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Jeff Zausch is a survivalist, adventurer, and TV personality who has appeared on several seasons of the Discovery Channel’s reality series Naked and Afraid and its spin-offs. A survival expert Jeff is a huge fan of the outdoors and known for his exceptional skills in making fire, hunting, fishing, and enduring harsh environments with minimal resources. He has set several records in the show, such as surviving the longest time (121 days), completing the first 60-day challenge, and achieving the highest primitive survival rating (PSR) of 9.1 out of 10. He also hosted the final season of Dual Survival. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Jeff Zausch.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameJeffrey Joseph Zausch
Date of birthJune 5, 1987
Place of birthPocatello, Idaho, USA
FatherMatthew J. Zausch
Zodiac signGemini
Height6 feet or 183 cm or 1.83 m
Weight170 lbs (77 kg)
Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorHazel
EducationBachelor’s degree in Earth and environmental systems from Idaho State University with minor Ecology and GiS
OccupationSurvivalist, adventurer, TV personality, actor, model, writer
Net worth$1 Million to $3 Million USD (as of 2023)
Marital statusDivorced from Gabrielle Zausch; Currently dating Erin Munoz
TV showsNaked and Afraid; Naked and Afraid XL; Savage, Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing
Most extreme environment survived60 days in Naked and Afraid XL on the Philippine Island of Palawan during typhoon season
Favorite survival skillFire-making using primitive methods such as bow drill or hand drill
Favorite survival itemKnife or machete
Favorite survival foodProtein-rich sources such as fish, reptiles, birds, or mammals
Least favorite survival foodInsects or worms
Dual Survival season 9 co-host Jeff Zausch
Dual Survival season 9 co-host Jeff Zausch


Jeffery Joseph Zausch was born on the 5th of June 1987 in the mountains of Idaho, USA. Born and raised in the mountains, Jeff spent much of his early life learning the ways of nature. Jeff followed his father into the wilderness and stayed true to his teaching. His father, Matthew J. Zausch was a huge fan of the wilderness and trained Jeff in the ways of the mountains. Even though Matthew loved the wilderness, he was plagued by heart conditions. While he lived, Matthew went through nine different heart surgeries. The man passed away in 2013 and passed on his fighting spirit to Jeff.

A survival Expert

Even though Jeff was always interested in the wilderness, he did not always dream of being a survival expert. When Jeff was nine years of age, he got his first lesson on the dangers of the wilderness. His homeland was hit by a huge storm, and Jeff had to bear the brunt of the storm. This steeled Jeff’s resolve and trained him for the days ahead. Over the years, Jeff heightened his senses and perfected the basics of being a survival expert.

Reality TV Shows

Even though Jeff had always lived on his own terms, he wanted to get out of his comfort zone. In 2014, Jeff decided to participate in the survival TV show, Naked and Afraid. The reality series features pairs of total strangers who are tasked with surviving in the extreme environment and dangerous wildlife of the wilderness. The catch of the show is the participants are completely naked and have no tools at their disposal. Jeff competed in the Madagascar region and was paired up with Eva Rupert. The pair were tasked with surviving in the harsh desert of Madagascar’s Massif D’Isalo. The pair were featured in the second episode of the second season, which aired on March 23, 2014. But unluckily for the pair, their camp caught fire when they attempted to cook snake meat and they barely escaped with their lives. Jeff also went on to feature in the spin-off Naked and Afraid XL.

Jeff Zausch participated in Naked and Afraid Tv show

Dual Survival

During his time in the series, Jeff made such a strong impression on the producers that he was invited to work on another series. Jeff was the final survival expert to have ever been featured on the Dual Survival. He paired up with EJ Snyder and enjoyed a short experience before the show was canceled in 2016.

Accident & Injuries

During his survival challenges, Jeff has faced many dangers and difficulties, such as extreme weather, hunger, thirst, predators, parasites, infections, injuries, and conflicts with other participants. One of the most serious incidents that Jeff experienced was during his 60-day challenge in the Philippines for Naked and Afraid XL. On the 51st day, he developed a 105-degree fever that made him shiver uncontrollably. He said he was the coldest he had ever felt in his life and that he was praying nonstop for his recovery. He attributed his survival to his faith and his partner, Laura Zerra, who helped him through the night. He managed to complete the challenge despite his condition, becoming the first person to do so.


One of the most serious allegations against Jeff Zausch was that he committed insurance fraud in 2015. Zausch pleaded guilty to making false statements to an insurance company and was sentenced to 100 hours of community service, $376 in restitution, and three years in probation.

Another controversy that involved Jeff Zausch was that he was accused of being a saboteur by some of his fellow contestants on ‚ÄúSnake in the Grass‚ÄĚ. The show, which aired in 2022, featured former reality TV stars competing for $100,000 by finding clues and avoiding snakes hidden in a field. Jeff was not the snake, but he was suspected by some of his competitors because of his survival skills and his clues. Jeff managed to avoid being voted out until the final round, where he lost to Malcolm Freberg, who was the actual snake.

