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Changing careers is not an easy task, especially if you are a police veteran nearing retirement. People often find themselves lost amid the immense free time that they have. But for Steve DiSchiavi, things couldn’t have been smoother. From his humble beginnings in Brooklyn to his distinguished service in the US Marine Corps and the NYPD, Steve DiSchiavi has always been driven by a sense of duty and justice. But his curiosity and open-mindedness led him to a new path of discovery and adventure, as he joined forces with a psychic medium to investigate the paranormal. In this article, we will reveal how Steve DiSchiavi became the Dead Files detective, and what he has learned from his encounters with the other side.

But when the Travel Channel came up to Steve with the idea for The Dead Files, he couldn’t turn them down. The prospect of pairing up with a psychic medium to solve cases was too compelling for Steve. In this article, we take a closer look at the Wiki bio of Steve DiSchiavi.

Wiki/Bio Facts

NameSteve DiSchiavi
Age57 years old
BirthdateMay 1, 1966
BirthplaceBrooklyn, New York, USA
CareerTelevision personality, Paranormal Investigator, Detective
Net Worth$1 Million (estimated)
WifeNot Identified
ChildrenLauren DiSchiavi
Social Media Handle Instagram
Dead Files star Steve DiSchiavi
Dead Files star Steve DiSchiavi

Table of Content

Childhood & Family

 Steve DiSchiavi was born on May 1, 1966, in Brooklyn, New York, to Rudy DiSchiavi and Rose D‚ÄôAmbrosio DiSchiavi. He has two half-brothers from his mother‚Äôs previous marriage, Dante and Sabatino D‚ÄôAmbrosio. He was raised in the Bensonhurst neighborhood of Brooklyn where he began schooling too. Steve went to Lafayette High School but never matriculated as he dropped out of 10th grade. He moved to New Springville in 1986. 

Professional Career

Steve DiSchiavi is a man of many talents and skills. He has dedicated his life to serving the public and exploring the unknown. He has been a cop, a detective, a fugitive hunter, an actor, a private investigator, and a paranormal investigator. He has faced danger, death, and darkness with courage and professionalism.

Steve served in the United States Marine Corps for three years before joining the New York Police Department. He joined the NYPD in the ’80s and rose to the rank of homicide detective in the ’90s. He worked in the 10th Precinct and solved crimes and caught killers. Steve retired from the NYPD after 21 years of service.

Even after he retired from the Police, Steve never took a moment’s break. After 23 years of service, Steve worked as a Senior Investigator of Merrill Lynch‚Äôs Fraud Department as well as a Special Investigator for the city of New York. He is the owner of a private investigating company, Paragon Investigations, based in Florida, and is also a licensed guard.

Acting & Reality Show

In 2008, Steve made his acting debut in the movie Pride and Glory, where he played a detective alongside Colin Farrell, Edward Norton, and Jon Voight. In 2011, he starred in the short film Stake Out: My Dad‚Äôs Rolex, where he played a character named D‚ÄôAngela. He also began co-hosting the reality television show The Dead Files with Amy Allan on the Travel Channel. For many reality series is a thing that’s completely out of their comfort zone. After all, it takes immense courage to stand in front of a camera and present yourself to the world as you are. But Steve Dischiavi faced none of those problems. For him, the reality series was just another part of his career where he served the public. In an interview, Steve DiSchiavi revealed that,

“I’ve sacrificed myself my whole life; I was in the marine corps, I was a cop for 23 years, I was a homicide detective. All I did was serve the public. So, For me, this is just another extension of it.”

Finding his stride on Dead Files and Working with Amy

For the longest time, Steve DiSchiavi used his skills and wit to get one over the criminals. After all, when the time calls for it, there is nothing better to rely on than skills that have been honed by decades of experience. But when Steve was thrown into the world of Dead Files, the first thing he had to learn was to rely on Amy. As far as Steve is concerned, the paranormal world is a realm that he has no say on but the man is a quick learner. In the show, he uses his skills and experience as a former NYPD homicide detective and a private investigator to uncover the history and the secrets of haunted locations. Along with his partner, a renowned medium, he helps people who are troubled by paranormal phenomena. 

He used to work with Amy Allan, a physical medium who could communicate with spirits and entities. While Amy handled the whole paranormal phenomenon, Steve attempted to discover the mysteries behind the property in his way. He relied on the ABCs of his police training and experience to explore the facts behind each property. He questioned the homeowners, local historians, and previous owners of each property. At the end of each episode, Steve returned to Amy to share what he had found and listened to her side of the story. However, after over 200 episodes and years of intense work, Allan decided to take a personal break and leave the show in 2023. DiSchiavi was sad to see her go, but he welcomed a new partner, Cindy Kaza, a psychic medium who had appeared on the show several times before. Kaza took over Allan’s role and continued to help DiSchiavi solve cases of unexplained paranormal phenomena.


