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When Amber Johnston was first introduced to fans as the matriarch of the Johnston household, she was a stay-at-home mom. However, fans quickly realized that she was so much more than she let on. Headstrong and inspiring, Amber is obsessed with keeping her family healthy. She is also the source of inspiration for her kids and is their number one supporter. For Amber, the end goal is to prepare her kids to take on any challenge that life might throw at them. Equipped with a positive attitude, Amber is heavily involved with the family and her community. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Amber Johnston.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameAmber Elizabeth Johnston
Date of birthMarch 15, 1979
Place of birthAtlanta, Georgia, USA
Zodiac signPisces
Height4 feet (1.22 meters)
Hair colorBlonde
Eye colorBlue
EducationGeorgia College & State University
OccupationReality TV star, Licensed Realtor
Net worthEstimated at $3 million as of 2023
Marital statusMarried to Trent Johnston since 1998
ChildrenJonah (biological son), Elizabeth (biological daughter), Anna (adopted daughter from Russia), Alex (adopted son from South Korea), Emma (adopted daughter from China)
ResidenceForsyth, Georgia, USA
HobbiesCooking, gardening, traveling, reading
Favorite foodN/A
Favorite movieN/A
Favorite bookN/A
ParentsAndy Stormer (Adoptive father) and Lori Lee Stormer (mother)
Biological FatherN/A
SiblingsSarah Stormer (sister) and Andrew Stormer (brother)
Amber Johnston
7 Little Johnstons matriarch Amber Johnston

Upbringing & Family

Amber Johnston was born on the 10th of March 1979. Born to unnamed parents, Amber was one of three siblings. Even though Amber was the only one diagnosed with dwarfism, her parents raised her the same as her siblings. Amber was raised by her mother Lori Lee Stormer and adoptive father Andy Stormer. While she was able to reconnect with her biological father, Amber is grateful to her adoptive father. The reality star has never dived deep into her educational background and talks very little about her early life. According to her Linkedin profile, she attended college at Georgia College & State University.

Professional Career

Reality Television

Amber Johnston is one of the stars of the reality TV show 7 Little Johnstons. Amber and her family have been on TV since 2015 when their show premiered on TLC. The show documents their daily challenges and joys as a family of little people in a world that is not always accommodating or accepting of their differences. Amber has said that she hopes the show will educate people about dwarfism and inspire them to overcome any obstacles they face in life.

Other Endeavors

For the most part, Amber was a stay-at-home mom committed to raising her kids to lead a happy and healthy life. But with most of her kids heading to college, Amber geared up for a life as a working mom. She now works as a licensed realtor for Washburn & Associates centered around Middle Georgia. She enjoys helping people find their dream homes and has a knack for negotiating deals. She also manages the family’s finances and budget. With seven years of experience to back her, Amber is quite good at what she does. All her kids are proud of their mother, and at one point Alex and Emma even created a commercial for their mother with their slogan, Little Mama sells big houses.

Even though Amber is just a real estate agent as of now, Amber has plans to run a business. At one point on the show, Amber sat down with her kids and discussed the possibility of starting a new business.

How rich is Amber Johnston?

Net Worth: Amber Johnston’s combined estimated net worth with her husband Trent is close to $3 million. They make money from their day jobs as well as their reality show. Amber works as a real estate agent for Washburn & Associates, while Trent works as a grounds supervisor for a local college in Georgia. They also get paid around 10 percent of the show’s budget, which could be between $25,000 to $40,000 per episode.

House: Amber and Trent are both hard-working professionals who have managed to provide a comfortable and spacious home for their family. In 2019, Johnstons moved into a new home that sits on 10 acres of land and has a pool, a meadow, and a riverfront. The house is 3,660 square feet, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It was built in 2005 and is surrounded by woods.

Cars: They also have several cars to transport them around, including a Ford Expedition, a Honda Odyssey, and a Chevrolet Silverado. 

