to seek solace in food and alcohol. Despite these challenges, LB’s determination shone through. With the help of gastric bypass surgery and a newfound resolve, he managed to lose over 300 pounds, embodying a spirit of resilience that resonated with viewers. LB’s cheerful charm and good nature made him a fan favorite, but his story took a dark turn when he succumbed to the mental pressures of his intense public journey, leading to his untimely passing in 2018. His legacy, however, continues to inspire many who fight similar battles.

James L.B Bonner and Dr.Nowzaradan
James L.B Bonner and Dr.Nowzaradan

Renee Biran

Renee Biran was a participant in Season 6 of the reality TV series “My 600-lb Life,” where she shared her weight loss journey. Initially a plus-size model, Renee’s health deteriorated, leading her to seek help from Dr. Younan Nowzaradan’s weight loss program. At her heaviest, she weighed 631 pounds but managed to lose over 250 pounds, qualifying for gastric bypass surgery. Tragically, Renee’s progress was halted by a diagnosis of Guillain-Barré Syndrome, a rare autoimmune disorder that attacks the nervous system. Despite the challenges, Renee remained supported by her loving family and fans who admired her determination. Renee Biran passed away on May 14, 2021, at the age of 56, surrounded by her family and friends. While the exact cause of death was not disclosed, it is believed to be related to complications from Guillain-Barré Syndrome.

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