Not everyone is a fan of his work and some have accused him of being involved in controversies. Here are some of the allegations that have been made against Steve DiSchiavi:

  • He is faking his investigations and using scripted scenarios. Some critics claim that Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan are not conducting genuine investigations, but rather following a predetermined script that is designed to create drama and suspense. They allege that the show is staged and that the evidence they present is fabricated or manipulated. They also point out that the show does not allow any independent verification of their findings or methods.
  • He is exploiting the victims and the spirits. Some viewers have expressed concern that Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan are taking advantage of the people who seek their help and the spirits who haunt them. They argue that the show is sensationalizing the suffering and trauma of both the living and the dead, and that it is disrespectful to the cultures and beliefs of those who are affected by the paranormal.
  • He is promoting pseudoscience and superstition. Some skeptics have criticized Steve DiSchiavi and Amy Allan for promoting pseudoscience and superstition, and for spreading misinformation and fear about the paranormal. They contend that the show is based on unfounded assumptions and claims, and that it lacks any scientific rigor or credibility. They also warn that the show may influence people to believe in things that are not real or rational, and to seek help from unqualified or fraudulent sources.

These are some of the controversies that have been associated with Steve DiSchiavi, but they are not necessarily true or proven. He has defended his work and his integrity, and he has maintained that he is doing his best to help people who are experiencing paranormal phenomena. 

Net Worth

Steve DiSchiavi is an American actor and retired NYPD homicide detective, who is best known for starring in the paranormal television series ‚ÄúThe Dead Files‚ÄĚ. His net worth is estimated to be around $1 million. His main source of income is from his career as an actor and private investigator.

Steve DiSchiavi Physical Traits

Hair colorDark brown
Eye colorBrown
Facial hairMustache and goatee
Skin toneLight brown
BuildMuscular and fit
Clothing styleCasual and comfortable
AccessoriesSunglasses, watch, necklace, ring
VoiceDeep and authoritative

Personal Life- Steve DiSchiavi Wife & Kids

Steve DiSchiavi is currently married to Simone DiSchiavi, whom he proposed to on February 12, 2021, and tied the knot with in December 2021. Simone is a medical skin aesthetician and a certified medical assistant. The couple has been dating since 2019 and seems to be very happy together. They often share pictures of their romantic moments on social media, but they have also deactivated their Instagram accounts recently, perhaps to enjoy some privacy.

Steve DiSchiavi girlfriend
Steve DiSchiavi & wife Simone DiSchiavi

This is Steve’s second marriage, as he was previously married to Angela DiSchiavi. Steve and Angela have a daughter named Lauren DiSchiavi Rivera, who is a staff attorney and married to William Rivera, a dentist. Steve is very proud of his daughter and her achievements, and he also loves spending time with his grandchildren.

Steve DiSchiavi has a successful career and a loving family. He seems to have found the balance between his professional and personal life, and he does not let the rumors or false information about him affect him. 


Is Steve DiSchiavi married?Yes, he is married to a woman named Simone DiSchiavi
Does Steve DiSchiavi have a daughter?Yes, he has a daughter named Lauren DiSchiavi Rivera
How old is Steve DiSchiavi?He is 57 years old as of 2023
Where was Steve DiSchiavi born?He was born in Brooklyn, New York, USA
What is Steve DiSchiavi’s height?N/A
What is Steve DiSchiavi’s net worth?He has an estimated net worth of $1 million as of 2023
What is Steve DiSchiavi’s nationality?He is American
What is Steve DiSchiavi’s occupation?He is a former NYPD homicide detective and a television personality
What is the name of Steve DiSchiavi’s private investigation company?It is called Paragon Investigations
What is the name of the paranormal television series that Steve DiSchiavi stars in?It is called The Dead Files
Who is Steve DiSchiavi’s co-star in The Dead Files?It is Amy Allan, a paranormal researcher
When did The Dead Files premiere?It premiered on September 23, 2011
What channel airs The Dead Files?It airs on Travel Channel
How does Steve DiSchiavi investigate the cases on The Dead Files?He uses his police training to explore the facts behind the property, he questions the owners about the history of the building or home, and he speaks to historians and experts and even old owners of the land
How does Steve DiSchiavi collaborate with Amy Allan on The Dead Files?He joins up with Amy at the end of each episode and they reveal their findings, which usually line up to reveal what haunts the home
How long did Steve DiSchiavi serve in the NYPD?He served for 21 years
What did Steve DiSchiavi do before joining the NYPD?He was a U.S. Marine
What did Steve DiSchiavi do after leaving the NYPD?He worked for Merrill Lynch in their fraud department and as a special investigator for New York City
Has Steve DiSchiavi acted in any other projects besides The Dead Files?Yes, he has acted in two movies: Pride and Glory (2008) and Stake Out: My Dad’s Rolex (2011)


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