All Girls Garage Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner Wiki/Bio, age, Net Worth,husband, kids.

Repairing cars and motorcycles is not up to men only, velocity network  TV show “All Girls Garage” star Sarah Lateiner raise the bar for women. Sarah who goes by nickname “Bogi” alongside Cristy Lee and Rachel De Barros makes an all-female team in the show, teaching and repairing vehicles in the shop setting. The show is an inspiration to many ladies looking to establish themselves in the automotive world. In this article, we will bring every detail on Sarah “Bogi” Latiener. You will be impressed to know how she entered into mechanic let alone the impressive net worth she managed over the years.

Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner wiki/bio, age

Sarah Lateiner is a certified mechanic, television personality, poet, and an artist. She was born on December 15, 1977, in Flushing, Queens in a middle-class family. This 40 years old automotive expert spent most of her childhood growing in North Jersy in a small town called Montclair with her only sibling Jenny.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner
While Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner is a pre-law student she saw her future in automobiles


She has come a long way to become a well-recognized mechanic in America despite her family wanting her to become a Lawyer. Sarah attended Oberlin College with a double major in Women’s Studies and Pre-Law and a minor in Politics. She graduated Phi Beta Kappa in just three years. After graduation, she thought of joining Harvard Law school and become a lawyer, but her passion for vehicles changed the direction. She goes on to attend Universal Technical Institute in Phoenix and graduate as a mechanic from there.

Sarah bogi Lateiner car
Sarah’s first car VW Bug taught her wrenching and restoring


Bogi’s love affair with the car started at the age of sixteen. Ever since she bought her first car an old VW Bug, she got into wrenching. She had terrible experience repairing at the auto shop, so she enrolled in her high school’s auto shop where she learned to restore her beloved first car completely. In case you are wondering how she got a nickname “Bogi,” she studied a year in Hungary as an exchange student where her friend gave her that name.

Is Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner married? Who is her husband?, Kids?

A simple answer to the question is no. Yeah, you heard it right Bogi is neither married nor have any kids. Even she is not indulged in the relationship with any men. This 40-year-old car enthusiast has not hidden about her personal life, in fact, part of the reason Sarah is still single is; she has not come across her Mr. Right.

We can also blame her hectic work life in auto shop and TV shows for putting not much effort in her personal life. It is news to rejoice for the men, right?

Bogi may not have her own kids, but she has made it clear she adores and love children. She hopes to have her own in future.

Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner career and net worth

Sarah Lateiner has a successful career; she is part of the TV show “All Girls Garage” since it aired in Discovery Velocity TV network in March of 2012. Before she made into TV world, she had already established as a professional mechanic and owner of an auto shop in Central Phoenix called 180 Degrees Automotive.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner
Three girls team from “All Girls Garage”


However, it was not an easy way to get into the male-dominated profession. After graduation Bogi had a difficult time finding someone to hire her. Finally, when she got a job in BMW dealership, she was not satisfied with the different aspect of the working there. After six years she quit the job and started working on friends cars in her driveway. In next two years, she had established as a recognized mechanic in Phoenix area with her hands full with a lot of projects. Eventually, she got into entrepreneurship setting up an auto shop.

Working in the driveway for two years earned her $100,000 and a small two-car auto repair shop. This entrepreneur mined lady has benefited her hard work with fame and financial gain year after years. In the year 2011, her business made one million dollars in sales. She has further profited with emergence as TV personality in 2012. She has accumulated an impressive net worth with the sum estimated at $5 M.

Sarah Bogi Lateiner net worth
Sarah Bogi Lateiner net worth is estimated at $5M


When not working Sarah finds herself busy by traveling, DIY tasks at home, hanging out in good company, poultry farming, and writing. She also spares time to engage in different community services.

Sarah “Bogi” Lateiner facts

Name: Sarah Lateiner
Date Of Birth: December 15, 1977
Birth Place: Flushing, Queens, United States
Height: N/a
Age: 40
Net Worth: $5M
Sibling: Jeny
Profession: Mechanic, Entrepreneur
Relationship Status: Unmarried, Single


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