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Bob Harte was a man who lived on the edge of the world, in the Arctic National Refuge of Alaska. He was a legend among the few who knew him, a pioneer of the wilderness, and a survivor of many perils. He left behind the comforts of civilization at the age of 21, and spent the next 40 years as a trapper, a fisherman, a pilot, and a reality TV star. He loved the Alaskan wilderness, his family, and his dogs more than anything else. He faced harsh winters, hungry bears, plane crashes, and cancer, but he never gave up his spirit of adventure and freedom. In this article, we will explore the life and legacy of one of the last Alaskans, Bob Harte. We will follow his journey from his birthplace in New Jersey to his final home in Alaska, his marriage and divorce, his children, and his near-death experiences and his last days.

Bob Harte was more than just a TV personality. He was a hero, an inspiration, a friend. He was the last of a dying breed, a man who lived by his own rules and followed his own path. He was the ultimate Alaskan.

Late Bob Harte
Late Bob Harte

Early Life:

Bob Harte was born on January 23, 1951, in Jersey City, New Jersey, United States. Bob loved sports from a young age and was quite good at baseball. One of three siblings, Bob spent much of his early life fishing alongside his brothers. He holds a special regard for his grandfather rather than his parents Vernon Harte and Elanor Harte. Growing up, Bob would often assist his grandfather in construction and learn a few tricks of the trade. 

Moving to Alaska:

From a young age, Bob was interested in Alaska and wanted to live there. He decided to drop out of college and moved to Alaska to start a life there. Even though Bob was just 21 at the time, he was a skilled trapper and used his skills to sustain himself. His skills became known around the nation and Bob was asked to join the Russia/America trapper exchange program.

Starting a career in reality TV:

The Russia/America trapper exchange program proved to be an eye-opening experience for Bob. During the program, he further honed his skills as a trapper, carpenter, and hunter. His unique skill set eventually attracted executive producers from the Discovery channel, who wanted to work with Bob in an all-new reality series. Entitled “The Last Alaskans,” the show followed the lives of several families who lived in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge in Alaska, and Harte was one of the main subjects featured on the show. The series’ first season premiered on May 25, 2015, and concluded with four seasons on November 25, 2018.

T.V personality Late Bob Harte
T.V personality Late Bob Harte

Personal Life:

Bob Harte was married to Nancy Harte. In the years together as a couple, the pair gave birth to one daughter Talicia Harte. Altogether the pair raised three children. Nancy was previously married and had a son Trevor from the relationship. The pair also adopted a foster child named Steve. Bob was a family man through and through and loved his children above everything else. Even on his deathbed, when he was greeted by all his family and friends, Bob said: “You are my family and I love you dearly.” 

Late Bob Harte and his family
Late Bob Harte and his family

In his years of living in Alaska, Bob had to tackle several predicaments. His family members would often say that Bob had nine lives. After all, the man had survived crashing his motorcycle, crashing his plane, accidentally shooting himself, falling off his cabin wall, swamping his boat in the ocean, crashing another plane, getting run over on his motorcycle, having brain surgery, and so many accidents that would have easily killed him. However, the man passed away on the 22nd of July, 2017 after a battle with cancer.  He was 66 years old.

Bob spent his last days surrounded by his family and friends in Fairbanks, Alaska. He also attended a celebration of his life on July 17, 2017, where he shared stories and memories with his loved ones. He is survived by his wife, daughter, stepson, foster son, and granddaughter.

Bob’s death was a sad loss for his fans and his fellow cast members of The Last Alaskans. His friend and fellow trapper Heimo Korth paid tribute to him in an emotional episode of the show, where he recalled their friendship and their adventures in the refuge. Bob’s legacy lives on in his family and in his fans, who remember him as a brave and resilient man who lived his dream in the Alaskan wilderness.

 A look back at his way of life:

Bob Harte lived in a cabin in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge for more than 30 years, where he led a self-sufficient lifestyle and relied on hunting and fishing to survive. Harte was known for his rugged, independent spirit and his deep love for the Alaskan wilderness.

Harte was a well-respected member of the community in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, and he was known for his knowledge of the land and his ability to survive in a harsh and isolated environment. 

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Birth Name:Bob Harte
Birth Date:January 23, 1951
Death Date:July 22, 2017
Age:66 years old
Birth Place:Jersey City, New Jersey, United States
Father’s Name:Vernon Harte
Mother’s Name:Elanor Harte
Sexual Orientation:Straight
Spouse/Partner: Nancy Harte
Children:Talicia Harte, Trevor, Steve
Profession:Trapper, Hunter, Carpenter, Reality Television Personality
Social Media Handle:Inactive

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