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Sara Eisen has a diverse family history. The CNBC anchor comes from a family of doctors. Her father is a dermatologist while her mother works as a pediatric dentist. Regardless of the family occupation, Sara took to journalism. She often states that her parents have always helped her to pursue a degree and job in the field of journalism. As a result, Sara established herself as one of the finest journalists around and has interviewed quite a few prominent names in the financial world, including Phil Knight, Leon Black, Janet Yellen, and Christine Lagarde, among others. In this article, we will take a closer look at the wiki-bio of Sara Eisen.

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Sara Aliza Eisen was born on the 7th of August, 1985, in Cincinnati, Ohio. Sara comes from a Jewish family and is the only child of Dr. Drore Eisen and Dr. Jane Eisen. Her father is a practicing dermatologist and is also the founder and medical director of CDx Diagnostics. The laboratory is targeted towards cancer detection and cancer prevention, in Suffern, N.Y. On the other hand, her mother is a retired pediatric dentist.

Co-anchor of CNBC’s Closing Bell, Sara Eisen.
Co-anchor of CNBC’s Closing Bell, Sara Eisen.

As a young kid, Sara developed an interest in journalism and wanted to work in the field. After graduating from a local high school, Sara enrolled at New York University. She later graduated from Northwestern University’s Medill School of Journalism with a Master’s degree in Broadcast Journalism and a concentration in Business Reporting.

Professional Career

During her final year of college, Sara took an internship at Following the internship, Sara finished her undergrads and continued with her master’s degree. During her final year, Sara interned at Bloomberg Television in Hong Kong. During her time at Bloomberg, Sara did behind-the-scenes production, writing and editing packages, and general production assistant work while there. She stayed in Hong Kong for four months and left for the USA. Following her graduation, Sara decided to join Bloomberg TV full-time as a production assistant. She joined the company in 2008, around the same time the Great Recession was taking hold. While still working at Bloomberg, Sara was invited to Bloomberg Radio to host a daily one-minute currency update. She was later promoted to Bloomberg TV and was named the co-anchor of Bloomberg Surveillance.

After three years at Bloomberg, Sara decided to make the switch to CNBC. In December of 2013, Sara began working as a correspondent focusing on the global consumer. She also worked as the co-anchor of the 10 AM ET hour of CNBC’s Squawk on the Street (M-F, 9 AM-11 AM ET), broadcast from Post 9 at the New York Stock Exchange.

In January 2016, Sara was named co-anchor of CNBC’s Worldwide Exchange. In 2018, Eisen made some significant changes in her career. She left her role as a co-anchor of Worldwide Exchange and Power Lunch on CNBC, and took over the helm of Closing Bell along with Wilfred Frost. She continued to co-anchor Squawk on the Street until June 2020, when she decided to focus solely on Closing Bell. However, in March 2023, she returned to Squawk on the Street as a co-presenter.

Sara is also the author of several books on finance and economics, such as The Power of Money: How to Make It, Spend It, and Save It in a Changing World and The Rise of China: What It Means for America and the World. 


Sara Eisen has been covering the global financial markets and the economy for more than a decade, interviewing world leaders, central bankers, and influential investors. However, her career has not been without controversies, some of which have put her in the spotlight for the wrong reasons.

One of the most notable controversies involving Eisen was her heated exchange with Senator Elizabeth Warren over the proposed wealth tax on the ultra-rich. In January 2021, Eisen challenged Warren’s argument that a two-cent wealth tax would not drive wealthy people out of the country, as has happened with other wealth taxes. Eisen claimed to be playing devil’s advocate, but Warren accused her of being biased and uninformed. Warren said there was no evidence to support Eisen’s claim and that the wealthiest in the country were paying less in taxes than everyone else. Warren also called Eisen’s bluff and said that no one would forfeit their American citizenship over a two-cent wealth tax.

Another controversy that Eisen faced was more embarrassing than confrontational. In 2012, while she was working for Bloomberg Television, she was caught on camera adjusting her skirt and revealing her undergarments. The incident happened due to a microphone malfunction that switched the camera to her while she was getting ready for her segment. Eisen looked shocked when she realized that she was on air and quickly composed herself. The video of the wardrobe malfunction went viral on social media and attracted a lot of attention and criticism.

