What happened to Junior Edwards from Swamp People? His wiki, bio, net worth, and family.

Junior Edwards is not your average reality TV star. He is a fearless and honest alligator hunter who has been living off the land in the bayous of Louisiana for decades. He starred in the History Channel’s show Swamp People, where he showcased his skills and passion for hunting the most dangerous reptiles in the swamp. He also taught his son Willie and grandson Little Willie the tricks of the trade, passing on his family legacy. Junior is a native of Louisiana and a proud Cajun who loves his culture and traditions. He has faced many challenges and tragedies in his life, but he never gave up on his dreams. He is a true swamp legend and an inspiration to many.

Early Life and Education:

Junior Edwards was born in Louisiana, USA. He grew up in the bayou, surrounded by nature and wildlife. He learned how to hunt, fish, and survive in the swamp from his father and grandfather. He dropped out of school at an early age to pursue his hunting career.

Swamp People former cast Junior Edwards

Swamp People

Junior Edwards became a cast member of Swamp People in 2010 when the show premiered on the History Channel. The show follows the lives of alligator hunters in Louisiana during the 30-day hunting season. Junior was one of the original cast members and appeared on the show for six seasons.

Junior was known for his fearless and aggressive hunting style. He often used a shotgun to shoot the alligators from close range. He also used a technique called “jump shooting”, where he would jump into the water and grab the alligators by their tails. He was one of the most successful hunters on the show, catching hundreds of alligators every season.

Junior’s son Willie also joined him on the show as his hunting partner. They had a strong bond and worked well together. They also had a friendly rivalry with other hunters on the show, especially Troy Landry and his sons.

After Swamp People

Junior Edwards was fired from Swamp People after Season 6, along with several other cast members. The reason for his firing was never officially confirmed, but some sources claimed that it was due to budget cuts or contract disputes. Junior denied that he asked for more money or had any problems with the production company.

Junior expressed his disappointment and frustration over his firing on social media. He also thanked his fans for their support and said that he hoped to return to the show someday. He also encouraged his fans to voice their opinions to the network and demand the return of the original cast members.

Junior continued his hunting and fishing business after leaving Swamp People. He focused on hoop net fishing, which involves setting up large nets in the water to catch fish such as catfish, buffalo, carp, and garfish. He and his wife Theresa would wake up at 4 am every morning and haul in thousands of pounds of fish.

Junior also returned to Swamp People for Season 12 as a guest star. He helped his son Willie and his grandson Little Willie fight the Gator invasion in their area. He showed that he still had his hunting skills and charisma.

Social Media Presence:

The television star does not have an individual Facebook account but shares a combined account with his son Willie by the username Junior and Willie Edwards. The page has over 480,000 thousand followers, and it features photos, videos, and posts from their hunting and fishing adventures, as well as their personal lives and family. The page also promotes their website, juniorandwillieedwards.com which no longer is available, where fans were offered to book hunting trips with them or buy their merchandise. 

Personal Life

Junior Edwards lives in Bayou Sorrel, Louisiana, with his wife Theresa. They have been married for over 40 years and are still very much in love. They enjoy spending time with their children and grandchildren, who often visit them or live nearby.

Junior Edwards and his wife Theresa

Junior’s first son Willie is also an alligator hunter who appeared on Swamp People with him. Willie is married to Malinda and they have three children: Little Willie, Kaleb, and Landon. Willie runs his own hunting business called Willie’s Hunting Adventures.

Junior’s second son Randy died at the age of 35 in a car accident in 2018. Junior was devastated by his loss and paid tribute to him on social media. He said that Randy was a great son, brother, father, uncle, and friend who loved hunting and fishing.

Physical Traits:

Junior Edwards is a man with a medium build, brown hair, and blue eyes. He often wears a cap, a T-shirt, and a camouflage jacket.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameJunior Edwards
OccupationAlligator hunter and reality TV star
Known forAppearing on Swamp People
BirthplaceLouisiana, U.S.
Marital statusMarried
SpouseTheresa Edwards
ChildrenTwo sons (Willie and Randy)
Net worth$300k (estimated)
Former occupationProfessional fisherman
Current occupationHoop net fishing
TV debut2010
TV exit2016
TV return2021
Cause of exitFired by new producers
Son’s deathRandy Edwards died in a car crash in 2018
Hunting weaponRifle
Hunting partnerWillie Edwards (son)
Merchandise lineJunior and Willie’s Swamp Adventures

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