A third controversy that followed Jeff Zausch was that he was criticized for being arrogant and disrespectful by some of his partners on ‚ÄúNaked and Afraid‚ÄĚ. The show, which airs on Discovery Channel, features two survivalists who are stripped of their clothes and belongings and left in a remote location. They have to survive by finding food, water, shelter, and fire. Zausch has participated in several episodes of the show, as well as its spin-offs ‚ÄúNaked and Afraid XL‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúNaked and Afraid of Sharks‚ÄĚ. He has set records for spending the most number of days naked in the wild: 60 days in the Philippines with Laura Zerra. However, he has also clashed with some of his partners over their strategies, personalities, and performances.¬†For example, he argued with EJ Snyder over who was the leader of their group in South Africa.¬†He also clashed with Luke McLaughlin over their roles and responsibilities in Colombia.

Net Worth

Jeff Zuasch’s net worth is estimated to be between $1 million and $3 million as of 2023. He earned most of his money from being a professional reality TV personality, as well as from social media sponsorships and promotions. He also has a passion for adventure and has climbed many of the highest peaks in the Northwest United States.

Wife & Kids

Jeff Zausch is no stranger to extreme challenges. As a television personality and survivalist, he has braved the wilderness in the Discovery Channel’s Naked and Afraid and Naked and Afraid XL. But when it comes to his love life, he has found a partner who shares his passion for adventure. Erin Munoz is a musician who supports Jeff’s daring escapades and often joins him on his travels around the world. 

Jeff Zausch girlfriend
Jeff Zausch & girlfriend Erin Munoz

Before Erin, Jeff was married to Gabrielle Zausch. They tied the knot in 2013 in a beautiful ceremony attended by their family and friends. However, their marriage did not last long and they divorced sometime after 2015. The reason for their split is unknown, but some speculate that it was due to Jeff’s demanding career and lifestyle.

Jeff Zausch has experienced both highs and lows in his love life, but he has never given up on finding happiness. He is currently enjoying his relationship with Erin, who seems to be his perfect match. Together, they explore the wonders of nature and the depths of their love.


  • Q: Is Jeff Zausch married?
    • A: No, he is divorced but was married to Gabrielle Balassone, a fellow survivalist and TV star.
  • Q: Does Jeff Zausch have any children?
    • A: No, he does not have any children as of 2023.
  • Q: How old is Jeff Zausch?
    • A: He is 36 years old as of 2023. He was born on June 5, 1987.
  • Q: Where does Jeff Zausch live?
    • A: He lives in Idaho, USA.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs hobbies?
    • A: He enjoys hunting, fishing, hiking, camping, and photography.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs skills?
    • A: He is proficient in fire making, shelter building, trapping, tracking, navigation, and wilderness survival.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs achievements?
    • A: He has survived in some of the most extreme environments on the planet, such as the Amazon rainforest, the Kalahari desert, the Himalayas, and the Arctic tundra. He also holds the record for the longest survival challenge on Naked and Afraid XL, lasting 60 days in the Philippines.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs challenges?
    • A: He has faced many dangers and hardships during his survival adventures, such as dehydration, starvation, infection, injury, predators, parasites, and extreme weather.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs goals?
    • A: He aims to inspire others to explore the natural world and challenge themselves to overcome their fears and limitations.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs values?
    • A: He values courage, resilience, adaptability, teamwork, and respect for nature.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs favorite foods?
    • A: He likes to eat wild game meat, fish, fruits, and nuts.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs favorite tools?
    • A: He prefers to use a knife, a fire starter, a water container, a fishing line and hook, and a bow and arrow.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs favorite places?
    • A: He loves to visit places that are remote, diverse, and beautiful, such as Alaska, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs favorite books?
    • A: He enjoys reading books that are informative, adventurous, and inspirational, such as Hatchet by Gary Paulsen, Into the Wild by Jon Krakauer, and The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho.
  • Q: What are Jeff Zausch‚Äôs favorite movies?
    • A: He likes to watch movies that are thrilling, action-packed, and realistic, such as The Revenant, Cast Away, and The Grey.
  • Q: Does Jeff Zausch have any scars?
    • A: Yes, he has several scars from his survival experiences.
  • Q: Does Jeff Zausch have any allergies?
    • A: No, he does not have any allergies that he is aware of.
  • Q: Does Jeff Zausch have any phobias?
    • A: No, he does not have any phobias that he admits to.
  • Q: Does Jeff Zausch have any rivals?
    • A: No, he does not have any rivals that he considers to be enemies but he does have some friendly competitors such as EJ Snyder, Laura Zerra, and Matt Wright.
  • Q: Does Jeff Zausch have any friends?
    • A: Yes, he has many friends that he trusts and respects.
  • Q: Does Jeff Zausch have any fans?
    • A: Yes, he has a large fan base that supports and admires him such as his followers on social media and his viewers on TV.

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