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Since its early years, the content on YouTube has become more saturated. With multiple content creators tackling the same topic, it is difficult to find someone who takes on a completely new genre. But Steven Suptic managed to do it Sugar Pine 7. The comedy troupe founded by Steven Suptic, Clayton “Cib” James, and James DeAngelis, hosted a mockumentary web series called Alternative Lifestyle. The series was an instant hit amongst the fans and allowed Sugar Pine 7 to work under Rooster Teeth’s multi-channel network. But things did not work out for the two and Sugar Pine 7 has since left the network. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of one of Sugar Pine 7’s founding members, Steven Suptic. 

Early Life

Steven Suptic was born on the 6th of February 1993 in Illinois, USA. Even though his parents have made a one-off appearance in some of Steven’s videos, he has never revealed anything about them. Born and raised as a single child, Steven has revealed very little about himself and prefers to keep his career at the forefront of most of his Q&A sessions. 

Youtuber Steven Suptic

Professional Career

Steven began his YouTube Career in 2012 and launched a YouTube channel under the channel name, MlgHwnT. Until 2015, Steven focused on creating Minecraft content and even went on record to say that it was something he wanted to do all his life. In March of 2015, Steven collaborated with the Discovery Network and began working on Super Panic Frenzy with Reina Scully. 

Sometime between late 2015 and early 2016, Steven got fed up with Minecraft content and decided to abandon the game. 

“There comes a time in one’s life where they look at what they’re doing and think to themselves, holy f*** I’m 22 years old and I’m playing Minecraft for a living. So that’s why I’ve strayed from doing those videos.”

Steven was then hired by SourceFed as a host on the main channel. But things didn’t work out as the channel shut down on 24th March 2017. 

Sugar Pine 7

Following his exit from SourceFed, Steven began working on short videos with a unique style that used a combination of freeze frames and narration to create a semi-serious storyline, as well as exaggerated personalities of the cast. Over the years, Steven gathered his friends and rebranded the channel from StevenSuptic to Sugar Pine 7. The channel was brought by Rooster Teeth in 2018, which saw Steven and the team move to the Rooster Teeth LA offices. In 2019, Rooster Teeth announced that Sugar Pine 7 was canceled and the channel stopped producing their alternate lifestyle videos. As one of the co-founders James revealed, 

“We felt stale about the content we were making, even when we were with Rooster Teeth,” James says in Beyond the Pine’s 92nd episode (above). “We weren’t really enjoying it to the fullest. Sure, it’s fun in the moment when the camera’s on and you’re recording and you’re laughing and having fun, but that’s 5% of the whole process. And that other 95%, we were all just kind of sick and tired of.”

Net Worth

The man rose to fame and fortune through youtube and no surprise it is also his main source of income. As of 2023, Steven Suptic has an estimated net worth of $1 Million.

Personal Life

As far as personal life goes, Steven Suptic is engaged to occasional Sugar Pine actress, Alyssa Terry. The pair currently live in Los Angeles with their two dogs, Littlefoot and Winnie. Suptic does not have any kids as of 2023.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Birth NameSteven Suptic
BirthdateFebruary 6, 1993
Age30 years old
BirthplaceIllinois, United States
ParentsNot Known
Net Worth$1 Million
Relationship StatusEngaged
Spouse/PartnerAlyssa Terry

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