Danielle Busby biography, father died? Her net worth,husband, kids.

From a common citizen to a celebrity mother, the rise of Danielle Busby has nothing more than dramatic. The 36-year-old rose to fame when she gave birth to the only all-girl quintuplets in the United States on record. This came as a surprise to even the parents who were trying for children for a long time. Following the birth of her children, Danielle was soon ushered into reality television. The matriarch of the family stars in the show Outdaughtered, which documents the day to day livelihood of the Busby family. And even though on the outset the show seems to be nothing more than another reality TV series, fans of the shows are a testament that it’s not the case.

Real-Life wonder women:

Danielle Busby was born on the 23rd of December 1983 in Louisiana, U.S. The reality TV star spent much of her childhood in Louisiana alongside her twin sisters, Crystal and Ashley. Only after her marriage to Adam did she move to Texas, where the family resides now. As documented in several episodes of the show, Danielle is nothing short of a real-life wonder woman. The matriarch of the family somehow manages to juggle six children, a husband, a household, a blog, and so much more. Apart from her amazing exploits, little is known about Danielle. Her early life remains a mystery and while her mother and her sisters have appeared on the show, her father is yet to make an appearance. 

Outdaughtered star Danielle Busby
Outdaughtered star Danielle Busby

A millennial romance: 

For fans of the show, Adam Busby is a familiar figure. The patriarch of the Busby family is a sweet figure around the house. Aiding Danielle in taking care of their children, Adam regularly appears on the show. And if Danielle’s words are anything to go by, Adam has always been the sweet man he is now. The pair met while working for at a Target store in 2003. As both Danielle and Adam were taking a 15-minute break from their work, Adam mustered the courage to ask Danielle out on a date. From there on the pair have always been together and two and a half years letter, Adam finally popped the question on Christmas Eve. 

Married to Adam Busby, a mother of quintuplets:

On July 22, 2006, nearly three years in relationship Danielle and her husband Adam married in a small wedding ceremony in their hometown of Lousiana. Following the marriage, Adam and Danielle struggled to give birth. The pair have been amazingly upfront about their difficulty in getting pregnant with their first daughter. Danielle often discusses that she got pregnant from intrauterine insemination for her eldest daughter.

Adam Busby and Danielle Busby KIds
Adam Busby and Danielle Busby parents of six kids

Even though the pair struggled early, they are now proud parents to six daughters. Their oldest, Blayke Louise, was born on April 5, 2011. Danielle gave birth to the next five girls, quintuplets in a single pregnancy. Since it was not any normal pregnancy she had to deliver through Caesarean section on April 8, 2015, at 28 weeks. Among her five daughters, Ava and Olivia are identical twins; Hazel, Riley, and Parker are fraternal triplets.

Her biological father’s identity a mystery, died?

When comes to raising children Danielle has welcomed all the helping hands. Her 56-year-old mother Michelle Theriot moved to Texas in order to take care of babies soon after their birth. However, her biological father, grandfather to quintuplets was not involved.

Danielle Busby mother Mimi and Twin sisters
Danielle Busby at the back, twin siblings Crystal (L) and Ashley(R), mother Michelle Theriot(M)

Another time Danielle’s mother Michelle Theriot also known by nickname “Mimi” was the victim of Hurricane Harvey in 2017. The disaster took her house but Mimi was not injured or anything. Danielle, her twin sisters, and Adam helped her relocate to Texas but Mimi’s husband did not come for the support. So far the identity of Danielle’s biological father is kept hidden.

A wild range of rumors circulates around the internet claiming the identity of Danielle Busby’s father. Some say Danielle’s father is divorced and not on good terms with family. Also, rumors speculate he died. According to an article posted on distractify.com suggests Fred Theriot is the biological father of Danielle Busby. Fred who passed away in 2006 was a U.S Army veteran and served in the second world war. After coming out of the army Fred worked in the real estate business.

Danielle Busby grandfather and grandmother
Danielle Busby grandfather Fred Theriot and grandmother Mary Theriot

However, if we break down the fact, Fred Theriot is not Daniel Busby’s father. Indeed he is her grandfather, father to Michelle Theriot. Mimi’s mother Mary preceded in death in 2000.

Net Worth:

The net worth of Danielle and her husband is estimated to be around USD 2M. Much of her income comes from the reality TV series but rumors claim that she has also worked as a beauty consultant. Similarly, Adam works as a Key Account Manager which contributes to the family’s income. 

Danielle Busby wiki facts

NameDanielle Busby
Age36  years
BirthdateDec 23, 1983
BirthplaceLake Charles, Louisiana, U.S
ProfessionReality TV star
SpouseAdam Busby
Net WorthAbove $2 million
MotherMichelle Theriot
GrandparentsFred Theriot, Mary Theriot
Social MediaInstagram


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