Who is “Little Willie” Edwards from Swamp People? His wife, age, net worth, and family.

He was born with a name that belied his destiny. William IV Edwards, or Little Willie as he is affectionately called, is anything but little when it comes to hunting alligators in the swamps of Louisiana. Following in the footsteps of his father, Willie Edwards, a veteran of the show Swamp People, Little Willie has proven himself to be a natural-born hunter with a knack for catching the biggest and meanest gators in the bayou.

At only 22 years old, Little Willie is one of the youngest gator hunters on the show, but he doesn’t let his age or his nickname stop him from taking on the most challenging hunts. With his father as his mentor and partner, Little Willie has learned everything there is to know about gator hunting, from setting lines and baiting hooks to shooting and skinning the reptiles. He is not afraid to jump into the water, wrestle with the gators, or even get bitten by them. He is always ready for action, and always eager to learn more.

Little Willie Edwards from Swamp People

Little Willie is not just a hunter, he is also a craftsman, a businessman, and a family man. He makes his own knives, sells his own crawfish, and loves his wife Victoria, whom he married in March 2022. He is a fun-loving, goofy, and charming young man who enjoys life in the swamp and respects the traditions of his ancestors. He is the future of the Edwards family, and the future of gator hunting.

If you want to know more about Little Willie Edwards, his adventures, and his achievements, read on and discover the amazing story of this remarkable swamp person.

Early Life & Education:

Little Willie was born William Edwards IV on February 9, 2001, in Plaquemine, Louisiana. He is the son of Willie Edwards and Sherrie Edwards, and the grandson of Junior Edwards, a legendary alligator hunter. Little Willie inherited his father and grandfather’s passion for the swamp, where he learned the skills and traditions of his family. He also followed their footsteps in becoming a reality television star on the show Swamp People. In a promotional video, he said, “I’m hoping he passed everything he knows about the swamp onto me, and I’m ready for it,” referring to his father’s expertise in gator hunting. He also excelled in formal education, graduating with honors from Plaquemine Senior High School in 2019. He has a younger brother named Langdon, and he had an older sister, Michaela Deshaye who passed away.

Professional Career:

Little Willie Edwards is a young alligator hunter who has a legacy to uphold. He is proud of his heritage and his culture. He is also adventurous and ambitious, willing to try new things and take risks. He is an integral part of the Edwards family. In addition to gator, he is passionate about hunting and fishing such as deer, squirrels, crawfish, and more. He also likes to joke around on social media.

Swamp People:

Little Willie joined his father on their boat for his first big gator hunt in season 11 of Swamp People, which aired in 2019. He learned the Edwards family secret treble hooking technique and caught his first alligator by himself. He said he felt “pretty good” about his accomplishment and described the gator as “big ol’”. He showed his courage and enthusiasm as a novice hunter in the bayou.

In season 12, Little Willie continued to hunt with his father and his brother, but he also took on more responsibilities and risks. He jumped into the water to catch gators by hand, wrestled with giant reptiles, and even got bitten by one. He proved himself as a fearless and dedicated hunter who can handle any situation. He has made 29 Swamp People appearances until 2023.

Social Media Presence:

Little Willie Edwards is on Facebook by the username William Edwards. His posts are mostly about his personal life, such as his marriage, family, and hobbies. He also posts about Swamp People and his gator-hunting adventures. He also shares memes, jokes, quotes, and videos that she finds funny or inspirational. Some of his posts are public, while others are only visible to her friends.

Net Worth:

As a young gator hunter, Little Willie Edwards has a promising career ahead. He is also involved in the family business of harvesting and selling crawfish. As of 2023, he has a net worth of  $100,000. He earns most of his income from gator hunting and appearing on Swamp People, where he reportedly gets paid $3,000 per episode.

Physical traits:

 Little Willie Edwards has the following physical traits and dressing style:

  • He is a young Caucasian male with brown hair and brown eyes.
  • He has a slim build and a medium height.
  • He often wears a cap or a hat, sometimes with sunglasses.
  • He usually wears casual clothes, such as T-shirts, jeans, shorts, and sneakers.
  • He sometimes wears camouflage or hunting gear when he is in the swamp.

Personal Life:

Little Willie is happily married to his wife Victoria, whom he wedded in March 2022. The couple does not have children yet, but they often express their love and support for each other on their respective social media accounts.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Birth Name:William Edwards IV
Nick Name:Little Willie
Other Name:Little Willie Edwards
Birth Date:February 9, 2001
Age:22 years old
Birth Place:Plaquemine, Louisiana, United States
Father’s Name:William Edwards III
Mother’s Name:Sherrie Edwards
Siblings:Langdon Edwards, Michaela Deshaye (deceased)
Relationship Status:Committed
Marital Status:Married
Wife:Victoria Edwards
Education:Plaquemine Senior High School
Profession:Reality Television Personality, Alligator Hunter
Net Worth:$80,000

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