What happened to Roger Cook from “This Old House”? His wiki, bio, net worth, height, wife, kids, rumors.

Have you ever wondered how to transform your backyard into a beautiful and functional space? If so, you might have watched This Old House. And if you have watched This Old House, you probably know Roger Cook, the garden and landscape contractor who has been part of the show since 1988. Roger Cook is not only a TV personality, but also a successful businessman, an active member of several professional associations, and a passionate lover of nature and animals. In this article, we will explore the life and career of Roger Cook, who has inspired millions of viewers with his expertise and enthusiasm.

Wiki/Bio Facts

Full nameRoger Cook
Date of birthUnknown
Current residenceBurlington, Massachusetts, USA
Gender Male
Marital statusWidowed
WifeKathleen (died in 2010)
ChildrenJason and Molly
EducationThe University of Maine
DegreeBachelor of Science in Wildlife Management and Conservation Law
ProfessionContractor, landscaper, gardener
Famous forReality television show This Old House
Net worth$11 million
HeightAbout 5’11″ or 180 cm
WeightAbout 187 lbs or 85 kg
Eye colorBlue
Hair colorBrown
Business nameK&R Tree and Landscape Company
Business partnerHis wife Kathleen (until her death)
Business founded in1982
Joined This Old House as a landscape foreman in1982
joined This Old House as a full-time landscape contractor in1988
Left This Old House inJanuary 2020
Other shows he appeared onAsk This Old House and This Old House: Trade School
Reason for leaving the showBattling several medical conditions
Memoir titleThis Old House: A Memoir
MembershipMassachusetts Arborist Association
TrademarkHis super-thick Boston accent
Roger Cook health update
“This Old House” star Roger Cook has undisclosed health struggles

Professional Career

Roger Cook is a renowned garden and landscape contractor who has shared his expertise and passion with millions of viewers on the PBS home renovation program This Old House. He has been a part of the show since 1988, when he joined as a full-time landscape contractor for the Lexington Bed & Breakfast renovation project. Since then, he has worked on hundreds of projects, ranging from small gardens to large estates, and has demonstrated various skills and techniques, such as pruning, planting, paving, grading, and irrigation. He has also appeared on the spin-off show Ask This Old House, where he answered questions from homeowners and helped them with their landscaping problems. However, In 2020, he stepped away from This Old House due to health issues.

He developed an interest in wildlife and nature at an early age, and decided to pursue a career in landscaping. He earned a Bachelor of Science degree in wildlife management and conservation law from the University of Maine in 1977. He then moved to Massachusetts and worked as a landscape foreman for the Frost and Higgins Company, where he met Tom Wirth, a landscape architect who later introduced him to This Old House. In 1982, he founded his own company, K & R Landscape, with his wife Kathleen. The company is still operating today and serves clients.

Roger Cook is not only a skilled landscaper, but also a leader and mentor in his field. He is a certified landscape contractor in Massachusetts and an active member of several professional associations, such as the Massachusetts Arborist Association, the Association of Landscape Contractors of Massachusetts, and New England Grows. He has served as president of the board of directors of these organizations and has received numerous awards and honors for his work.

Roger Cook net worth

Roger Cook’s impressive net worth makes sure he won’t run out of money for quite some time despite ongoing health struggles. As of 2023, Roger Cook’s net worth is estimated to be around $11 million, which he earned from his investments and his long career in television and landscaping.

roger-cook-net worth
Roger Cook Net Worth

Roger Cook married life, wife, and children

True love is hard to come by but when one finds it last life long. Roger was blessed with such a relationship with his wife Kathleen Cook.

Kathy was still in college when she and Roger began to see each other. After dating for many years the two got married. Although we do not have the exact date of the wedding it was around 1979.

The couple gave birth and raised two children, Jason and Molly. Kathy was a modern-day lady taking care of their children and helping her husband grow in Landscape business.

Roger Cook and his wife Kathleen Cook
Roger Cook and his wife Kathleen Cook marriage lasted 31 years

Roger and Kathy had an easy-going married life until the sickness began to take a toll. Kathy suffered from cancer.

She battled cancer for several years but eventually lost. On December 1, 2010, at the age of 56, she took her last breath.

After losing wife of 31 years, Roger now lives with his two children in Burlington, Massachusetts. 

Controversies and rumors

Roger Cook rose to fame after appearing on the show “This Old House”. He is also admired by many fans for his expertise, professionalism, and friendly personality. However, in recent years, Roger has faced some challenges and controversies regarding his health and his role in the show. The rumors and facts about Roger Cook are:

  • Rumor: Roger Cook has Parkinson’s disease. This rumor started when some viewers noticed that Roger had developed a limp and had trouble walking around. Some speculated that he had a neurological condition that affected his movement and balance.
  • Fact: Roger Cook has not confirmed or denied having Parkinson’s disease. He has only stated that he has “a number of health issues” that have limited his ability to work on the show. 
  • Rumor: Roger Cook had a heart attack. This rumor circulated after Roger announced his retirement from the show in 2020. Some claimed that he had suffered a cardiac arrest and was in critical condition.
  • Fact: Roger Cook did not have a heart attack.

Roger Cook’s Latest Health Update 

Fans have consistently inquired about his disease, but Roger is firmly declining to disclose his health status. However, it is reported that he is doing well and taking care of his health.

We wish Roger Cook all the best in his recovery, and hope to see him back on our screens soon. He is an inspiration to many people who love gardening and landscaping, and who appreciate his passion and professionalism. He is truly a legend in his field.

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