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As the old saying goes, you first need to be a master on the subject to judge the quality of work. And while you might doubt if there is a saying like that, what you cannot doubt is the skill of Wil Willis. The host of the reality TV series Forged in Fire, Wil Willis is a weapons master. Wil has trained his entire life in a range of weapons, which allows him to present a unique viewpoint on the blades presented for judgment. An inseparable part of the reality TV series Forged in Fire, Wil Willis is an expert at what he does. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Wil Willis.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameWill Willis
Date of birthFebruary 14, 1975
Place of birthPortugal
Zodiac signAquarius
Height5 feet 11 inches (180 cm)
Weight165 to 187 lbs (75 to 85 Kg)
Eye colorHazel Green
Hair colorBlack
Father’s nameJakob Willis
Mother’s nameN/A
EducationHigh school graduate
Military branchArmy and Air Force
Military rankMaster Sergeant
Military awardsSirkorsky Rescue Award,
Military service years1993-2008 (active duty), 2007-2009 (reserve duty)
Military rolesRanger, Pararescueman, Tactical Air Control Party, Instructor
TV debutSpecial Ops Mission (2009)
TV shows hostedSpecial Ops Mission, Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World, Forged in Fire
Net worth$1.2 million (estimated)
Marital statusMarried
Wife’s nameKrystle Amina Willis
Wife’s professionWriter, artist, illustrator
Wedding dateOctober 2017
ChildrenTwo sons (Caleb and Jacob) and one daughter (Flash Orion)
ResidenceLos Angeles, California
HobbiesReading, writing, traveling, hiking, camping, shooting
Forged in Fire host Wil Willis
Forged in Fire star Wil Willis

Life in the Military

Wil Willis has trained with weapons all his life. Over the years, Wil worked in several branches of the military. Wil was an army ranger for four years and later moved to the Air Force as a Pararescueman. During his time in the military, Wil trained in a host of different weapons from standard guns to knives. The man has seen his fair share of real battles and perfectly understands that on the battlefield, a good weapon can make a world of difference. After all, no one would want to get caught on the battlefield with a weapon that cannot kill. He also won Sirkorsky Rescue Award for his actions leading to the squadrons 299th Rescue in 2001.

Military Background & Following the Path

Wil Wills was born on the 14th of February, 1975 in Portugal. His family moved to Texas when Wil has 2 years of age. While there are few details about his mother, Wil’s father Jakob Willis is a military man. As a result, Wil and his four siblings were raised in a disciplined environment. Jakob Willis retired in 1991, paving the way for his son to take his place in the army. After his retirement, the family moved to California.

Wil graduated from high school in 1993 and enrolled in the US Army. He joined the 11B2V-Ranger Battalion and stayed as a ranger for four years. He remained on active duty from October 1993 until February 1998, before moving on to the US Air Force. From June 1998 until March 2007 he served as a pararescueman. He also performed an additional year of reserve duty with the United States Air Force from August 2007 to August 2008.

Life Beyond Active Duty

In 2007, Wil took up the position of a trainer of military science and technology at Assessment and Training Solutions where he taught various skills and techniques to military personnel and civilians. He remained in the job until 2010. Wil also worked at Broken Lizard Productions as an actor and consultant for movies such as Beerfest. He also has diversified his skill as he has a BFA degree in playwriting and screenwriting from the New York Film Academy.

Wil Willis along with co-stars J. Neilson, Doug Marcaida
Wil Willis along with co-stars J. Neilson, Doug Marcaida

In 2009, Wil joined the Television show Special Ops Mission where he executed solo missions against simulated enemy forces. He then hosted the show “Triggers: Weapons That Changed the World” in 2011, where he explored the history and evolution of various firearms. Wil served as the host until 2013. After a two-year hiatus, Wil returned to reality TV as a host of Forged in Fire.

Forged in Fire

In 2015, Willis became the host of Forged in Fire, a reality competition show where bladesmiths compete to forge different kinds of edged weapons, such as swords, axes, daggers, and knives. The show tests the contestants’ skills, creativity, and endurance, as they have to overcome various challenges and obstacles to create functional and beautiful blades. Willis was not only the host, but also one of the judges of the show, along with experts such as J. Neilson, Doug Marcaida, David Baker, Ben Abbott, and Jason Knight. As a judge, Willis evaluated the blades based on their design, craftsmanship, performance, and aesthetics. He also provided commentary and feedback to the contestants throughout the process. He was known for his charisma, humor, professionalism, and enthusiasm on the show.