Despite these controversies, Eisen has maintained her professionalism and reputation as a respected journalist. She has continued to cover important stories and events, such as the Covid-19 pandemic, the GameStop saga, and the World Economic Forum. She has also balanced her personal life with her career, being married and having two children. Eisen has also been involved in philanthropic activities, such as serving on the board of Room to Read, a non-profit organization that promotes literacy and gender equality in education.

Net Worth

Sara Eisen has earned her wealth through her career in the media industry. She also has endorsements, investments and other income sources that contribute to her wealth. As of 2023, Sara Eisen has an estimated net worth of $5 Million.

Personal Life

Blissfully Married and Mother of Two Children

Sara Eisen married to Matthew Levine, a Bloomberg TV editor and restaurateur, since May 29, 2016. The couple met in 2011 while working at Bloomberg TV and fell in love. They got engaged in 2015 and tied the knot in a Jewish ceremony at Weylin B. Seymour’s, an event space in Brooklyn.

Since their marriage, Sara and Matthew have been balancing their busy careers with their family life. They have two adorable sons, Samuel and Harrison James, who were born in December 2017 and October 2019 respectively. The family lives in New York City, where they enjoy spending quality time together.

Sara and Matthew are both passionate about their work and support each other’s goals. Sara is a co-host of “Squawk on the Street” on CNBC, where she covers global financial markets and business news. Matthew is the managing editor of Bloomberg TV in the United States, where he oversees the network’s editorial content. He is also the owner of indieFORK, a food and beverage company.

Sara and Matthew are not only successful professionals but also generous philanthropists. Matthew’s mother, a former lawyer, was a board member of House of Ruth, which provides services to homeless women and families. Matthew’s father, a retired senior counsel, was involved in pro bono work for various causes. Sara and Matthew have followed in their parents’ footsteps and have donated to various charities and causes.

Physical Traits

Sara Eisen is not only admired for her journalistic skills and insights but also for her elegant and professional appearance. She has a stunning figure that is hourglass-shaped. She stands at 5 feet 6 inches (1.68m) tall and weighs around 120 pounds (55 kilograms). Her blonde hair and light green eyes complement her fair complexion and radiant smile. She often wears tailored suits, dresses, and skirts in solid colors or subtle patterns that accentuate her curves and height. She accessorizes with simple jewelry, such as earrings, necklaces, and bracelets, that add a touch of sparkle to her outfits. She also opts for classic pumps or heels that match her attire and enhance her posture. Sara Eisen’s wardrobe choices are always appropriate for the business environment and the occasion, whether it is a studio interview, a field report, or a panel discussion.

Zodiac and Personality Traits

Sara Eisen was born on August 7, 1985, which makes her zodiac Leo. As a Leo, Sara Eisen is confident, ambitious, generous and loyal. She has a strong sense of leadership and charisma, which helps her excel in her career as a journalist. She is passionate about her work and always strives to deliver the best quality and accuracy. She is also warm-hearted and generous, often supporting causes that she believes in, such as Room to Read.

However, Sara Eisen also has some challenges as a Leo. She can be stubborn, arrogant, domineering and self-centered at times. She may have trouble admitting her mistakes or accepting criticism from others. She may also tend to impose her opinions or views on others, without considering their perspectives or feelings. She may need to learn to be more humble, flexible and respectful of others’ differences.

As a Leo, Sara Eisen is also a devoted, romantic, and fun-loving partner and parent. She loves to spoil her loved ones with gifts, compliments, and attention. She enjoys spending quality time with her family, and doing activities that are creative, adventurous, and entertaining.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameSara Aliza Eisen
Date of birthAugust 7, 1984
Place of birthCincinnati, Ohio
EducationNew York University (B.A.), Northwestern University (M.S.J.)
OccupationBusiness journalist
TitleCo-anchor of Squawk on the Street on CNBC
Relationship StatusCommitted
Marital StatusMarried
SpouseMatthew Levine (m. 2016)
Net worth (estimate)$5 Million
Height5 feet 6 inches (168 cm)
Weight (about)120 lbs (55 kg)
Eye ColorLight Green
Hair ColorBlonde
Previous workBloomberg Television and Radio

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