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Anna Johnston is the trouble maker in the Johnston household. The first of the adopted children, Anna, has always struggled to come in terms with her life with the Johnston household. This led to a series of shenanigans on Anna’s part, which caused the Johnston’s to be stern with her. In her early teens, Anna often felt unwanted in the house. Even though both Amber and Trent have tried their best to make Anna feel loved, she has not completely warmed up to the family. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Anna Johnston.

Early Life:

Anna Johnston was born on the 7th of May 2000, in Siberia, Russia. As Anna was given up for adoption right after she was born, there are no records of her biological parents. By the time Amber and Trent found Anna, she was five-years of age. The first of the adopted Johnston’s, Anna was welcomed to the household in 2005. In her early teens, Anna underwent spinal fusion surgery and has since fully recovered from the surgery.

Anna Johnston
Anna Johnston

During her early years, Anna got into a lot of trouble. She hung out with the wrong crowds and often disobeyed the laws set by Trent and Amber. The behavior continued even after Anna was shifted to another school. She often lied to her parents, which caused both Trent and Amber to be strict on her.

Off to College:

One of the major problems coming up in the Johnston household is Anna’s departure. The reality star is leaving her house to attend the North Georgia Technical School where she is pursuing a degree in early childhood education. The decision came after Anna’s short stint at a beauty parlor, which she didn’t enjoy much. While both Amber and Trent believe that Anna needs to go off to college and become independent, Anna feels that her parents are shipping her off. She feels unwanted in the house which often leads to awkward interactions in the Johnston household.

In one of the episodes, Anna talked about the whole situation and questioned her parent’s decisions. “I know why they want me like off to college. So that they don’t have to deal with me.” The situation became so stressful that Amber and Trent had to look for professional help. The session began with a simple question from the therapist.  “Are you shipping her away because she was disobedient and got in some trouble?” While the pair were open about the whole experience, they didn’t have a conclusive answer. It remains to be seen what becomes of the family.

Problems with Jonah:

The eldest of Johnston’s siblings, Jonah is often in charge of taking care of his siblings when the parents are away. While Jonah is good for the most part, he feels that his parents are lenient towards Anna. This revelation came after Jonah got bad grades in his exam. While Trent believes that his son’s laziness is to blame, Jonah believes that he should be left off the hook. In a tear-jerking episode, Jonah revealed that his sister took away all the attention from him, which left him to fend for himself. Hopefully, the siblings can overcome their differences and continue to have each other backs.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

NameAnna Johnston
BirthdateMay 7, 2000
BirthplaceSiberia, Russia
HeightLess than 4 ft
CareerTelevision personality
Net worthN/A
BoyfriendCurrently Single
ParentsTrent Johnston, Amber Johnston
SiblingsJonah, Elizabeth, Alex, Emma Johnston
Social Media Handle Instagram

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