What happened to Bob Harte daughter Talicia Harte? Accident, disability.

The Last Alaskan is a reality documentary series that shows the daily lives of four families that live in a restricted wildlife refuge in Alaska. The Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is home to thousands of wild native animals and the few people that are permitted to live in there are the stars of the show, and one of them happens to Talicia Harte. In this article, we take a closer look at Talicia Harte’s biography.

Who is Talicia Harte?

Talicia Harte is an American who is the best known for appearing on the show The Last Alaskan and being the daughter of Bob Harte, the famous T.V. personality. There is pretty scarce information regarding her, as she has been keeping most of her bio-data information as well as personal life private as it can get. She features as a member of one of the seven families with special permission to live inside the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge and appears on the show alongside her family.

Bob Harte Daughter Talicia Harte

Bob Harte Daughter Talicia Harte

Her husband and children? Parents?

We do know that she has a daughter named Carmella. However, we have no clue as to who the father is. He might have left the Alaskan family or is still with them but not showing himself. She is the daughter to Nancy Harte and Bob Harte and was born in 1977. She has two siblings named Robert Harte and Jennifer Kinney Young.

Bob Harte daughter Talicia and Granddaughter

Bob Harte daughter Talicia and granddaughter Carmella

Bob Harte sadly departed from this world in July 2017 after going through a few years diagnosed with cancer. Before he left this world, Bob did release a heart-wrenching video where he talked about his relationship with his family, especially his daughter who was very close to his heart. He also expressed his wish to spend the few days that he had remaining, in taking care of her daughter after her accident. The father and daughter were known to have a strong bond. Despite the divorce between Bob and Nancy, Talicia took it well and it did not affect the bond between the daughter and father duo. 

The Accident & Disability

It was revealed by her father that Talicia did get into an accident that was said to have left her disabled. Bob did not reveal any information about the specifics of the disability but he did open up that the accident was entirely the driver’s fault. He disclosed this information in a video also speaking about his relationship with Talicia. It was said that Talicia was hit by the side of a vehicle whose driver was busy on his cellphone. He also resented the irresponsible driver could’ve prevented the entire accident if only he was a bit more responsible.

Career & Net Worth

As far as we are aware Talicia earned her net worth, primarily through appearing on the show alongside her dad. Sources tell that she has a net worth that is closer to her dad which is estimated to be somewhere between  US$ 20,000 to 50,000. 


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