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If Dany Koker has anyone to thank for his enormous success apart from himself then it is his right-hand man, Kevin Mack. Dany and Kevin are the best of friends and converted their friendship into a partnership. The pair worked tirelessly to make Count Kustoms into the booming business house it is today. Now, Kevin and Danny ride around Vegas searching for cars to buy. Because of this, Kevin often ends up as the collateral every time Dany has to take a new ride for a test drive. After Scott, Danny’s previous manager left the shop for the birth of his son, Kevin took over the role.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameKevin Mack
NicknameMack Daddy
Date of birthUnknown
Place of birthUnknown
Eye colorBrown
Hair colorDark Brown
Marital statusMarried
ChildrenOne son, Devin Mack
OccupationManager of Count’s Kustoms, reality TV star
Net worthEstimated at $1.3 million as of 2023
HobbiesCruising around Vegas, looking for vehicles to buy, watching Lakers games
Favorite car1963 Ford Galaxie
TV appearancesCounting Cars, American Restoration (2013-2014), Counting Cars: Supercharged (2017-2018)
Kevin mack counting cars
Reality Television Star Kevin Mack 

Early Life:

Little is known about Kevin Mack’s early life. And while it should be safe to assume that Kevin is an American, his exact date of birth and place of birth remains unknown. Kevin has not revealed any details about his family and personal relationships with his parents. Kevin was into cars from a young age. His interest was guided by his grandmother who owned a 1974 Caddy. In an attempt to make his name in the automobile industry, Kevin decided to move to Las Vegas and started working with his friend, Dany Koker

Professional Life

Kevin was brought in to fill the shoes of Scott Jones who left the TV series during the third season. Scott wanted to move to Tennessee to take care of his newly born son. Kevin joined Count Kustoms as a General Manager of Operations in 2006. After taking over Scott, Kevin was responsible for overseeing budgetary restrictions and reigning in the creative talents at the shop. He would also periodically check on Count’s other businesses including a tattoo shop and a rock club. When asked about his work life,

“It’s a tough road sometimes. It’s definitely not for everyone. My mornings are spent reviewing our current projects and my afternoons are spent working on new business coming in the door or reviewing and organizing whatever car show or event we are traveling to that weekend.”, Keven said. “It’s nonstop, but when you are passionate about what you do, spending all day every day finding new projects or going to shows where collectors have poured their soul into what’s on display doesn’t seem like work.”

As his grandmother owned a 1974 Caddy back in the day, Kevin has mad love for his 1969 Cadillac DeVille. Since joining Count Kustoms, Kevin has also made regular appearances in the reality series, Counting Cars. Even though Kevin was late to the part as compared to other crew members, he has managed to establish himself as a vital part of the garage and the show.


Kevin Mack is a well-known personality in the world of car restoration and customization. He is the manager of Count’s Kustoms, a shop owned by his longtime friend Danny “The Count” Koker, and the star of the popular reality TV show Counting Cars. However, Kevin’s fame and success have not been without controversy.

Kevin has faced some criticism from some viewers who accused him of being rude and arrogant on the show. Some people claimed that Kevin was disrespectful to Danny and the other staff members of Count’s Kustoms, and that he often acted like he was in charge of everything. However, Kevin defended himself by saying that he was just doing his job as a manager, and that he had a good relationship with everyone on the show.

Another controversy that Kevin was involved in was when he was absent from several episodes of Counting Cars in late 2020. Many fans of the show were worried that Kevin had left the show or had some personal problems that prevented him from appearing on screen. However, Kevin reassured his fans on social media that he was still part of the show and that he was doing fine. He did not explain the reason for his absence, but he hinted that it was related to the COVID-19 pandemic and its impact on the filming schedule.

Net Worth

 Kevin Mack’s net worth is estimated to be around $1.3 million as of 2023. This is mainly derived from his salary as the manager of Count’s Kustoms, which is reported to be around $100,000 per year. He also earns some income from his appearances on “Counting Cars”, which ran for ten seasons from 2012-2021.

Kevin Mack owns several custom cars and motorcycles, some of which he has showcased on the show. He also has a collection of memorabilia and antiques related to cars and motorcycles, such as vintage gas pumps, signs, and posters.

Wife & Kids

Kevin Mack is currently married and has a son, Devir Mack. Devin is a professional racer who has been using the Legends Car that belongs to Count’s Kustoms since he was 13. Kevin also has a brother, Steve Mack who is a Las Vegas Attorney and also has a tow yard. A recent episode of Counting Cars featured Keving bidding against his brother. 


Is Kevin Mack still working at Count’s Kustoms?Yes
Is Kevin Mack married?Yes
Does Kevin Mack have any children?Yes
Did Kevin Mack leave Counting Cars?No
Was Kevin Mack sued by a customer?No
Did Kevin Mack replace Scott Jones as the shop manager?Yes
Does Kevin Mack have any tattoos?Yes
Does Kevin Mack own any cars or bikes?Yes
Is Kevin Mack friends with Danny Koker?Yes
Does Kevin Mack play any musical instruments?No
Does Kevin Mack have any siblings?No
Is Kevin Mack active on social media?Yes
Has Kevin Mack appeared in any other TV shows besides Counting Cars?Yes
Does Kevin Mack have any pets?No
Is Kevin Mack a fan of rock music?Yes
Does Kevin Mack have any health issues?No
Has Kevin Mack ever been arrested?No
Does Kevin Mack have a college degree?No
Is Kevin Mack a native of Las Vegas?No
Does Kevin Mack have a nickname?Yes

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