What happened to Jimmy Dorsey from Gold Rush? His wiki, bio, wife, kids and more facts.

For all the achievements Hoffman’s have achieved over the years, they have had their fair share of complaints. Even though the legendary Todd Hoffman is considered a pioneer in the world of gold mining, the man was not without flaws. One of the things that people often pointed out was Hoffman’s stance on security. Todd Hoffman is a religious man and would often leave the safety of his crew to the Lord/ Christ. This often confused the crew and while most remained quiet when faced with a legendary miner like Hoffman, Jimmy Dorsey decided to speak up. The man was reprimanded for it and had to ultimately leave the crew. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Jimmy Dorsey.

Who is Jimmy Dorsey?

Jimmy Dorsey, was born Ryan J. Dorsey in April 1976 in Oregon. The birthday makes him 47 years old. He is an American citizen and belongs to the white ethnic group. He grew up in Portland, Oregon, where he began his schooling and completed high school there. He has not revealed much about his parents and siblings, but he is married to Joy Dorsey, a singer and a former reality TV star. Jimmy Dorsey became famous for his brief appearance on Gold Rush, a reality show about gold mining in Alaska.

Jimmy Dorsey Gold Rush
Former Gold Rush cast Jimmy Dorsey

Gold Mining Career:

Jimmy Dorsey had a dream of striking gold in Alaska. He joined the Hoffman crew in the first season of Gold Rush, a reality series that follows family-run mining companies in their quest for riches. But Jimmy soon realized that gold mining was not as glamorous as it seemed on TV. He faced a series of hardships and conflicts that tested his patience and endurance.

Jimmy was new to the mining business. He used to be a realtor, but the economic crash forced him to look for other opportunities. He met Todd Hoffman, the leader of the crew, through a hunting group and decided to join him in Alaska. He hoped to make some money and have some adventure.

But Jimmy’s adventure turned into a nightmare. He clashed with his fellow miners, especially Greg Remsburg, who assaulted him and broke his ribs. He questioned Todd’s authority and safety standards, which earned him a scolding. He felt ignored and blamed for the crew’s failures. He also suspected that the show was scripted and manipulated by the producers.

Jimmy had enough. He left the show halfway through the season after a heated argument with Greg. He later revealed that he was paid only $3,000 for his work and that his departure was planned by the producers. He also exposed the show’s secrets and accused it of being fake. This angered his former teammates, who called him a liar and an ingrate.

What happened?

For the longest time, Jimmy Dorsey had a bone to pick with Hoffman. Being the youngest member of the Hoffman crew, Jimmy was often confused by the lax safety standards. He was one of the first victims of the intense pressure that Hoffman imposed on his crew. When Jimmy first started out pointing out safety hazards, Hoffman would criticize him for doing so. After all, Hoffman preferred to leave the safety of his crew in the hands of the Lord.

As it happened, once Todd’s son left food open on the outside. This was an obvious safety hazard as open food is known to attract bears. So when Jimmy scolded Todd’s son for the behavior, Todd reprimanded Jimmy for his behavior.

Constant tribulations:

But Jimmy’s troubles didn’t stop there. In the 80 days, he was with the crew, he remained as an outcast. The crew paid no heed to him and when Jimmy left the crew to go fishing to earn extra money, they continued to alienate him even more. But Jimmy was still doing his work on the crew. He was the only man to read instructions as to how to properly set up the Wave Table. When the table was set up, other crew members took over Jimmy’s job while constantly whining about how it wasn’t not working fast enough. When they tried to speed it up, it resulted in gold being lost which they blamed on Dorsey, further increasing the gap between them.

Leaving the show:

While Jimmy was not considered a part of the crew, he was still doing his job. But things changed when fists flew between Greg Remsburg and Jimmy. Even though both reported the incident to the police, the police did nothing to help. Not wanting to continue the charade any further, Todd decided to cut Jimmy from his crew and offered to ship his things for him. But Jimmy returned to the mine to get his belongings at which point Todd pointed a rifle at him. Jimmy collected his things and left the crew.

Life After:

After leaving Gold Rush, Jimmy returned to his job as a realtor and became the owner and CEO of Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate. He currently resides in Happy Valley, Oregon with his wife and kids.

Wife and Kids:

Jimmy Dorsey may have left the Gold Rush behind, but he still has a treasure in his life: his family. Jimmy is married to a beautiful woman named Joy Dorsye, who has been his rock and support through thick and thin. They have two children together.

Joy is a singer and the lead vocalist of her band, Joy and Her Sentimental Gentlemen. She appeared briefly on Gold Rush during the first season, when she was living with her husband and their two children in Portland, Oregon.

Jimmy Dorsey may not be on TV anymore, but he is happy with his simple and peaceful life. He cherishes every moment he spends with his wife and kids, and he is grateful for their love and loyalty. He may not have struck gold in Alaska, but he has found something more precious: his family.

Physical Traits:

Jimmy Dorsey has brown hair and blue eyes. He has a medium build and a fair complexion. He usually wears casual clothes such as jeans, t-shirts, hoodies, and jackets. He sometimes wears a baseball cap or a beanie.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Fact Description
Full name Ryan J. Dorsey
Nickname Jimmy Dorsey
Birth date April 1976
Birthplace Oregon, U.S.
Occupation Realtor, former miner, reality TV star
TV shows Gold Rush, Shark Tank
Spouse Joy Dorsey
Children Yes
Reason for leaving Gold Rush Conflict with Todd Hoffman and Greg Remsburg, physical assault, unpaid work, scripted show
Current career Owner and CEO of Jimmy Dorsey Real Estate


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