Aesha Jean Scott cast of Below Deck Mediterranean: Wiki-Bio.

Aesha Jean Scott has a single objective wherever she goes, to have a blast. One of the stars on Below Deck Mediterranean, Aesha joined the crew as a second stewardess, for the fourth season. While yachting was never on Aesha’s list of priorities, she was hooked to the adventurous lifestyle. After realizing that she could have more fun yachting, Aesha made the jump to the industry. Now, with six years of yachting behind her back, Aesha is happier than ever. Even though she was not retained for the fifth season of Below Deck, she is continuing her work as a yachtie. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Aesha Scott.

Personal Life:

Little is known about Aesha’s personal life. The reality star has never revealed details on her family and early life. Born and raised in New Zealand, Aesha grew up with four brothers and a sister. An athletic kid, Aesha was into sports from a young age. Having to battle it out with four brothers, turned Aesha into a loud and gregarious lady with a bawdy sense of humor and always down to have fun.

Below Deck Mediterranean star, Aesha Jean Scott.
Below Deck Mediterranean star, Aesha Jean Scott.


Born and raised in New Zealand, yachting was never a career prospect for Aesha. Drawn to the adventurous lifestyle, Aesha gave yachting a try and has been hooked ever since. She first began working as a deckhand, but later moved to the interior as a stewardess. After working for her certifications, Aesha worked as a stewardess in many yachts. By the time Aesha was invited to work in Below Deck, she already had four years of experience behind her back. Even though Aesha is ready to work just about every job she is given, she prefers dealing with people and is quite good at it.

Below Deck Mediterranean:

Aesha joined the cast of Below Deck for the fourth season in 2019. She was invited by a contact to work on the series and with nothing better to do, Aesha agreed on the offer.

“I ended up coming down this road through a contact that I’d made in the industry, it all kind of just went from there. I’ve been really wanting to show everyone what yachting actually is, because you go home and you can’t explain it to people. And no one ever knows what the f— you’re talking about.”

When asked about how the regular season differs from the one in Below Deck, Aesha revealed that there wasn’t much difference. She also vouched that the drama on-screen is similar to the one in a real yachting season.

” As I said, when you’ve got all these people who are exhausted, working every single day, who can’t get away from each other, there’s just so much drama – this person slept with that person, and that person slept with this person. There’s always all these little fights and things going on behind the scenes, so it kind of just felt normal for me.”

Even though Aesha has her best moments on the sea, she doesn’t dislike the land either. The reality star revealed that she enjoys being in the bushes than being on the sea. She often uses social media to encourage fans to go outside and also to introduce others to the world of yachting.

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