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 There’s a reason Freddy Dodge is called “Gold Guru,” his decades of experience coupled with his uncanny ability with machinery and gold mining makes him one of the top fine gold recovery experts and gold-table builders in the industry. He is also known for his ability to build custom-wash plants. He is not only a master of his craft, but also a generous and humble person who cares about others. He is a role model for anyone who wants to pursue their goals and live their best life. In this article, we take a closer look at his wiki-bio.

Freddy Dodge is a prospector, gold miner, businessman, and television personality. He has been featured on several Discovery shows, such as Gold Rush and Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue. He has a net worth of $500,000 as of 2023.

Gold Rush Freddy Dodge
Freddy Dodge

Early Life:

Freddy “Fred” Dodge was born on December 30, 1966, in Colorado, United States. The third born from his parents, Freddy was raised alongside his three brothers. Freddy spent his early years on his grandparents’ cattle ranch in Walden, Colorado, where he used to play with rocks and minerals. He was just eight years when old he found a piece of quartz with gold in it, and that sparked his interest in gold mining. Freddy attended a local school in his hometown however most information about his further education is unknown. His curiosity would lead him to read books and magazines about gold mining and learn how to pan for gold in the creek near his home. He also had a mentor named Walt who taught him a lot about gold mining and geology. Walt was like a grandfather to him and gave him his first metal detector.


Freddy started working as a professional gold miner when he was 21 years old, and he has been doing it ever since. He has traveled to many places around the world to mine for gold, such as Alaska, Canada, Mexico, Guyana, and Africa. Not the only one in the family Freddy is joined in the profession by his eldest brother Derek Dodge.

Television Career:

Freddy Dodge is a versatile and charismatic TV star who has entertained and inspired many viewers with his passion and expertise in gold mining. He is one of the most popular and respected figures in the gold mining industry and on the Discovery network. He is best known for his role on Gold Rush, the popular reality series that follows the lives and challenges of various gold mining crews. He has also starred in his own spin-off show called Gold Rush: Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue, which premiered in 2021. In this show, he and his partner Juan Ibarra travel across the country to help struggling mine owners improve their gold recovery and operations. The show has received positive reviews from fans and critics and has the highest rating among all the Gold Rush spin-offs on IMDb.

Freddy Dodge has also been featured on other shows related to gold mining, such as Gold Rush: The Dirt, Gold Rush: Dave Turin’s Lost Mine, and Hoffman Family Gold. He has also appeared on a non-gold mining show called The Lifted Life, where he brought his new truck to a shop for some customizations. 

When not working in gold mining or television show Freddy works closely with MSI mining equipment a Colorado-based manufacturing company.

Gold Rush & moments:

Freddy joined the cast of Gold Rush in 2011 during the second season and started making regular appearances in the third season during which he worked full-time as a gold recovery and wash plant expert in Hoffman Crew. He also helped him co-design his Big Red wash plant. 

In Season 4, Freddy left the Hoffman crew in the Guyana jungle and teamed up with his eldest brother Derek to mine his own Carmack’s claim. The claim was turned down by Todd Hoffman as he opted for Guyana. Freddy and his brother had success at Carmack’s claim in Yukon yielding nuggets of gold. After the success, in season 5 Freddy rejoined the Hoffman crew and was their invaluable Wash plant expert and helped Hoffman catch over 4000 ounces of gold in its two seasons in the Klondike.

In season seven, Hoffman decided to leave the Klondike behind, and mine for gold in Baker County in Oregon. That turned out to be a bust. Freddy saved the Hoffman crew by finding new ground in his home state of Colorado where they mined successfully for a month. In season eight Freddy stayed in his home state, mining proven ground. Freddy made 101 episode appeareances until 2021.

Social Media Presence:

Fred Dodge has an active social media presence on Twitter where he has 70.8K followers and posts about his mining adventures, his show Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue, and his personal life. He also has a Facebook Page @OfficialFreddyDodge which has 461K followers. The page features posts about Freddy’s mining projects, his show Freddy Dodge’s Mine Rescue, his family and friends, and his personal opinions on various topics. The page also has photos and videos of Freddy and his mining equipment. 

Personal Life

Wife and kids:

 Freddy is blissfully married to longtime partner Lisa Irene Dodge. The pair took the wedding vows in April of 1997. In the years of conjugal life, the pair has given birth to  two daughters, Nikki and Sammi Dodge.

Freddie Dodge with his daughter Nikki Dodge
Freddy Dodge and his daughter, Nikki Dodge

Despite the fact, Freddy finds himself busy with his business and mining he manages free time for the family. He is often seen hanging out with his youngest daughter Nikki. She has taken part in competitive hunting and shot down Moose however she is far from reflecting her father. Freddy is a reputed hunter and he holds the number 1, number 2, and number 3 largest Canadian moose harvested with a muzzle-loaded Rifle in competitive hunting. Also, Nikki loves traveling and has traveled to Canada and Alaska.

Freddie Dodge eldest daughter Sammi Dodge
Freddy Dodge & his eldest daughter, Sammi Dodge

There is no information about his eldest daughter Sammi who prefers to keep herself away from the camera and public attention.

Freddie Dodge and his wife Lisa Irene Dodge
Freddy Dodge and his wife, Lisa Irene Dodge

Freddy and his wife Lis are married for twenty-six years now and the pair does not seem to be slowing down and no news of no news of a rift or breakup has surfaced in the media. Lisa is a housewife who tends to family and kids. She also has made an appearance in an episode of Gold Rush alongside her daughter Nikki Dodge.

Physical traits:

Freddy Dodge is a 56-year-old American who has a height of about 5 feet 8 inches (172 cm). Freddy likes to sport a cap to cover his short hair and when not wearing a cap he is using his work helmet. Freddy has brown hair and blue eyes.

Freddy Dodge Wiki/Bio facts

Name Freddy Eugene Dodge
Other Name Fred Dodge
Nickname Gold Guru
Date of Birth December 30, 1966
Age 56
Place of Birth Colorado, United States
Nationality American
Ethnicity Caucasian
Zodiac Capricorn
Religion Christian
Gender  Male
Sexuality Straight
Relationship Status Committed
Marital Status Married
Occupation Reality television actor, Businessman, Prospector, Gold Miner
Net worth $500,000
Spouse/Partner Lisa Irene Dodge
Children Nikki Dodge, Sammi Dodge
Social Media Facebook, Twitter


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