Rehab Addict’s Nicole Curtis: Wiki-Bio, Career, Divorce, Kids, Controversy.

Nicole Curtis is a rehab addict, which is not surprising considering she stars in the reality TV show labeled, Rehab Addict aired on HGTV. As the show’s official bio describes, Nicole is a “sweet-talking, hammer-swinging whirlwind”. An advocate for the preservation and restoration of architecture, Nicole is not the one to give up on homes. But instead of restoring old age homes to match modern standards, Nicole attempts to restore the homes to their former glory. Over the years, Nicole has worked in Saint Paul, Minneapolis, Detroit, and Akron. Her work is primarily centered around pre-World War II homes. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Nicole Curtis.

Early Life:

Nicole Curtis was born on the 20th of August 1976 in Lake Orion, Michigan USA. Born to Joanie and Rod Curtis, Nicole spent much of her early life with her brother Ryan Curtis. The family-owned a garbage collection business that taught Nicole the glory of restoration. As a young kid, Nicole went to Lake Orion High School and graduated from high school in 1944. Following her high school graduation, Nicole enrolled at Michigan to Study Law but transferred to Florida University to study education. While still at college, Nicole got pregnant with her first baby, Ethan, and had to leave college to find a job to take care of the baby.

Professional Career:

Alone and pregnant, Nicole was running out of time to find a job. But instead of finding a job, Nicole decided to create a job and started a cleaning business. At the same time, Nicole started working for a license as a realtor. At the time, Nicole was married to Steve Lane, who helped her get by. However, the pair called it quits in 2009, and Nicole was left to her own devices.

HGTV star Nicole Curtis.
HGTV star Nicole Curtis.

After developing a mind for business, Nicole shut down the cleaning business and shifted her focus in an antique store. After gathering her realtor’s license, Nicole began working in the Minneapolis area but slowly expanded to include other locations. As her fame grew, Nicole was scouted by Magnetic Productions, who wanted her to star in the show, Sweat Equity.

Rehab Addict and Controversy:

After a one-off appearance in Sweat Equity, Nicole landed her TV show entitled, Rehab Addict. The series aired in the DIY Network and premiered on the 14th of October 2010. The series became an instant hit with the fans. Since then, Nicole has made appearances in several other series including Daryl’s Restoration Over-Hall, Beach Flip, and Home & Family.

Apart from her TV life she also spent her quality time on writing too. On the basis of her struggle and dedication to her work she has revealed her opinion regarding her work on her Autobiography book “Better Than New: Lessons I’ve Learned from Saving Old Homes (and How They Saved Me)” she published on October 18, 2016.

Back in 2013, Nicole and her company bought a house for $2 from the city of Minneapolis, whose renovation time was allocated to be a year. Unfortunately, they failed to renovate the old house in the proposed time, which finally turned down to a lawsuit from the City of Minneapolis. The lawsuit was later settled in 2017, while there have been no further details made available.

Personal life:

Nicole gave birth to her first son, Ethan, with her ex-husband Steve Lane in 1996. The pair called things off in 2009 and Nicole began dating Shane Maguire. The pair split soon after, but Nicole fell pregnant with her second child, Harper. Following the pregnancy, Shane filed paternity and joint custody. While the court agreed, Nicole attempted to block Shane from having overnight custody until Harper’s second birthday. She argued that the baby needed to be breastfed and needed more care. The couple even argued over Harper’s name who was born in May of 2015. Talking about the legal battle, Nicole wrote on Instagram,

“Just like that, my little one jumps into my arm and reaches for a breast — I sit for a long time in the car when we do these returns while getting screamed at — put your boob away in my driveway.”


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