Kyle Cooke from Summer House revealed Marriage date: Wiki-Bio, Fiance.

Kyle Cooke is the life of the party. One of the stars of the reality TV series Summer House, Kyle is ever-present to make people laugh. Talking about his childlike tendencies and habits, Kyle describes himself as a “man-olescent.” A fan of traveling and parties, Kyle’s talents are not limited to acting and partying. The reality star is the owner of the popular hard tea, Lover Boy. He established the company with his fiance Amanda Batula. While Kyle handles the business sides of things, Amanda focuses on the design. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Kyle Cooke.

Early Life:

Kyle Cooke was born on the 4th of August 1982 in Baltimore, Maryland. Born and raised in Baltimore, Kyle spent most of his early life with his brother, Cary Cooke. The pair are particularly close with their grandmother and Kyle posts regular pictures of the trio. After graduating from a local high school in Baltimore, Kyle enrolled at the Babson College in Boston. He graduated from University in 2011 with an MBA degree. Following his graduation, Kyle chose to pursue an entrepreneurial career instead of working a regular 9 to 5 job.

Kyle Cooke cast of Summer House.
Kyle Cooke cast of Summer House.

Professional Career:

In April of 2013, Kyle started working for ZocDoc as a sales manager and stayed with them for a year. He then moved to Dallas and served as the co-founder and advisor in Blown Away. After a two-year stay at Dallas, Kyle moved back to New York and served as the Chief Brand Officer at Birddogs. While working with Birddogs, Kyle founded a nutrition consulting application called, FENIX. After working in the development of FENIX for over five-years, Kyle launched his new project, Lover Boy Inc. The company produced a low-calorie, sugar-free party drink called Lover Boy. In addition to Lover Boy, Kyle is also the owner of NighJockey Inc., which was used to create management solutions for night clubs.


As of 2020, Kyle has made appearances in a short movie and a reality TV series. In 2013, Kyle was cast on the short drama, Across Dystopia. He starred alongside Gabriel Hargrove and was well received for his roles. Following his one-off appearance, Kyle returned to the TV screens with Summer House. He has made successive appearances right from the first season of the show and continues to be a fan favorite.

Personal Relationships:

Kyle Cooke is currently engaged to Amanda Batula and the pair have been together since 2015. While the pair made things official in September of 2018, they have been in an on and off relationship for years. In 2017, the pair called things off to focus on their careers but found their way back to each other in 2018. The pair announced their wedding date to be on September 25, 2020. Talking about the guest list, Kyle said that it was completely out of his control but did clarify that the usual suspects would be present. The pair shared the news via a separate interview with The Daily Dish Podcast.

“We have set a date, it’s in September. And it’s a fairly local venue. So we’re incredibly excited,” Kyle revealed. “It’s gonna be like kind of like a New York City wedding.”

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