Who is Youtube star, Abigale Mandler? Wiki-Bio, Career, Boyfriend.

The recent rise of YouTube and TikTok star has shown that celebrities are not just limited to movies. With platforms like Twitch getting massive coverage, streamers and content creators have gathered fans around the world. While the platform has become more saturated in recent years, a lot of streamers have gathered a large number of fans through the medium. The 24-year-old Abigale Mandler is one of those streamers. An American live streamer and gamer, Abigale rose to fame following her involvement in the popular streaming platform, Twitch. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Abigale Mandler.

Early Life:

Abigale Mandler was born on the 22nd of July, 1995 in Utah. One of five children, Abigale has one sister and three brothers. Her family comes from Irish descent and share the trademark ginger hair. Little is known about Abigale’s e early life and she is not too big on sharing personal details. While she spends every other day in front of a camera, she is quick to dodge any questions about her early life and family history.

Social media star Abigale Mandler.
Social media star Abigale Mandler.

Professional Career:

Little is known about Abigale’s career before YouTube. In 2016, Abigale opened a channel under her own name and put up a video entitled, “Thirsty Thursday- Abigale Mandler & Zoie Burgher”. Since then, Abigale has put up regular videos on her channel and has over 155 thousand subscribers. As of 2020, Abigale has amassed over 8 million views and posts regular updates for her fans. 

Following her first video, Abigale developed a close friendship with Zoie Burgher and joined Luxe Gaming. Burgher who is the founder of Luxe Gaming continued to collaborate with Abigale over the years. Abigale joined Twitch after joining Luxe Gaming and started streaming. A huge fan of adventure games, Abigale featured popular games including Tomb Raider, Resident Evil, Call of Duty, and Super Smash Bros. She also started IRL streamings with Zoie and the pair went through public talking of their private lives. 

Abigale’s love for gaming goes beyond streaming. She is a regular cosplayer at gaming events and attends E3 regularly. Abigale also has a huge fan following on social media. Her Instagram as over 208,000 followers and Abigale is also huge on Patreon. 

Personal Life:

Not a huge fan of people snooping on her personal life, Abigale likes to play coy when it comes to her personal life. In 2017, Abigale posted a picture of herself in a white dress next to a man in Tuxedo. She even went on to reveal that while she did not have a boyfriend, she had a husband who loved her very much. But later that year, Abigale posted a tweet which read,

“Whaaat? Me? Married??! I wasn’t aware”

This left her fans even more confused about her marital status. 

Drama with Zoie:

While Abigale and Zoie had developed a lovely friendship over the years, there seems to be a new rift amongst the pair. In March of 2019, Zoie posted about a threesome she shared with Abigale and Pamaj. 

“And I still can’t believe no one found out about the threesome between me, Abigale Mandler, and Pamaj, and especially not her husband. Moral of the story, everyone fcking scks”

Abigale responded to the tweet almost immediately asking to just get on with their lives.

“Heard someone was having a mental breakdown on the tl again but was out living my life off my phone to see any of it go down. Apparently I cheated and had a threesome so go ahead and roast me now so we can all move on with our f*cking lives.”

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