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Nothing lies beyond the creativity of Trent Johnston. The man can build everything that his wife and children imagine. Often referred to as ‘Mr. Fix-It’, Trent prides himself in renovating the family home and building anything and everything that his family needs. Equipped with strong morals, Trent is the perfect role model for his kids. He is well aware that the world is unfair to the little people. But it’s up to the little people to make the most of it. Trent first rose to fame following his appearances on the reality TV series, 7 Little Johnstons. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Trent Johnston.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameJoseph Trent Johnston
BirthdateMarch 17, 1976
BirthplaceForsyth, Georgia, USA
Religion Christianity
Height4 ft 3 inches
CareerTelevision personality, grounds supervisor at a college
Net worth$3 Million (estimated)
Show7 Little Johnstons on TLC
ConditionAchondroplasia dwarfism
WifeAmber Johnston (m. 1998-present)
ChildrenJonah, Elizabeth, Anna, Alex, Emma Johnston
Social Media HandleTwitter, Instagram
Trent Johnston and his wife Amber Johnston
Trent Johnston and his wife Amber Johnston

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Upbringing & Family

Joseph Trent Johnston was born on the 17th of March 1976. Born and raised in Forsyth, Georgia, Trent seldom talks about his early life.¬†Even though Trent works hard to make sure that all of his kids go to college, the man has never talked about his educational background. His parents are Pete and Mary Alice Johnston who raised Trent in a household of 4 siblings, three sisters and one brother. As a child, Trent became the victim of¬†achondroplasic dwarfism which has a history in his family. Despite his physical disadvantages, Trent was always interested in sports and outdoor activities. He also enjoyed fishing, hunting, and camping with his family and friends.¬†Here is a table of Trent Johnston’s parents & siblings:

Trent JohnstonSelf
Pete JohnstonFather
Mary Alice JohnstonMother
Daniell Phipps Sister
Heidi LeeSister
Warren RobbinsSister
Johnny Lawrence JohnstonBrother (deceased December 2, 2010)

Trent Johnston’s Physical Traits

HeightTrent is 4 feet 3 inches tall, which is slightly below the average height for people with achondroplasia.
WeightTrent weighs about 120 pounds, which is within the healthy range for his height.
HairTrent has dark brown hair that he usually keeps short and neat. He sometimes wears a hat or a cap.
EyesTrent has blue eyes that are slightly slanted
NoseTrent has a small nose with a depressed nasal bridge, another characteristic of achondroplasia.
MouthTrent has a normal-sized mouth with thin lips and a prominent chin. He often smiles and shows his teeth.
EarsTrent has small ears that are low-set and slightly rotated, as well as prominent antihelices, which are the curved ridges of the ear cartilage.
ArmsTrent has short arms that are disproportionately shorter than his torso.
HandsTrent has small hands with short fingers and broad thumbs. 
LegsTrent has short legs that are bowed and have limited mobility.

A Highschool Love Turned Marriage

Trent and Amber met at a convention for Little People of America. Both Trent and Amber were in high school, but the pair became fast friends. For over two and a half years, the pair kept their relationship long-distance. But when Amber graduated high school, she decided to move closer to Trent. The pair dated for over four years before tying the knot in November 1998. In an interview with the Mirror, Amber revealed that Trent was her first and only relationship.

“Trent was my first relationship, we soon became best friends and we knew we’d get married.”

Now, with over 21 years in the bags, the pair are still going strong. Speaking about their married life and relationship, Amber revealed to Good Housekeeping,

“We honestly have always ‚ÄĒ in all of the challenges that we have faced and continue to face ‚ÄĒ been a team. We know that a relationship, parenting, and marriage is a constant work in progress. With both of us feeling that and knowing that, we don’t give up.”

Adoption and Children

Trent is a proud father of five lovely children, all of who are little people. While Jonah and Elizabeth are their biological children, Anna, Alex, and Emma are adopted. As seen in most of the episodes, Trent is always making sure that he instills the right set of morals in his children. He wants to make sure that his kids understand that the world is not built for them and will continue to be unfair. This is also one of the major reasons why the family uses normal-sized furniture and shelves.

NameBirthdateBirthplaceAge of adoption
Jonah JohnstonDec. 1, 1999USANone (biological Son)
Anna JohnstonMay 7, 2000Siberia, Russia4
Elizabeth JohnstonDec. 7, 2001USANone (biological Daughter)
Emma JohnstonJuly 1, 2005China5
Alex JohnstonNov. 15, 2005Seoul, South Korea6 months
All 7 Johnstons: Trent and Amber along with their 5 kids
7 Little Johnstons: Trent and Amber along with their all 5 children

Professional Life

Trent Johnston worked as a grounds supervisor at a local college for many years. He was responsible for maintaining the campus landscape and facilities. He enjoyed his job, but he also faced some difficulties and discrimination because of his height. He decided to quit his job in 2021 after feeling unhappy and unappreciated at work.

Trent Johnston then pursued his passion for cars and became a car salesman at Riverside Ford in Macon, Georgia. He sells new and used cars of various models and brands, such as Ford Bronco, Ford Mustang, and Ford F-150. He is proud of his new career and enjoys interacting with customers and earning commissions. He also competes with his son, Jonah, who works at a different car dealership.

Trent Johnston is also an entrepreneur and a craftsman. He owns a business called Trent’s Bird Houses, where he makes and sells custom bird houses that are designed for people of short stature. He uses recycled materials and his own creativity to create unique and functional bird houses that can be hung at a lower height. He also makes other items, such as benches, tables, and signs.

