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Changing careers is not an easy task, especially if you are a police veteran nearing retirement. People often find themselves lost amid the immense free time that they have. But for Steve DiSchiavi, things couldn’t have been smoother. After 21 years of service at the New York City Police Department, Steve DiSchiavi switched to reality TV. Normally, this is something completely out of Steve’s comfort zone. But when the Travel Network came up to Steve with the idea for The Dead Files, he couldn’t turn them down. The prospect of pairing up with a psychic medium to solve cases was too compelling for Steve. In this article, we take a closer look at the wiki bio of Steve DiSchiavi.

On with it:

For many reality series is a thing that’s completely out of their comfort zone. After all, it takes immense courage to stand in front of a camera and present yourself to the world as you are. But Steve Dischiavi faced none of those problems. For him, the reality series was just another part of his career where he served the public. In an interview, Steve DiSchiavi revealed that,

“I’ve sacrificed myself my whole life; I was in the marine corps, I was a cop for 23 years, I was a homicide detective. All I did was serve the public. So, For me, this is just another extension of it.”

Dead Files star Steve DiSchiavi
Dead Files star Steve DiSchiavi

Finding his stride:

For the longest time, Steve DiSchiavi used his skills and wit to get one over the criminals. After all, when the time calls for it, there is nothing better to rely on than skills that have been honed by decades of experience. But when Steve was thrown in the world of Dead Files, the first thing he had to learn was to rely on Amy. As far as Steve is concerned, the paranormal world is a realm that he has no say on. But the man is a quick learner, years of training, and experience as a cop made sure that Steve is prepared for any situation.

Life on the set:

While Amy handles the whole paranormal phenomenon, Steve attempts to discover the mysteries behind the property in his ways. He relies on the ABC’s of his police training and experience to explore the facts behind each property. He questions the homeowners, local historians, and previous owners of each property. At the end of each episode, Steve finds his way back to Amy to share what he has found and listen to her side of the story. Other than the Dead Files

Always on the move:

Even after he retired from the Police, Steve never took a moment’s break. After 23 years of service, Steve worked as a Senior Investigator of Merrill Lynch’s Fraud Department as well as a Special Investigator for the city of New York. He is the owner of a private investigating company, Paragon Investigations, based in Florida and is also a licensed guard.

Personal Life:

Steve DiSchiavi is a divorced man. Even while he was married, there were very little details about his wife. The pair had a daughter Lauren DiSchiavi who is a practicing tax attorney in the northeast. A man of few words, Steve never likes to go in detail about his marriage.

Steve DiSchiavi girlfriend
Steve DiSchiavi girlfriend

As of 2020, Steve is in a relationship and has shared several pictures with his girlfriend. Other than pictures of the lady not much is known about her as such the identity is a mystery.

Wiki/Bio Facts:

Steve DiSchiavi was born on May 1, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York, USA. He was raised by his parents in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn where he began schooling too. Steve went to Lafayette High School but never matriculated as he dropped out of 10th grade. In the years followed  Steve did several jobs eventually joining detective.

NameSteve DiSchiavi
BirthdateMay 1, 1966
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
ParentsNot Known
CareerTelevision personality, Paranormal Investigator, Detective
WifeNot Identified
ChildrenLauren DiSchiavi
Social Media Handle Instagram



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