Who is Lisa Nicole Cloud from Married to medicine? Her Wiki-Bio facts.

When compared to the people around her, Lisa Nicole Cloud seems to be cut from a different cloth. The reality TV star has achieved success in so many fields, that it is becoming increasingly difficult to keep track of them. Fueled by her passion, Lisa is always striving for more. The business mogul has achieved phenomenal success as a direct sales expert, author, business and success coach, speaker, sales trainer, clothing designer, and philanthropist. But for all her talents, Lisa’s core competency lies in business. She is the CEO of several companies and is always striving for success. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Lisa Nicole Cloud.

Early Life:

Lisa Nicole Cloud was born on the 15th of October 1973 in Baltimore, Baltimore. Lisa has never liked talking about her early life and has shared very little information with the media. After graduating from a local high-school, Lisa attended Emory University in Atlanta, Georgia, and graduated with a degree in Pre-Med/Psychology. She continued her further education at the Johns Hopkins University and was a part of the school’s renowned Leadership Development Program.

lisa nicole cloud married to medicine
Married to Medicine star Lisa Nicole Cloud 

Professional Career:

Over the years, Lisa spent ample time working as a sales representative for several pharmaceutical companies. She was granted the nickname “Ms. Millionaire Maker”, as she would often tutor and coach several MLM millionaires. While working as a sales representative, Lisa strived to improve her several skills including public speaking, philanthropy, and fashion. Lisa’s strong sense of innovation and entrepreneurial skills saw her work as the CEO of several companies throughout her career. And while she switched companies more than once, she retained her drive for success just the same. Her success in the business world made Lisa a perfect candidate for the cast of the reality TV series, Married to Medicine.

Problems in reality TV:

Even though Lisa’s appearance in Married to Medicine was a short one, it was memorable for her, but not for the right reasons. Lisa made an appearance in the second season of the reality series and stayed until the fifth season. During her time on set, Lisa failed to build strong bonds with other cast members. This not only impacted her social life but also her personal life with her husband. Rumors would often be stirred up that her husband was cheating on her, as a result, Lisa decided to leave the show after the fifth season. But for Lisa, everything is a learning experience. The business mogul may have left the show but she is glad to have been a part of it.

Other works:

Other than her work as a sales representative, Lisa is also the owner of a fashion line entitled,  The Lisa Nicole Collection. Lisa has also achieved success as an author and has written three books titled, “Wealthy Women,” “Without a Coach,” “No Winner Ever Got There”. She also wrote a book inspired by her daughter entitled, Princess Amira: Every Little Girl is a Princess.

Personal Life:

Lissa Nicole is married to Dr. Darren Naugles and the pair have two lovely children, a son named DJ and a daughter, Amira Faith. And while the pair have never been separated, there have been turbulences in their marriage. Lisa struggled with Darren’s infidelity while the pair made an appearance in the reality TV series, Married to Medicine. But despite all the problems, the pair never filed for a divorce and have worked on their marriage through ups and downs.

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