Getting Married and Kids

Amber met her husband Trent at a convention for Little People of America. Both were in high school, but the pair became fast friends. For over two and a half years, the pair kept their relationship long-distance. But when Amber graduated high school, she decided to move closer to Trent. The pair dated for over four years before tying the knot in November 1998. Soon after their marriage, Amber became pregnant and gave birth to their first child, Jonah. 2 years later, Amber was pregnant once again and gave birth to a baby girl, Elizabeth. However, during the birth of Elizabeth, Amber faced major complications. Her hips were repeatedly dislocated during the birthing process, and there was a great deal of pain involved.

Trent Johnston and his wife Amber Johnston
Trent Johnston and his wife Amber Johnston

After the birth of Elizabeth, Amber and Trent realized that getting pregnant once again will only spell doom for Amber. So, the pair began the adoption process. Over the years, the family of four grew into a family of seven. The later additions are Alex, Anna, and Emma. All three of Amber’s adoptive children come from different parts of the world. Alex was born in Seoul, South Korea, Anna comes from Siberia, Russia and Emma comes from China.

Challanges and Controversies

Amber Johnston has faced many challenges and controversies in her life, both on and off the screen. Here are some of the most notable ones:

  • Amber Johnston’s health issues: Amber Johnston has suffered from various health problems due to her condition, such as spinal stenosis, joint pain, and infertility. She has undergone several surgeries to correct her spine and improve her breathing. She also had a difficult time conceiving and carrying her biological children, and experienced life-threatening complications during her second pregnancy. She decided to adopt three children from different countries who also have dwarfism, and has advocated for adoption awareness and support.
  • Amber Johnston’s parenting style: Amber Johnston is often criticized by fans and viewers for being too controlling, strict, and harsh with her children, especially with her eldest daughter Anna. Amber Johnston has clashed with Anna over various issues, such as her college plans, her career choices, her dating life, and her desire to move out. Amber Johnston has also been accused of favoring her biological children over her adopted ones, and of being insensitive to their cultural backgrounds and identities. Amber Johnston has defended herself by saying that she only wants the best for her children, and that she is trying to prepare them for the real world.
  • Amber Johnston’s marriage troubles: Amber Johnston and Trent Johnston have been married for over two decades, but their relationship has not always been smooth. They have faced marital problems such as communication breakdowns, financial stress, intimacy issues, and trust issues.  They have sought professional counseling and therapy to work on their marriage, and have vowed to stay together through thick and thin.


Is Amber Johnston an American reality television star?Yes
Is Amber Johnston married to Trent Johnston?Yes
Does Amber Johnston have five children?Yes
Does Amber Johnston have achondroplasia dwarfism?Yes
Does Amber Johnston live in Georgia?Yes
Is Amber Johnston a teacher by profession?Yes (K-5 computer lab instructor)
Did Amber Johnston meet her husband at a convention hosted by Little People of America?Yes
Are Jonah and Elizabeth Johnston the biological children of Amber and Trent?Yes
Are Anna, Alex, and Emma Johnston the adopted children of Amber and Trent?Yes
Did Amber Johnston face severe complications during her second pregnancy and birth?Yes
Is Amber Johnston the author of the book “A Heart for Heritage”?No
Is Amber Johnston the founder of Heritage Mom, a platform that helps parents create a culturally-rich environment for their children?No
Does Amber Johnston have a form of short-limb dwarfism called diastrophic dysplasia?No
Does Amber Johnston have six children?No
Does Amber Johnston live in Florida?No
Is Amber Johnston a nurse by profession?No
Did Amber Johnston meet her husband at a college campus?No
Are Jonah and Elizabeth Johnston the adopted children of Amber and Trent?No
Are Anna, Alex, and Emma Johnston the biological children of Amber and Trent?No
Did Amber Johnston face severe complications during her first pregnancy and birth?No
Is Amber Johnston the author of the book “A Little Bit Different”?No
Is Amber Johnston a singer and songwriter who performs with her family band?No
Is Amber Johnston the founder of Little People Big World, a charity that supports people with dwarfism?No

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