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Two of the later addition, Shana Dahan and Edwina Registre joined the cast of Storage Warson during the 11th season of the show. While Edwina was the one driving the bargain, Shana showed an excellent eye for the vintage. These ‘Vegas Ladies’ sought to hunt for what they call “new vintage.” They also formed a perfect pair and did not hesitate to go up against even the most veteran buyers. The pair also own a YouTube channel where they regularly put out thrifting videos. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of one of The Vegas Ladies, Shana Dahan. 

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameShana Emily Dahan
Date of birthJanuary 23, 1980
Place of birthLas Vegas, Nevada, USA
EthnicityMoroccan and Israeli
EducationBachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations, and a minor in Psychology from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas, Master’s from the University of Phoenix
OccupationInsurance broker, reality TV star, actress, model, and fashion blogger
Net Worth$1 Million (estimated)
TV showStorage Wars on A&E channel
TV teamThe Vegas Ladies with her best friend Edwina Registre
Blog nameColorblind
YouTube channelThriftersAnonymous with Edwina Registre
YouTube seriesThis Is Who I Am with Edwina Registre
Pen nameShana Emily
Fashion iconHer grandmother
HobbiesMusic, dancing, thrifting, and modeling
Musical instrumentViola
Weight loss35 lbs in 12 weeks in 2014
HusbandAdam Kilbourn, an actor and producer
SonZev, born in 2019
PetsTwo Labradors and two cats
Eye ColorBrown
Hair ColorDark
Skin ColorFair
Storage Wars Shana Dahan
Storage Wars Shana Dahan

Early Life

Shana Emily Dahan was born on the 23rd of January 1980 in Las Vegas. Born in Vegas, Shana shares a mixed descent of Moroccan and Israeli. Raised in a Jewish family, Shana has been a fan of several forms of art since her early childhood. As a young kid, Shana practiced classical dancing and played the Viola to a reasonably high standard. She continued her passion throughout high school and also met Edwina in the process. During her 1st year in high school, Shana joined the school orchestra and found herself next to Edwina, who also played the Viola. The pair took an instant liking to each other and have been together ever since. After graduating high school, Shana decided to pursue a bachelor’s degree in Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations, and a minor in Psychology. She completed her undergrad at the University of Nevada and earned her Master’s degree in business administration from the University of Phoenix. 

Professional Career

Shana Dahan is a multi-talented woman who has pursued various professional careers in her life. She is best known for her roles as a YouTuber, blogger, television personality, and insurance broker. Here is a brief overview of her achievements in each of these fields.


Shana Dahan runs a popular YouTube channel called ThriftersAnonymous with her best friend and Storage Wars co-star Edwina Registre. The channel has over 40K subscribers and features videos of Shana and Edwina shopping for thrifted clothes, accessories, and home decor items. The channel also showcases their fashion sense, personal style, and tips on how to create stunning outfits from second-hand finds. Shana and Edwina also launched a new YouTube series, This is Who I Am, in June 2019, where they interview celebrities and influencers about their life stories and fashion choices.


Shana Dahan is also an avid blogger who writes about fashion, beauty, lifestyle, and travel under the pen name Shana Emily. She has a blog called Colorblind, where she shares her love for colorful and eclectic clothing and accessories. She also posts photos of her outfits, travels, family, and friends on her Instagram account. Shana often collaborates with other bloggers and brands to promote products and services that she likes and trusts.

Television Personality

Shana Dahan rose to fame as one of the cast members of the reality show Storage Wars, which airs on A&E Network. She joined the show in season 11 along with Edwina Registre as the team The Vegas Ladies. The show follows professional buyers who bid on abandoned storage units in hopes of finding valuable items inside. Shana and Edwina are known for their fun personalities, witty banter, and preference for new vintage items. They have appeared in seasons 11 and 12 of the show and have earned a loyal fan base. She also has a few other acting credits to her name, including appearances in Mine is Bigger than Yours’ (2008), ‘Action, Action’ (2012), and ‘Little Monster’ (2012). Shana is also a professional model and has served as a model and spokeswoman for Las Vegas photography company, Hauteshots Boudoir Photography. 

Insurance Broker

Shana Dahan works as an insurance broker as her full-time day job. She works alongside Edwina Registre at an insurance company in Las Vegas, where they live. Shana has a degree in Communications with an emphasis on Public Relations, and a minor in Psychology from the University of Nevada in Las Vegas. She also has a Master’s degree in Business Administration from the University of Phoenix. Shana is an expert in providing insurance solutions for individuals and businesses. She is also passionate about helping people achieve their financial goals and dreams.

Over the years, Shana has built a diverse career for herself. Like Edwina, Shana is a full-time insurance broker and depends on it to pay her bills. She also has a few acting credits to her name however, both Shana and Edwina rose to fame following their appearances in Storage Wars. The pair joined the series for its 11th season in 2017 and made regular appearances for a year.

Husband and Kids

Shana met her husband, Adam Kilbourn, in Las Vegas, where they both lived and worked. Adam is an actor and producer who founded Black Raven Films in 2009. The two fell in love and decided to tie the knot in 2006. They had a beautiful wedding ceremony surrounded by their family and friends.

Since then, the couple has been enjoying a long and happy marriage. They welcomed their son, Zev, in 2019. Zev is a bundle of joy and energy who keeps them busy and entertained. The family also has four pets: two Labradors and two cats.

Shana and Adam share a passion for arts and entertainment. They have collaborated on several projects, such as the films Mine is Bigger than Yours, Action, Action, and Little Monster. 


Is Shana Dahan a reality TV star?Yes
Is Shana Dahan married to Edwina Registre?No
Is Shana Dahan a viola player?Yes
Is Shana Dahan from Las Vegas?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a fashion blogger?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a combat medic?No
Is Shana Dahan a mother?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a dancer?Yes
Is Shana Dahan an insurance broker?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a college graduate?Yes
Is Shana Dahan of Moroccan and Israeli descent?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a weight loss coach?No
Is Shana Dahan a YouTube star?Yes
Is Shana Dahan an actress and model?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a fan of new vintage items?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a part of the team ‘The Vegas Ladies’?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a criminal justice major?No
Is Shana Dahan a business administration major?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a storage unit buyer?Yes
Is Shana Dahan a producer?No

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