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Donald Shelton is from Pasadena, Texas, and was at a peak weight of 675 pounds. He appeared in My 600-lb Life in Season 1, and his story is a very inspiring one. The show has inspired many Americans and has helped obese people lose weight. With the guidance of renowned surgeon Dr. Younan Nowzaradan, the show is a success and has helped many.

This article is about a participant from Season 1 of the show. He has fought with death and has taken his life under control. His name is Donald Shelton. If you want to know more in-depth about his early life, weight gain, 600-lb transformation, and biography please do keep on reading till the end.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameDonald Shelton Jr.
NicknameLittle Donald
Date of birthAugust 2
Place of birthPasadena, Texas, USA
Current residencePasadena, Texas, USA
Marital statusSingle
ParentsDonald Shelton Sr. and Mary Shelton
SiblingsNone known
CousinKelli Martin
Ex-girlfriendBarbie Stephens
Net worthN/A
WeightAbout 295 pounds
Peak weight675 pounds (as of 2012)
Weight loss surgeryGastric bypass surgery (in 2012)
Medical conditionGuillain-Barre syndrome (diagnosed)
Drug addictionMethamphetamine (recovered)
Social mediaFacebook, Instagram, Twitter
GoFundMe campaignRaising money for a disability-accessible van for himself and his mother
TV appearanceMy 600-lb Life (season 1, episode 1 in 2012)
TV updateMy 600-lb Life: Where Are They Now? (season 1, episode 6 in 2012)
TV successLost nearly 300 pounds after surgery and rehab
TV setbackGained 200 pounds after diagnosis and wheelchair use
TV comebackLost weight again with diet and exercise
Personal motto“Never give up on your dreams”
Personal goalTo walk again and live a normal life
My 600 lb life Donald Shelton during his 675 pounds
My 600 lb life Donald Shelton during his 675 pounds

Donald Shelton’s Early life and Weight gain

Donald Shelton appeared on the show “My 600-Lb Life” in 2012. He was born on August 2, in Texas, USA. He grew up in a loving family with his parents, Donald Sr. and Mary. His exact year of birth is unknown.

Donald Shelton was a food enthusiastic from a very young age. At age 5, he weighed 150 pounds,16 years old he was 275 pounds, 400 when he was 19, and the number increased simultaneously.

Around his 30s, he reached around 600 pounds, and then health problems started arising. Mostly, he could not do simple works and had to be taken care of by his parents. His cellulite covering his leg started to get worse, and he had trouble walking.

His dad said in an episode, Donald would cry at night because of back and leg pain. That is the time when his parents decide to take him to Houston, under Dr. Now‘s medication. He weighed around 675 pounds when he appeared in the show, My 600-lb Life.

Donalds’s “My 600 -Lb life” Transformation and near-death experience

The star of My 600-lb Life’s journey is all about ups and downs. When he first appeared, he weighed 675 pounds and was sent for bypass surgery. However, in the middle of the surgery, he had some breathing problems, and it was a very critical situation. That is because bypass surgeries are very risky, and there is a lower chance of survival. However, the surgery was a successful one, and he recovered in some days.

Donald Shelton incredible transformation over a decade
Donald Shelton incredible transformation over a decade

After 4 months, Donald weighed 577 and was getting his life back on track. In the second year, he weighed around 372 pounds. Everything was going well when suddenly, one day, he checked in the hospital because of leg pain. His situation worsened, and he was in great pain. All of a sudden, he slipped into a coma and everyone was shocked.

After a month’s observation, the doctors announced that Donald had developed a rare auto-immune disorder called Guillain – Barre. It is a disorder that attacks the nervous system and often leads to paralysis or death. Luckily, Donald regained his consciousness and managed to get out of the near-death experience.

His journey was a rollercoaster one, and there were many ups and downs. Now, he is in a very healthy state, however still in a wheelchair because of Guillain Barre.

Where is he now?

Fighter and inspirational Donald Shelton currently resides in his hometown Pasadena, Texas. He still needs a wheelchair to move around. These days he prefers a long bushy beard than clean shaved when he used to appear in the reality show, “My 600-lb Life.”

Donald Shelton now in 2020
Donald Shelton now in 2020

Is Donald Shelton married? His girlfriend and personal life.

Donal Shelton is not married currently. However, he had a promising relationship with his ex-girlfriend Barbie Stephens. She later became his fiancee too.

Looking back at their relationship and how they met is an interesting story. In the sixth year after the surgery, Donald met Barbie online through a dating website. The first few months were going smoothly, they got engaged and were very happy. Barbie even moved in with Donald and his family. However, Donald started gaining weight and had again given up. At this time, she left him.

As time passed by, Donald again set up a positive attitude and went forward to losing weight again. Although the couple could not get back together Barbie regard highly of him. In a meet up after break up, Barbie admitted that he was her true soul mate.

Before Barbie came in his life, Donald was in an ill-fated relationship. His then-girlfriend was a heavy meth user and Donald was also involved.

Controversies, Rumors and Facts

Donald Shelton was one of the first participants on the show “My 600-lb Life” to undergo gastric bypass surgery and lose a significant amount of weight. However, his journey was not without challenges and controversies. The rumors and facts about Donald Shelton’s life after the show are:

  • He suffered from a rare disorder that paralyzed him. After his surgery, Donald started to have trouble walking and eventually fell into a coma. He was diagnosed with Guillain-Barre syndrome, a condition that causes the immune system to attack the nerves and cause weakness, numbness, and paralysis. He had to use a wheelchair and gained back 200 pounds.
  • He deleted his social media accounts. Donald used to be active on Facebook and Instagram, where he shared updates on his health and weight loss progress. However, he deleted his accounts leaving fans wondering about his current status. It is speculated that he wanted to avoid negative comments or criticism from online trolls.
  • He is still single and living in Texas. Donald has not revealed much about his personal life since leaving the show. He is reportedly still single and not looking for a girlfriend. He lives in Texas with his mother, Mary, who has been his main caregiver and supporter throughout his ordeal.
  • He tried to raise money for a new van. In 2022, Donald’s cousin Kelli Martin started a GoFundMe campaign to help him and his mother buy a new handicap-accessible van. Their old van was unreliable and unsafe, and they needed a better vehicle to transport Donald to his medical appointments and physical therapy sessions. However, They could not raise enough money for the $40,000 goal.
  • He lost weight again and grew a beard. Despite his setbacks, Donald did not give up on his weight loss journey. He managed to shed some pounds again and looked unrecognizable with a thick beard. He also seemed happier and more confident in his recent photos. His friends and fans praised him for his transformation and determination.

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