Willis hosted Forged in Fire for seven seasons, from 2015 to 2020. However, when Season 8 of Forged in Fire premiered in 2020, fans were surprised to see that Willis had been replaced by Grady Powell, a former Green Beret and survival expert who had previously appeared on Ultimate Survival Alaska.

Reason for the Exit: Willis has not spoken publicly about his departure from the show or his relationship with the History Channel. Howevfer, some possible reasons for his leaving may involve his personal life and his career aspirations. In March 2020, Willis and his wife Krystle Amina welcomed their first child together, a baby boy named Flash Orion Willis. Since then, Willis has been posting pictures of his son on his Instagram account, showing how much he enjoys being a father. It is possible that Willis wanted to spend more time with his family and less time traveling and filming for the show.

Another possible reason for his leaving may be his desire to pursue other projects and opportunities in the entertainment industry. In December 2020, Willis appeared on the B3f podcast, where he talked about his experience on Forged in Fire and his future plans. He revealed that it took three to five days to film an episode of Forged in Fire, which he described as “boring” at times. He also expressed his appreciation for the show and its crew but hinted that he was ready for a new challenge.

Life After Forged in Fire

Willis has not announced any new projects or roles since leaving Forged in Fire but he has been active on social media platforms such as Instagram and Twitter. He often shares pictures of his family life with his wife Krystle Amina (who is also an artist), their son Flash Orion Willis, their garden, their art, their travels, their hobbies, and their friends. He occasionally interacts with his fans and answers their questions. He also promotes causes and organizations that he supports, such as veterans’ issues, mental health awareness, environmental protection, animal welfare, and social justice.

Net Worth

Wil Willis is a former military man who has turned his passion for weapons into a lucrative career as a TV host and producer. He has hosted several shows that showcase his expertise and skills in firearms, blades, and historical combat. He has also appeared in some movies and shorts as an actor. His net worth is estimated to be around $1.2 million, which he has earned from his various endeavors in the entertainment industry and military career.

Wife & children

Wil Wills is a married man. He tied the knot with Krystle Amina in October 2017 in a beautiful outdoor ceremony in California. Unlike Wil, Krystle is an artist and illustrator who specializes in charcoal, watercolor, and pastel media. So far the couple has given birth to a boy Orion Willis. Orion was born 7 lbs 7 oz in March of 2020. Wil has two other children Caleb and Jacob from his previous marriage.

Wil Wilis wife Krystle Amina
Wil Wilis & wife Krystle Amina


Is Wil Willis a former Army soldier?Yes
Is Wil Willis a decorated Air Force Pararescue Specialist?Yes
Is Wil Willis the host of Forged in Fire?No, he was the host until Season 7.
Is Wil Willis married to Krystle Amina?Yes
Does Wil Willis have a son named Flash Orion Willis?Yes
Was Wil Willis born in a US base in Portugal?Yes
Did Wil Willis serve in the Army’s 3rd Ranger Battalion?Yes
Did Wil Willis retire from the military in 2008?Yes
Did Wil Willis host Special Ops Mission and Triggers?Yes
Did Wil Willis leave Forged in Fire because of his family?Possibly, he has not spoken out about his reason for leaving.
Is Wil Willis 5’11″ tall?Yes.
Is Wil Willis an actor and writer?Yes, he has appeared in some movies and shorts.
Is Wil Willis a fan favorite of Forged in Fire?Yes, many fans were dismayed by his departure.
Is Wil Willis replaced by Grady Powell as the host of Forged in Fire?Yes, Powell is the new host since Season 8.
Is Wil Willis active on social media?Yes, he posts pictures of his family and other things on Instagram and Twitter.
Does Wil Willis have a Wikipedia page?No, he does not have an official Wikipedia page as of now.
Does Wil Willis have any siblings?Yes
Does Wil Willis have any tattoos?Yes, he has several tattoos on his arms and chest.

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