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Anna Johnston is more than just a reality TV star. She is an inspiration to many people who watch her on TV or follow her on social media. She has overcome many challenges and obstacles in her life and has shown resilience and courage. She is also a loving daughter, sister, and friend who values her family and relationships. Anna Johnston is a star with a bright future ahead of her.  In this article, we will explore more about her personal life, career, net worth, and more.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameAnna Johnston
BirthdateMay 7, 2000
BirthplaceSiberia, Russia
CollegeNorth Georgia Technical College
CareerTelevision personality, daycare worker, jewellery maker
Net worth$500000
Adoptive ParentsTrent Johnston, Amber Johnston
Biological ParentsN/A
SiblingsJonah, Elizabeth, Alex, Emma Johnston
Social Media Handle Instagram
Anna Johnston
Anna Johnston

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Early Life

Anna Johnston was born on the 7th of May 2000, in Siberia, Russia. As Anna was given up for adoption right after she was born, there are no records of her biological parents. By the time Amber and Trent found Anna, she was four years of age. The first of the adopted Johnston’s, Anna was welcomed to the household in 2005. In her early teens, Anna underwent spinal fusion surgery and has since fully recovered from the surgery.

Anna grew up in Forsyth, Georgia, with her four siblings: Jonah, Elizabeth, Emma and Alex. She attended a nearby school and enjoyed cheerleading, art and music. She also faced some challenges, such as learning English, adjusting to a new culture and dealing with bullying. She also hung out with the wrong crowds and often disobeyed the laws set by Trent and Amber. The behavior continued even after Anna was shifted to another school. She often lied to her parents, which caused both Trent and Amber to be strict on her.

Off to College

Anna graduated high school in 2019 and Johnston household faced one of the major problems when she moved to college. The reality star joined North Georgia Technical School where she pursued a degree in early childhood education. The decision came after Anna’s short stint at a beauty parlor, which she didn’t enjoy much. While both Amber and Trent believed that Anna needed to go off to college and become independent, Anna felt that her parents were shipping her off. She felt unwanted in the house which often led to awkward interactions in the Johnston household.

In one of the episodes of 7 Little Johnstons, Anna talked about the whole situation and questioned her parent’s decisions. “I know why they want me like off to college. So that they don’t have to deal with me.” The situation became so stressful that Amber and Trent had to look for professional help. The session began with a simple question from the therapist.  “Are you shipping her away because she was disobedient and got in some trouble?” While the pair were open about the whole experience, they didn’t have a conclusive answer.

Problems with Jonah

The eldest of Johnston’s siblings, Jonah is often in charge of taking care of his siblings when the parents are away. While Jonah is good for the most part, he felt that his parents were lenient towards Anna. This revelation came after Jonah got bad grades in his exam. While Trent believed that his son’s laziness was to blame, Jonah believed that he should be left off the hook. In a tear-jerking episode, Jonah revealed that his sister took away all the attention from him, which left him to fend for himself.

Career as a TV Personality

Anna has been appearing on the TLC reality show 7 Little Johnstons since 2015. The show follows the lives of her parents, Trent and Amber Johnston, and her four siblings, Jonah, Elizabeth, Alex, and Emma, who all have achondroplasia, a form of dwarfism. Besides being a TV star, she also works part-time at a daycare center and runs her own online jewelry business called Fizz4Passion. Moreover, she is also a popular social media influencer with over 426000 followers on Instagram.

Net Worth

Anna has an estimated net worth of $500,000. She makes money from her own online business called Fizz4Passion, where she sells bracelets and chains that she makes herself, from appearing on a Tv show, from her jewelry business, and from working part-time at a daycare center.

Love Affair & Boyfriend- Relationship Status?

Anna’s love life has been a topic of interest for many fans of the show, who have wondered if she has a boyfriend or not. Anna has been very secretive about her romantic relationships and has not officially confirmed if she is dating anyone. However, she has dropped some hints on social media that suggest she might have a special someone in her life.

Anna’s rumored boyfriend is a guy named Christopher, whom she met at the Little People of America National Conference in the summer of 2022. Christopher is also a person with dwarfism and seems to share Anna’s love for animals. Anna has posted several photos of them together on Instagram, where they look happy and cozy. She has also thanked him for making her week the best and for everything he did for her during a weekend visit. Fans have commented on how handsome and nice he is and how they make a beautiful couple.

However, Anna has not officially introduced Christopher as her boyfriend or revealed any details about their relationship. She might be waiting for the right time or keeping it private for personal reasons. 

Before Christopher, Anna had briefly mentioned another guy named Kyle, whom she had met through friends at a restaurant in late 2021. However, Kyle never appeared on the show and it is unclear what happened to their relationship.

Anna Johnston seems to be enjoying her life and exploring her options when it comes to love. She has not settled down with anyone yet, but she might have found someone who makes her happy.

Physical Traits

HairBlonde, long, and wavy
Height4 feet (approx)
Body TypePetite
Face ShapeOval
NoseSmall and upturned
EyebrowsLight and arched

Anna Johnston FAQs (Yes/No)

Is Anna Johnston the biological daughter of Trent and Amber Johnston?No
Does Anna Johnston have a boyfriend?No
Does Anna Johnston have her own online business?Yes
Did Anna Johnston get into trouble for spray-painting her school?Yes
Is Anna Johnston studying early childhood education?Yes
Does Anna Johnston have an Instagram account?Yes
Is Anna Johnston the oldest child in the family?No
Does Anna Johnston have grey eyes?Yes
Does Anna Johnston have an estimated net worth of $500,000?Yes
Was Anna Johnston adopted from Siberia?Yes
Does Anna Johnston have achondroplasia?Yes
Is Anna Johnston a resident assistant at college?Yes
Did Anna Johnston have an interest in cosmetology?Yes
Does Anna Johnston have four siblings?Yes
Did Anna Johnston disagree with her mother on dorm decor?Yes
Does Anna Johnston sell bracelets and chains on Etsy?Yes
Did Anna Johnston lie about being in a hotel room at the LPA conference?Yes
Is Anna Johnston studying at North Georgia Technical College?Yes
Does Anna Johnston have blonde hair?Yes

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