Greg Remsburg death?, net worth, Wife, kids, what happened to him?

Greg Remsburg has come a long way from his early days when he could no longer afford food. The reality TV star who made regular appearances in the TV series Gold Rush is one of the most recognized faces in the industry. Even though Greg has reached stardom, information on the actor remains scant. This is because even though Greg is a part of the show, he doesn’t make regular appearances. He favors living off the grid and has left the show following his desire. 

Early Life:

Greg Remsburg is a native of Sandy, Oregon. It is unclear as to when the star was born. Information about his parents, siblings, and education is not yet available to the media. We do know that Greg and Todd Hoffman met early in their lives and attended school together. Both dreamed of becoming basketball players and were quite good at the sport. But after years of schooling, Todd left Alaska and Greg remained. In a dire financial situation, Greg later joined Todd as a machine operator and a constructor supervisor. 

Greg Remsburg from Gold Rush
Greg Remsburg from Gold Rush

Professional Life:

Prior to his career in Gold Rush, Greg worked local jobs and didn’t make much. He later became unemployed and as money ran low, he joined Todd back in Alaska. He worked alongside Todd and made a name for himself in the mining industry. Greg was one of the leading stars in the series Gold Rush but left the crew at the end of the second season. He later returned to help Dave Turin in Season 3 and while it was announced that he would no longer be returning, he made an appearance in the fourth season with Parker Schnabel’s crew. Greg left the show after season five.  According to the IMDB record, Greg appeared in 70 episodes from 2011 to 2018. After leaving the show Greg has kept himself lowkey.

A troubled family life?

Greg Remsburg is currently married to Sofia. It is unclear as to when and where the pair met or how they got married. We do know that the pair have lovely children. While the number of children is not known, we can safely say that the pair have at least two. While Sofia is supportive of Greg’s career, she feels annoyed when he cannot give time to his family. In a similar interview, Greg claimed that he will always be thankful for his family for supporting him.

Net Worth:

Greg’s professional career as a gold miner not just brought him fame also helped him achieve financially. Taking earning from the TV show into account Greg has an estimated net worth of USD 1 million. 

Death Rumors?

A few times back, it was claimed that Greg died in an accident. As the mining industry is filled with risks, people speculated the fact. As Greg often goes off the grid, fans of the star were worried if rumors were true. But the star is alive and well.

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