7 Little Johnston

Trent Johnston is also a reality television. He and his family are the main subjects of the TLC series 7 Little Johnstons, which premiered in 2015 and has completed its 13th season.

Trent Johnston has appeared in all 113 episodes of 7 Little Johnstons. The show follows the daily lives of the Johnstons as they face various challenges and joys of being a little person in a big world. Some of the topics that the show has covered include Trent’s career as a grounds supervisor at a local college, Amber’s work as a real estate agent, the kids’ education and hobbies, the family’s home renovation and vacation projects, Trent and Amber’s health issues and surgeries, and the family’s involvement in advocacy and awareness for dwarfism.

Trent Johnston is also known for his humorous and witty personality, his love for sports and outdoor activities, his passion for cooking and gardening, and his devotion to his family. He often shares his insights and opinions on various matters on the show, as well as on his social media accounts. He has also participated in several interviews and podcasts with other media outlets to promote the show and to raise awareness about dwarfism.

How Rich is Trent Johnston?

Net Worth: Trent Johnston and his wife Amber has a combined estimated net worth estimated to be around $3 million. They make money from their day jobs as well as their reality show. Amber works as a real estate agent for Washburn & Associates, while Trent worked as a grounds supervisor for a local college in Georgia and is currently a car salesman. They also get paid around 10 percent of the show’s budget, which could be between $25,000 to $40,000 per episode.

House: Trent and Amber are both hard-working professionals who have managed to provide a comfortable and spacious home for their family. In 2019, Johnstons moved into a new home that sits on 10 acres of land and has a pool, a meadow, and a riverfront. The house is 3,660 square feet, with four bedrooms and three bathrooms. It was built in 2005 and is surrounded by woods.

Cars: They also have several cars to transport them around, including a Ford Expedition, a Honda Odyssey, and a Chevrolet Silverado. 

Health Problems

Trent has a rare form of dwarfism called pseudoachondroplasia, which affects his bones and joints. He has faced several health problems over the years, some of which are related to his condition. Here is a timeline of some of the major health issues that Trent has dealt with:

  • Around 2005: Trent started having trouble sleeping and was diagnosed with sleep apnea, a disorder that causes breathing to stop and start repeatedly during sleep.¬†He had to wear a CPAP machine at night to help him breathe better.
  • 2019: Trent experienced severe abdominal pain that lasted for months. He went to the hospital several times, but the doctors could not find the cause of his pain.¬†He had various tests done, including blood work, ultrasounds, and CT scans, but nothing showed any abnormalities.
  • 2020: Trent visits the hospital yet again for his abdominal pain when he had a gallbladder scan.
  • 2022: Trent continued to struggle with his sleep apnea, which affected his energy levels and mood. He also developed high blood pressure, which put him at risk of heart problems and stroke. He decided to make some lifestyle changes, such as eating healthier and exercising more, to improve his health.
  • 2022: Trent and Amber embarked on a weight loss journey together and managed to lose a significant amount of weight. They shared their before and after photos on social media, showing their impressive transformations.

Controversies & Criticsm

Trent Johnston has faced some controversies and criticisms from the viewers and the media over the years. Some of the issues that have been raised are:

  • His decision to quit his job as a ground supervisor at a local college and become a car salesman, following his son Jonah‚Äôs footsteps.¬†Some fans questioned his judgment and accused him of being jealous of his son‚Äôs success.
  • His strict and tough parenting style, especially towards his adopted daughter Anna, who has expressed her desire to move out.¬†Some fans think that he and Amber are too controlling and make life unpleasant for their kids.

These are some of the controversies that have surrounded Trent Johnston in the past. However, he has also shown his positive and loving side as a husband, father, and advocate for little people. He has supported his wife and kids through their surgeries, health issues, and personal goals. He has also participated in various events and campaigns to raise awareness and acceptance for people with dwarfism. He is not afraid to share his opinions and experiences with the world, even if they are not always popular or well-received. 


Is Trent Johnston the biological father of all his children?No
Does Trent Johnston have a new job as a car salesman?Yes
Is Trent Johnston married to Amber Johnston?Yes
Did Trent Johnston quit his job as a ground supervisor?Yes
Does Trent Johnston have a type of dwarfism called achondroplasia?Yes
Is Trent Johnston older than Amber Johnston?Yes
Does Trent Johnston have an Instagram account?Yes
Did Trent Johnston adopt Anna from Siberia, Russia?Yes
Did Trent Johnston adopt Alex from Seoul, South Korea?Yes
Did Trent Johnston adopt Emma from China?Yes
Is Trent Johnston’s oldest son Jonah also a car salesman?Yes
Is Trent Johnston’s daughter Elizabeth studying nursing in college?Yes
Is Trent Johnston’s daughter Emma a cheerleader in high school?Yes
Is Trent Johnston’s son Alex running an Etsy shop called AlexPaperCo?Yes
Did Trent Johnston move out of his family home in 2021?No
Did Trent Johnston buy his first home in 2021?No
Does Trent Johnston have an approx net worth of $3 million?Yes
Does Trent Johnston live in Georgia, USA?Yes
Does Trent Johnston have a brother named Kevin?No
Does Trent Johnston have a sister named Ashley?No
Does Trent Johnston have a dog named Lola?No
Does Trent Johnston have a cat named Oscar?No
Does Trent Johnston have a tattoo on his arm?No
Does Trent Johnston have a beard?Yes
Does Trent Johnston like to cook?Yes
Does Trent Johnston like to play golf?No
Does Trent Johnston like to watch football?Yes
Does Trent Johnston like to read books?No
Does Trent Johnston like to travel?Yes

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