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Over recent years, the stigma surrounding tattooing has decreased drastically. This is in part due to the increasing amount of reality series featured around the art form. And while Ink Master stands at the forefront of this change, the reality series Black Ink: Chicago is not far off. Centered around the Black Ink crew, the reality series follows an ambitious group of artists in their journey to succeed at the 9Mag. Considered to be a mecca for hip-hop elites, celebrities, and athletes, 9Mag was established by Ryan Henry to honor the memory of his late sister. In this article, we take a closer look at Ryan Henry.

Early Life:

Ryan Henry was born on the 27th of May 1986 in the United States of America. Although the details on Ryan’s childhood is almost non-existent, it is claimed that his parents shared a Japanese heritage. It was due to this heritage that Ryan started showing interest in Japanese culture and arts. After finishing his early education from the Thornwood High School, Ryan decided not to pursue higher education. In subsequent years, Ryan started working as a tattoo artist. 

Black Ink crew tattoo artist Ryan Henry
Black Ink crew tattoo artist Ryan Henry

Professional Career:

Fresh out of high school, Ryan began working as an amateur tattoo artist. His knowledge of Japanese culture and arts proved to be an asset in forwarding his tattooing career. Tragedy struck in 2009 when Ryan’s sister and his niece were tragically murdered by his sister’s ex-boyfriend. The tragedy had a huge impact on Ryan who devoted himself to his craft to honor his late sister. In the years that followed, Ryan worked tirelessly to establish the 9Mag tattoo shop. Word got around and Ryan was praised for his artwork and technical application. 

Throughout the years, Ryan has also worked for the history of black tattoo culture. He worked in a documentary entitled, Color Outside the Lines. With his artwork getting noticed, Ryan was contacted by celebrities and athletes around the world. 

Reality TV:

Soon enough, Ryan was contacted by the executive producers of the Black Ink series. They wanted to feature Ryan and his shop in a spin-off series entitled, Black Ink Crew: Chicago. The series began in 2015 and recently wrapped up its sixth season. The series was centered around the drama that comes with the territory and was well received by viewers and shows no signs of stopping. 

9Mag owner, tattoo artist Ryan Henry
9Mag owner, tattoo artist Ryan Henry

Alongside operating his shop and working as a reality TV artist, Ryan is also working on the Novastar Project. The project aims to raise awareness against domestic violence in Chicago. 

Personal Life:

For the longest time, Henry was in a relationship with Rachel Leigh. The pair were together for over ten years before finally calling it quits. Rachel works for a company called Pear Nova. The name comes from the pair’s daughter. Even though Rachel and Henry are no longer together, they have taken to co-parenting seriously. When Henry is not with his machine, he loves travelling.

Net Worth

As of 2020, his net worth is estimated to be around USD 800,000.

Social Media Handles:

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