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Something never gets old to television viewers like people surviving in cabins in a remote Alaskan wilderness turning to nature to gather food and hunting and fishing. Following the premise, many reality television shows have been born including “The Last Alaskans,” meanwhile giving a platform to normal individuals. In the mix came Talicia Harte who became a public figure. So who indeed is her? We will bring up everything to know about this television star including the accident she suffered years back.

Who is Talicia Harte?

Talicia Harte also known as Alicia Harte is an American television personality best known for her appearance on the reality show “The Last Alaskan.” She is the daughter of the late outdoorsman, hunter, trapper, and television personality Bob Harte.

Bob Harte Daughter Talicia Harte
Talicia Harte


How old is she?

Talicia Harte was born in May 1983 in Fairbanks, Alaska, United States. The birthdate makes her 39 years old. Talicia is the daughter of Bob Harte and Nancy Becker and granddaughter of Eleanor Harte, & Vernon Harte.

Early Life:

Talicia was raised in Alaska alongside her siblings. Growing up she experienced self-sufficient living as her father sought pleasure in such a lifestyle and went on to live in a cabin in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for over 30 years.

Talicia also picked some traits of living close to nature but did not forfeit her education. She spent part of her childhood in Sequim, Washington where she attended middle school and high school at Sequim Senior High. In Fairbanks, Alaska she attended West Valley High School and Lathrop High School. For further education, she attended the University of Alaska Fairbanks.


Over the years Talicia has done different jobs including Armed Security guard at Akal Security and teaching assistant at Fairbanks North Star Borough School District. However, what brought her fame is her appearances in the Animal Planet channel show “The Last Alaskan.” She appeared as a daughter of Bob Harte who was among the few people allowed to live in Cabin in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge.

Accident & Disability:

Talicia survived a gruesome car accident but it left her disabled. She has paralysis on one side of her face and can not properly move her left hand. After Bob was diagnosed with Cancer he left the refugee camp to live closer to his daughter. At the time he was 64 years old and was worried about his daughter and providing for her in the meantime. 


Bob revealed accident was entirely the driver’s fault. Talicia was hit by the side of a vehicle whose driver was busy on his cell phone. He also resented the irresponsible driver and could’ve prevented the entire accident if only he was a bit more responsible.

Personal life:

Talicia has a daughter who is of age to attend school and currently resides in Fairbanks, Alaska. The name of the father is not known but Talicia has shared a few family pictures on her Facebook account giving hints about the man. The man goes by the name Dudley and can be seen in several pictures alongside her daughter suggesting he could be the father.
Talicia Harte alongside her daughter and Dudley

Relationship with Bob Harte:

Bob Harte sadly departed from this world in July 2017 after going through a few years diagnosed with cancer. Before he left this world, Bob did release a heart-wrenching video where he talked about his relationship with his family, especially his daughter who was very close to his heart. He also expressed his wish to spend the few days that he had remaining, in taking care of her daughter after her accident. The father and daughter were known to have a strong bond. Despite the divorce between Bob and Nancy, Talicia took it well and it did not affect the bond between the daughter and father duo. 

Bob Harte daughter Talicia and Granddaughter
Bob Harte alongside Talicia Harte and her daughter Carmella

Net Worth:

As far as we are aware Talicia earned her net worth through various endeavors including the reality television show “The Last Alaskans.” According to our source, she has an estimated net worth somewhere between US$ 20,000- 50,000. 

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Birth Name:Talicia Harte
Other Name:Alicia Harte
Birth Date:May 1983
Age:40 years old
Birth Place:Fairbanks, Alaska, United States
Father’s Name:Bob Harte
Mother’s Name:Nancy Becker
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Spouse/Partner: N/A
Education:University of Alaska Fairbanks
Profession:Reality Television Personality
Net Worth:$20,000-$50,000

This is an update of the article originally published on April 7, 2020.


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